Hi, I'm SRG-the-Anthro-Bison (just call me SRG) and this is my first story and im a huge yaoi fan, so I guess you know where im going with this.

My stories are going to be base of around mostly anthros (EX: Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, Digimon, ect.) with some humans from other

chatagories(hate that word, cant spell it) Here is my first one, so...enjoy? (god I suck at authors notes)

I will never own Super Smash Bros. and if I did, there would have been ten games already.

Hey, m'name is Fox McCloud and I'm a brawler in the Super Smash Brothers Mashion and decent one, too. My days are normal enough except today.

Today was suppose to be simple: wake up, have breakfast, train, hang with friends, brawl Samus, than Meta Knight, hang with friends again, have lunch, four way time brawl with Ness, Snake and Sheik, take a break, two against two with Luigi as my partner against Sonic and Toon Link, have dinner, do one last free for all with Peach, Bowser, and Ganondorf, shower, sleep.

Simple as that, right?


Five reasons why.

Well that was chapter one, I know short, but I'm finally gain the courage to start so, DON'T JUDGE ME!

The next five or six chapters will explain the five reasons and I'll try to post as fast has I can, but don't rush me Okay?

SRG is signing off...bye XD