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"Lovi! Lovi!"

He was in a tomato field…

"Oi! Fratellooooo! Wake up!"

and the sun was shining, its rays beating down, ripening the plump red spheres that hung off the vines…

"Fratello~~~~~! Ve~, wake up!"

He was crouching down near the soil, hiding away from the heat. Crouching, crawling, headed further down under the plants. The vines scratched his cheeks, their pungent, sweet smell stinging his nose…

"Fratello! Ve~ You're drooling~"

"Am NOT."

His eyes flew open and the sunlight hit him dead-on. He blinked, adjusting to the sudden contrast jump, and sighed. The room shined with bright, yellow rays. What? How late was it?

"Damn. Hey, Feliciano….what time is it?"

"Ve~ It's almost dinnertime!"

"Eh?" So…the tomato asshole didn't come…what an asshole! Lovi couldn't help but feel a little disheartened. Did that mean that earlier…was just a dream?

He clenched his fists and put a palm to his forehead. That was stupid. How could he possibly think the shitfaced fuck would keep his word…?

"Heyyyyyyy….Lovi! You should come downstairs and come eat with Lu and me! We've got pastaaaaaaaaa~ with Roma tomatoes! Ve~!"

"Nah….it's okay…I'll come down later," replied Lovino, bringing his knees to his chest to hug them.

"Ve~…are you sure?"


"Okay…" answered Feli, reluctantly.

He probably sat there alone for maybe two minutes before Feliciano came back, panting, into his room.

"Ah! Fratello! I forgot! There's someone waiting for you downstairs!"

"Tell them to go away, dammit. I'm tired."

"Okiedoke! Ve~!"

Feliciano headed downstairs, the usual bounce in his step made even more apparent, when he reached the now-infamous living room. Antonio was sitting there with Ludwig, gleefully telling about all the adventures the Bad Touch Trio had had in high school. Poor Ludwig looked ready to kill something.

"Ve~! Spain! He's waiting for you upstairs!"

"Si? Okay! I'll go get him, then! Gracias!"

"Ve~!" smiled Feli as Antonio headed up.

"He…didn't actually say that…did he, Feli?" asked Ludwig.

"Ve~ hell no! Not even close!" giggled the hyper Italian.

The day was almost over, but that didn't mean he had to sit around and do nothing for the evening! Lovi had a burning passion to go somewhere and do something.

He flipped out of bed, not caring enough to fix it, and head to his closet. He pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and slipped them on, same as always. Next, he pulled off the tank top he wore to bed every night and tossed it on the floor, exposing his tanned and toned torso, and headed to the mirror.

He looked at himself in the mirror and frowned.

Shit…time for another haircut.

Was it any surprise that Antonio burst into the room at this exact moment?

"Hey, Lov–" he froze, inhaling air too quickly to be healthy.

He was gorgeous! And…so very sexy! His dark brown hair was sticking out at odd angles not yet recovered from the bed with the signature curl slightly askew. Antonio's face turned pink when his eyes wondered lower…the haughty Italian's chest was like his country…a piece of art! Sculpted, but only softly. And, when he trailed ever lower…oh, god…the way those jeans hugged him. It was sinful.

"CHIGIII! You PERVERT! Get out!" shouted Lovi, shooting anything he could get his hands on at the Spaniard's head. Most of the objects didn't get very far, but Antonio just chuckled anyways and stepped out of the room, leaving the door cracked.

"Mi paloma…wear something pretty, okay? Today we'll be alone, just like you wanted~" smiled Antonio through the crack before shutting the door. He was enjoying this way too fucking much.

Lovino panted, trying to catch his breath. He felt dizzy now, probably from the spazztastic outbreak and the fierce blushing session he was now enduring.

The shitty bastard…

Lovino quickly grabbed his favorite maroon-colored, cotton shirt with the ¾ sleeves and buttoned it up hastily before bounding downstairs. There was no one there…

He checked the clock again. That would explain it….Dinner. Feli wouldn't miss it for the world. Nor would the little Italian miss him for a couple hours. As if Lovino cared what his brother and his boyfriend did or thought…he headed out the entrance, slamming it loudly behind him.

Antonio was waiting for him at the car…the sexy bastard grinning his signature grin. Lovi put on his own signature pout in response earning a quiet laugh from the latter.

…And….they were off…

Antonio's car was sleek and roomy, but Lovi felt no form of comfort in it. He couldn't help but feel he was being whisked away to some desolate, dark place. Which, at this point of the plot, he could be. It was comparable to a princess on her way to the dark depths of some dusty, doom-filled dungeon.

Wait…the fuck? A princess?

He kept his wandering eyes glued to the scene outside the car that whizzed by quickly enough. The buildings changed from modern, high-tech and half-assed to aged, rustic and artsy…to all of the above? Where the hell were they going?

Meanwhile, Antonio was paying absolutely no attention to the changing scenery (or the road, for that matter). They were all too fleeting and familiar to him. His gaze was trained on Lovino….the slight rise and fall of the boy's chest, the minute fluttering of his bangs, the disapproving scowl that slowly fell out of its supposed permanent position all entrancing him in way not unlike Romeo's fascination with Juliet. That image of his passenger, his partner…his dove would forever be etched in his mind, and while it was a pretty picture, Antonio couldn't help but be curious. Maybe there was a way to see another side of Lovi?

The trip wasn't one of any particular interest after that. They drove, didn't speak, and got out when they parked in front of some huge-ass and old building that looked like it came out of old-century France. The place reminded Lovino of school; probably easy to get lost in and fucking useless.

"Come one, Lovi~! Let's head inside!" smiled Antonio. Damn bastard was too damn enthusiastic. He obediently followed.

(Five minutes later! ^.^)


They had to climb stairs. LOTS of stairs…and…a bridge? The fucking place was HUGE and tremendously hazardous. Lovi almost tripped over some deserted ribbon! Twice! It was as if the whole place were merely nothing but a castle dedicated to lace, polished wood floors, mirrors, and bodies bending in impossible positions. Lovi's stomach lurched when he saw one particular island girl with red ribbons in her hair do a pirouette into an immediate split.

This must have been hell.

Dancing? He should have just skipped out on the damn project!

…but, he didn't want that crazy Hungarian as a teacher again….

"Bienvenue, Antonio and his cute, little tomato~ Zis is beautiful, no? Welcome to my danzing school!" came the ostentatious greeting.

….Elizaveta, he could deal with.

"Francis! Hey! I need to teach Lovi how to dance! Mind helping me out, mi amigo?" chuckled Antonio.

"But, of course! I was surprised to see you would actually come, but oui! I can help you out, mon ami!" They exchanged glances before Antonio dragged Lovi after Francis to almost certain torture.

Three more flights of stairs and a café later, they came to a door. A locked door.

"Welcome to zeh master floor!" came the Frenchman's speech start. "It iz only for zeh elite few! Myzelf included. And, of course, family and friends!"

"Whoooooooaaaaaaaaaaa! This is so cool!"

The space was wide. The floor was polished wood much like the rest of the place, but this was of a higher quality and with a rustic flare. A grand piano sat solemnly in one corner, polished and tuned, its ivory keys itching to be pressed. And, the mirrors…were equally fine in reflective quality; they covered all but one wall of the dancing chamber and reminded Lovino of a funhouse on crack. Tall, looming, and eerie, but relatively normal and ornate. Funhouses.

The last wall was the most captivating because, well…it wasn't a wall. Or a fucking mirror. It was completely crystal, a huge wall-sized window with edges and dips, hills and curves. There was a pretty balcony on the other side of it that seated guests during performances, allowed for sightseeing the rest of France at night, and for getting completely plastered in a simply extravagant place.

And, Lovi was mesmerized. The sun shining through the crystal in pretty little shards of colored light and the balcony, with its waist high edge and glittering centerpiece of a fountain, did that to a person.

"Well, I zink I'll leave you two to your work," smirked Francis, rudely interrupting the mood. "There's a stereo in zeh clozet and just ring zeh bell near the door for assistance! Tchao, mes amis." And, he was gone in a flurry.

And then, there were two.

Lovino found it difficult to breathe as he watched the Spaniard slowly wind his way over to where he stood, that stupid, almost comical look on his face. Walking. Sauntering over. Stalking, as if on a prowl. And, Lovi was caught in the headlights. He shut his eyes.

"Lovi…you should try to relax more. You're all red again~" came the voice from behind him.

Lovino zipped around, eyes flitting open, his mouth agape. What the hell was that? Way to make an awkward moment even more awkward!

He was going to say something! He was going to fucking tell him, the emerald-eyed bastard, off for all the damned cathedrals in the world. You don't just go and do something like that! I mean, what the fuck! CLIFFHANGER?

Oh, yeah, Lovi was going to tell him off, but the opportunity never arose. He became distracted, and could you blame him? With the Spaniard's usually airheaded smile creeping into something more menacing and devious, Lovi couldn't quite put a hand on what it was he was going to say.

The warm arms wrapped around his waist while the chin rested on his head.

"Lovi! Are you ready to salsa?" smiled Antonio his face all glittering and lit up. Lovino crossed his arms and frowned at the taller man in hope of regaining his handle of the situation.

"No, dammit."

The arms hugged tighter around and the face buried into his the Italian's hair.

"But…you'd make such a pretty dancer~" Antonio breathed.

Lovi's face peppered itself with redness, but he refused to break down here! Not here! Not like all the other times…

The tanned Spanish arms dropped and Lovi's did in turn, too. Big mistake. Antonio grabbed Lovi's left wrist, bringing it high above their heads. He used his free hand to push said Italian into nearest and only non-wall.

"Gotcha!" he winked.

"Y-you bitch!" Lovino stuttered. His face heated up along with the other parts of his body as Antonio inched ever closer, the innocent smile that was plastered on his face slowly turning back into that dark and lustful smirk.

"You'll dance, Romano. You'll dance in ways unimagined and you will like it."

(epic Spanish-ish music plays…)

Before he could even get another word in edgewise, Antonio pulled him close, and placed one hand on his waist with the other gripping a hand firmly.

The little Italian's eyes widened showing something bordering fear and hysteria. It was apparent to the incredibly sexy pair and all the surrounding mirrors that…Lovi had little to no idea how to dance.

"A-Antonio…" his cheeks turned a dangerous shade of red.

"Follow me," Antonio whispered delicately in Lovi's ear, "We'll go slowly."

~Follow me into my world.

Let your worries fade with every step you take.

Baby, whatcha waiting for?

Let the tango take control~

Feel the music inside your soul~


My hand is out, just grab a hold~

That sickening wave of vertigo washed over him again. Dammit! If only he could just try to…breathe…

They were going slow, super slow, at almost half tempo, but that didn't keep Lovi's world from spinning at double time. He was so graceful! The damn bastard! Lovi had kept his eyes on the ground as he tried to get the shitty exercise down; his shuffling and awkward footing gave away the fact that it wasn't the exercise that was shit. He snuck a peek at his dance partner's face and instantly wished he hadn't.

Antonio was looking at him, emerald orbs behind half-opened eyelids meeting his overexposed hazel ones. He had a soft, almost sugary smile on his face and his chest, in its form-fitting black tee, rose and fell in time with their slow progression.

"You're doing well, Lovi," he smiled fondly. "You can stop now, though."

Antonio let him go, went to turn off the stereo and ring the little bell for Francis. Lovino lingered at the same spot as he did and couldn't help but feel a little lonely as the Spaniard went about readying the chamber for nighttime.

Lost in his thoughts, he didn't hear Antonio call for him and was more than a little surprised when Antonio came back and picked him up, bridal-style, out of the room.

"What the fuck?"

Antonio only smiled cheekily at him and turned out the lights on their way out.

"A tout a l'heure, mes amis," waved Francis, chuckling to himself when he saw the pair.

It was one long, awkward walk back to the car and, when they finally did make it back, said awkward silence ensued. Great. One hour of nothing to do. Nothing to say. Nothing to listen to but the shagged breathing of overexcited boys.

Mrs. H was fangirling somewhere. Hard.

Eventually, the frantic fluttering of Lovino's heart settled itself down. What was an hour? Sixty minutes of watching the sky darken and the clouds gather for a shower of a lifetime. Three thousand, six-hundred seconds of napping, daydreaming, breathing, living, chatting, anything, really. An hour was –

"Lovi? Are you listening?"

"Hmm?" he replied lazily, only half-watching the clouds overtake the sky.

Antonio stopped the car, breaking Lovino's daze. Lovi looked around to find they were in some alleyway? A garage?

"The hell? What are you doing, damn tomato bastard?"

Antonio looked at him and smiled, a dark look shrouding his…usually lit face. Slowly, he crawled out of his seat and inched closer towards Lovino.

The Italian man's body shook slightly as the toned and tanned one of the Spaniard leaned over him, pinning him to the car seat. The delightful aroma of cinnamon and tomatoes overtook him, dulling his senses and quickening his heartbeat.

"Lovi…relax…I only had a question," came the lustrous murmur. This, of course, had the adverse effect on Lovino.

"W-what are y-you doing?" He had meant to sound scary, trying his mob boss voice on for size. Instead, a soft, almost delicate stutter erupted from his lips, heating Antonio's hovering face.

The rain thundered down on the roof of the car, threatening to impale the shell with each shrieking sheet of hail that landed. Had it been any other situation, Lovino would have been hidden in his closet, waiting for the deafening sounds to pass. Here, however, it was only distant background noise.

"I said…I want you to come live with me."

Lovino froze and looked up at Antonio. His eyes were firmly fixed on Lovi, searching for an answer before the Italian could say the response. He was serious. The damn bastard was serious.

"Would you like to?"

Would he like to? Lovi nodded his head before any other thoughts could cross his mind. The Spaniard's face enlightened at that and he removed himself from Lovino.


"Don't get your hopes too high!" Lovino blushed, "I'll make this difficult on you yet!"

Antonio smiled and kissed the little Italian square on the cheek.

"CHIGI! Bastardo!"

"Lovi, you already make this difficult on me," Antonio whispered, kissing Lovi again.



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