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Full Summery: What if Harry had touched the Mirror of Erised the first night he found it? What if it had pulled him through into a world where his parents had survived that night- a world where he had died? Very very very AU. Follow's full series

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Harry stared at the mirror- his reflection was surrounded by people; though it was the three closest to him that held his attention fastest. Tears stung his eyes as he realized what it was he was seeing. For the first time in his life he was looking at his family.

He looked directly into the reflected hazel eyes of the tall skinny black haired man on his right.

"Dad" he breathed

The reflection of James Potter smiled at him. Next he looked into his own green eyes shining out of the face of the beautiful red haired woman beside his father.

"Mum" he blinked furiously as the tears returned to his eyes

Harry stiffened as he felt a hand ruffle his hair. In the mirror the girl standing next to him, who looked like she could be in fifth year, ruffled his hair with her knuckles.

It hit him suddenly that this girl could only be his sister- she looked as much like his mother as he did his father. Her eyes were the same hazel as James' but the rest of her features were Lily's.

This was all he wanted- a family to love him unconditionally. He didn't want to be famous for something he didn't remember, especially since his rise to fame had taken his parents from him. Why must he be the 'Boy Who Lived'? Why couldn't he have what everyone else took for granted?

He took a step towards the mirror as if, if he wished hard enough, he could step through the glass and join this perfect family that Voldemort had taken from him ten years ago.

The glass was warm under his fingers, warm and oddly fluid.

Alarmed Harry tried to pull away but the glass came with him. The harder he pulled, the tighter the glass gripped his fingers- he was trapped.

All at once, as if sensing his surrender the mirror snapped back into a smooth surface, dragging Harry and the invisibility cloak in his hand through its surface and into the unknown.


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