July 29, 1971—Keys

"Arthur, where are we?" Molly asked. She and Arthur were standing in the middle of a narrow dirt lane, in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere. The sun was blazingly hot. Molly, who was four months pregnant, was looking all around, trying to get her bearings after Side-Along-Apparating with her husband.

"It's a surprise, Molly," Arthur told her yet again. "Stop trying to catch me off-guard."

Molly smiled at him. "Well, then, lead me where you must," she said, extending her hand, which Arthur took.

"It's just a short walk," he promised, looking overjoyed. "You're going to love it!" Arthur led Molly down the lane a short ways, where he took a right turn onto an even smaller dirt path. There he stopped and drew his wand, waving it once. A strip of white cloth appeared in midair, and Arthur caught it.

"Put this on," he told Molly, smiling.

"A blindfold, Arthur? Really?" Molly asked incredulously, gesturing to her belly. "On this path?"

"Come on, Mollywobbles, you know I've got you," Arthur pleaded. "Please?"

Molly sighed. "All right," she said, rolling her eyes and taking the blindfold. She tied it tightly around her head. "Ready now?"

Arthur waved his hand in front of her face and nodded, satisfied. He put his arm around Molly's waist and started walking with her.

"Mind the step, there, that's a rock," Arthur told her. "And that—there we go, okay—good, okay, Molly, stop."

Molly did so, and put her hands out before her. They met the top of a stone surface, heated by the sun.

"Arthur, what—?"

"Surprise, Molly!" Arthur cried, pulling off the blindfold. Molly blinked rapidly to try and make her eyes adjust, and she gasped in astonishment.

"Arthur," she whispered weakly.

A small cottage stood before them, behind a low garden wall and gate. It was not very large, but there was a small garden shed and a huge yard covered in flowers.

"Arthur, you—you—how did you manage it?" Molly asked, her eyes filling with tears as she clutched at his hand.

"You were right," Arthur said simply, pulling from his pocket a ring of keys, which jingled merrily. "This was the only place for us and our family. So I made it work. I'll be working a few extra hours until the baby comes, but everything will be just fine."

"Oh, Arthur," Molly said happily, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him soundly.

Arthur stepped back, looking dazed. "I should buy you another house, sometime," he said, grinning foolishly.

"Can we go inside?" Molly asked eagerly, wiping her tears away.

"Of course," Arthur answered. He stepped over to the gate and opened it. "After you, Mrs. Weasley."

"Why thank you, Mr. Weasley," Molly said, giving him a curtsy as she walked into the garden, taking the keys from him.

So these are going to be five one-shots about Molly and Arthur's first five months at the Burrow (In my brain, I have decided that they are both twenty, turning twenty-one, which I'm like...maybe ninety percent certain is canon-correct). :) These two are my favorite, I absolutely adore them. This is for Heart of Spellz's "Prompts for All Occasions Challenge." Hope you like!