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A week after getting together with Lucario...

We layed on my be. Lucario layed on top me, his lips moving slowly toward mine. The gap close and our lips met. It was, of course, a familar feeling. But, somehow, this was different.

His paws rubbed my chest and underneath my shirt, he found my nipple and gave it a sharp pinch.

I gasp in surprise and he took that chance and shove his tongue into my mouth.

This, for some reason, surprise me. Every chance he got to do this before, he gets shy and moves away from it.

He broke the kiss and I looked into his eyes. I saw built-up lust, want and desire. "Please," he whispered, "I want this, I-I need this, I can't take it anymore, I need you."

I can hear the desperation in his voice. Part of me thought, 'WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? YOUR EXTREMELY SEXY LOVER WANTS TO FUCK YOU! DO IT!', but another part of me thought...'what if I hurt him?'

"I-I don't want to hurt you, I muttered, lamely.

Lucario smirked alittle, "Trust me, I can take it."

That was all the encouragement I need.

I close the space between us again and I felt his hands go to my jacket, slide it off and toss it on the floor.

His hands immediately, reach for the lower hem of my shirt and began to tug at it. I, temporary, broke the kiss and pulled off my shirt. the moment thew piece of clothing left my hand, his lips met mind again and his paws went toward my belt.

I heard him unbuckle it and began to tug down my pants, I lift up my body, high enough for his to get a better advantage.

My boots and socks were already gone, so I was only left in my boxers.

My organ throbbed behind the thin fabric. I felt it pulse, begging to be taken out and touched. Lucario's paws granted that wish and pull off the thin fabric. My 8-inch member was than out in the open. I felt his paws rubbed the shaft, the touch was so gentle, it almost was torcher. It was my turn to beg.

"Please, more", I moaned. I can't take the soft strokes, anymore.

To my disappointment, he let go of my cock and whispered, "Be right back," and he began to slide down lower, his tongue was stuck outleaving a thin trail from my neck to my crotch.

Soon, he was head-to-head with my member, breathing hot air on my sensitive organ. I clench my teeth I felt the hot air on my cock.

He looked up at me, "May I?"

"Please," was my only responce.

His tongue came out and licked the tip. I felt a tingle go up my spine at the contact. He gave it another small lick before placing the tip into his mouth and lightly began to suck on it.

Now you see, because of Wolf, Falco and Krystal(when I use to be straight), I'm no virgin, but for some reason my body throbbed and shook at the feeling, like it was my first time. It drew me insane.

He began to take more into his mouth and my body began to shake has he did so. I don't know how he can't see my body shaking, but I guess he was enjoying imself to much.

It was not long before I felt a familar tingle in my balls. "Shit...Lu? Lucario, I'm close," I was able to gasp out.

That seem only to made him suck harder. "F-FUCK!", I hiss though my teeth, has I began to shoot into his awaiting mouth. My vision turn white, and the only thing I heard was Lucario's moaning around my cock, as he drank my cum.

My body relax and my vision turn to normal again. Lucario took out my my cock and move upward till, he was eye-to-eye with me again. He had a small streak on his cheek, so I lean forward and licked off my cream, before pulling my love into another kiss, tasting myself some more.

Lucario's POV

My throat burn alittle from his juice, but it was completely worth it. I love his taste. Our lips, pressed together, wrestling for dominance. Fox suddenly let out a deep growl, catching me off by surprise.

He than, quickly grabbed my wrists and flip me over on my back, with him on top.

"MY turn"

He than move his head lower to my chest. He wasted no time sticking out his tongue and running it along my furry chest and nipples. He licked and suckled my left nipple, while massaging my other one. I gasped and moaned, as he trades and began licking the right nipple.

After another minute, he left my now soaked chest and moved to my abdomen, running his tongue on my small four-pack. He ran his tongue down eash muscle line, before finally: he moved to my throbbing 7-inch cock.

Truth be told...I'm a virgin. Don't ask me how I pleasured Fox's cock so well, I guess it was instinct.

So, I was nervous, but I guess he felt my body tence up or something, becausehe looked up at me and said, "Don't worry, I'll go easy." BUT, I saw a mischievous look min his eyes and I, that what he was planning was something I was going to either hate or love.

He began to do wht I did and ran his tongue along the tip. Than he soon open his maw and took barely the tip into his waiting maw. He began to lightly suck on the tip, while grazing his fingers along my shaft, knot and balls.

It was both pleasurable and torcher. He did this for some time, while my body was thrahing and shaking, begging for a rougher contact. But, he held me down to endure to pleasurable pain. It was until I'll felt that familar feeling in my balls and I knew I was close. I half-yelled, half-moaned, "I going to shoot!"

Thats when, he took his finger off my cock and shoved his head down my cock, taking it all into his mouth, deep-throating it. This sent me over the edge. MY body froze and began to shake rapidily, as I shot my cum down his throat. My vision blacked out and I was sent on cloud nine.

After, a minute or two my vision return and my sences started up again. I looked to see Fox's smug expression.

"Your lucky I love you, or I would have blast you," I half-threatened, half-sighed.

"I know," he chuckled. He moved toward me and press his lips against mine. He than whispered, "Ready for round two?"

"Oh hell yes"

Peach: well that's it

Mr. Ghost: finally that's over...lets go

Peach: lets

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SRG stares at them with confusion. guys

Mr. Ghost and Peach walks back in

Both: what?

SRG: The story is not done yet.

Mr. Ghost:...what?

Peach: what do you mean?

SRG:(rolls eyes) you guys seen 'Lost in Pinwheel Forest', 'Casteliacone', and 'Surprise Attack'...did you two really think I was going tocall two simple blowjobs a 'lemon'? do have a point

Mr. Ghost: so your not finish...

SRG: nope

Peach: I guess...we'll finish up the story

Mr. Ghost: so here we...go...

SRG:(rolls eyes again) Finish the STory!

Still Lucario's POV

Fox moved off me as I lifted my legs till my knees touch my chest. I saw him smile seductively as he graze his fingers over my tight, virgin hole. "Ready?"

"Y-yes", I gasped out.

"Right...but first"

He lean down and I felt something wet poke at my entrance, before entering.

I cried out as Fox began to rim and tongue fuck me.

My once softening member, was now hardening again and dripping precum on my neck. I felt Fox bury his face into my ass, eating me out. My mind just started to become fuzzy, when Fox pulled out.

He just smiled and reach for a little box and pulled out a bottle of lube. I raised an eyebrow. "Where did you get that?"

He smiled sheepishly, "Um, would you believe the sex fairy?"

I frowned at him.

"I'll tell you later"

I rolled my eyes, but laid back and let him continue.

He open up the bottle and squeeze the substance on his fingers. "Ready?"

"Didn't I already say yes?", I muttered, but I was a little scared.

"I'll be gentle", Fox promised and I knew this time he was serious.

"O-okay", I stammered.

On that note, he slowly and gently push his finger into my waiting hole. I heard it go in with a pop.

I can't really explain the feeling, I was exspecting unbelievable pain, but I just felt discomfort, but not pain...just...full.

"You okay?" he whispered, concerned.

"Yeah", I said, still trying to get use to the filling.

"Just tell me when to stop" He started to pull his finger in and out of me and a new feeling began to fill into me.

It was not complete pleasure, it just felted good. I felt my breathing brcomr a little bit heavier. I felt a second, lube-covered, finger push into me, follow by a third. Like the first one the discomfort, was replace by that light pleasure.

"You sure your okay?"

I grinned and said, "Perfect."

He quicken his pace, pulling his fingers in and out me faster. My cock dripped out more precum, soaking my neck.

"Ready for the real deal?", Fox asked.

I thought about it for a minute, "Yes"

He reached for the little box and pulled out a condom. I shooked my head, "No condom"

Fox looked at me, "Huh?"

"I don't want some piece of plastic in between you and me," I said honestly.

He smiled, "Alright," toss the condom behind him and lubed up his cock. He position it at my entrance.

He looked at me one last time, "Are you sure?"

"Please, I want you"

With that he push the tip in.

You know that pain I was exspecting when Fox probed me with my fingers? Yeah.

I felt like a burning-hot poker was be push into me. My whole body tensed and I felt like I was completely was on fire.

Fox didn't stop until he was fully in me. Once he was, he saw my pained expression, "Are you okay?", he asked, his voice full of concern and remorse. I felt tears build up in my eyes, but I nodded. I did not want to stop.

Fox, obviously, didn't buy it, but he nodded, too. He began to pull out and just as fast push back in.

My insides burn, his pole threatening to tear my ass apart. I was about to ask him to stop, when I felt him touch something. That light pleasure, exploded inside me, a hundred times bigger than when with his finger.

I let out a puppy-dog like yelp, and Fox knew he hit my prostate. He gripped my fully hard member and began to savagely pump it, matching the rhythm of his thrusting.

I felt two yin-yang explosions of, pain and pleasure. My ass felt like it was being torn in half and set on fire and I loved it.

My cock twitch and shot out a burst of cum. And I didn't even realise it.

My cock didn't even become soft again, hit just stayed hard, building up another explosion. The whole time, I was sreaming, "YES", "FUCK ME" and "OH FOX"

Fox mercilessly, pounded my ass, filling up my use-to-be-virgin-hole with his fat cock. My ass was still on fire, but the pain lessen. I gasp has I shot my load into the air, again. Like before I kept being hard.

I felt Fox's thrust become, harder, rougher and faster, and I knew he was close. "Cum in Foxy, fill me up with your hot spunk!", I yelled in complete ecstasy. I felt his grip on my cock tighten and I felt a burning liquid pour into me. Filling my hole and into my stomache. I moaned at the feeling and all movements stopped.

Fox groaned and slowly pulled out of me. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his cum in me. Not caring if i was still hard.

I heard Fox, "Hmmm". I felt a slick hand grip my member and rubbed me. I guess, Fox was trying to make me cum, but all the sudden, he stopped and I felt a weight push on my abdomen, eye opeedn my eyes and saw Fox had straddle me.

"Um...?", was all I can say.

He smiled, "Ready?", and he impale himself on my cock.

Fox's POV

I gasped as I felt Lucario's fat member slide right into, me. I probably should have slicked up my hole first, instead of just Lucario's cock. Oh well, I been fucked many times, by Falco and Wolf. I was use to it enough.

Lucario on the other hand...he gasped in pleasure, eyes wide , tongue hanging out and breathing heavy.

I smirked alittle and began to rock my hips back and forth. Loving the pleasurable and burning feelings. I stopped rocking and began to bounce on his hips, feeling his cock slide in and out me.

I felt one the familar feeling in me again and I know it was soon. Lucario began to thrust his hips into me, matching mine bouncng.

I gasp as a new burnng hot feeling burst into me and and Lucario let out a small howl. I screamed in pleasure and shot my load in the air, splattering onto my chest.

We both gasped and sighed in our aftermath. I slowly pulled his cock out me and it finally softened. My own cock softened as I collapsed next to my love.

"That...was fun", he said happily.

"Yeah", I sighed and pulled him closer, "I-I love you"

Lucario smiled dreamily, "I love you, too."

We both past out.

We woke up in the morning, both of us with raging morning-woods.

Lucario, glance at my member. "I think that needs to be taken care of." With that he took it into my mouth.

I grinned and got into the 69 position, taking in his member. Thats when we heard the announcements come on.

Master Hand came on, " Since there was a explosion in the battle room, all brawls for today was cancel. Today will be a free day for all-HEY! Peach? What are you doing? Get aw-OW!


Peach voice than came on, "Please leave both Fox McCloud and Lucario alone...they are very busy. Anyone who dares try to disrupt them will be thrown into a fiery pit of Hell, pain and destruction. BY ME! Okay, hope you all have a good day! You can thank me later Fox!"

The intercom came off.

Lucario looked up at me with wide eyes.

I sighed, "Oh Peach..."

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SRG: we are signing off with the last chapter of So Simple.

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