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A Surprising Love

Its early morning when Naruto slowly begins to awaken; He is quite tired from the night before, when he had been out with his two best friends Kiba, and Gaara. They spent most of the night at a club; this club is a popular hangout for the teens that live in the town. They had arrived at the club around 4 in the afternoon, and stayed there until sometime the next morning, when they finally decided to head home.


"Hey, I'm heading home guys!'' the Blonde yelled as he was heading to his car.

He was digging in the pockets of his jeans, to get his keys as he reached his car. He was unlocking his door when he heard his friend Kiba call back.

''Okay, Naruto… But be careful. You know you aren't the best driver.'' His friend smirked as he said this. And even though Naruto was on the other end of the parking lot he knew his dog-like friend was smirking. He could hear it in his voice.

''Yea, yea… Go home Mutt! You're getting on my nerves.'' Naruto said jokingly as he got into his car and headed home for his much needed sleep.

Naruto arrived at his home, and pulled his 2009 Mustang GT into the drive way. The car was a gift for his 16th birthday, and of course the car had to be orange with black racing stripes across the top. He was thrilled when he received this gift. It definitely topped any other gift he had received in all of his 17 years. Now he is 17, and still has yet to receive a better gift.

Naruto stepped out the car, and approached the door. Being a young teen he of course had a curfew, and it definitely slipped his mind since he was so late getting home. And on a school night so yea, he knew he was going to get a good ear full.

He quietly lifted the keys up to the door, and once he found the right one he put it into the keyhole. He turned it as slowly as he possibly could, praying that his parents were asleep, but as his luck would have it they weren't. When he opened the door he walked in and shut it softly. Suddenly the light in the living room came on. He froze on the spot, dreading turning around. He heard his father voice. It was calm yet stern.

''And where have you been?'' came the calm voice, but Naruto wasn't unaware of the anger that was clearly audible in his father's seemingly calm tone.

His father was slightly over protective, so sue him for being angry; his only son had made him worry all night.

''Um... he-hey dad. I was out with Kiba, and Gaara. Im sorry im home so late I kinda lost track of time.'' As he spoke he put one head behind his head and gave a nervous smile, while thinking 'God, I am so dead!'

''Mhmm, you lost track of time? You know, when I was your age I used that excuse to Naruto. You're mother and I have been up all night worrying about you, I finally just got her to go to bed!'' His voice came out louder, and had more anger in it than it did before. His eyes had shown with annoyance and aggravation towards his son's excuses, and he let out a small sigh. ''Naruto, you have to be more attentive. You can't just ignore the rules we have set up for your safety.''

Naruto looked over at his father; he knew his father was merely upset because he had not followed the rules, and that he had made them worry. He gave a sorrowful look. ''I know Dad, I really am sorry. I didn't want to make you and mom worry. I promise I'll be more careful and make sure to come home on time.'' As he finished what he was saying, his facial features had shown he was sincere.

His father smiled and, Naruto could tell his father was tired from the look on his face. Dark bags under his eyes, and his long blonde hair all messed up. Naruto smiled sweetly as his father spoke once again. ''Fine, Now go to bed Naruto, you have school in the morning.'' And with this his father headed through the hallway turning the light back off, and disappeared into the darkness of his parents' bedroom.

Naruto sighed a bit, and headed up the stairs to get to his own room, lord knows he was tired. Heck, he had been up since 7 yesterday morning. Since it is already 2 in the morning the next day it was technically Monday. As he reached the top of the stairs he turned to head into his room. He had flipped the light on and reached into his dresser to get a pair a basketball short and an old worn out T-shirt. He knew he had school in the morning, or actually in about 5 hours, so he hurried to the bathroom that was adjoined to his room. He loved having his own bathroom.

He sat the clothes on the bathroom counter and reached into the shower to turn the water on. He walked over to the mirror and quickly got undressed, while waiting for the water to heat up. He looked at his reflection and smiled. Naruto was very hot, or well he thought so. I mean not that it wasn't true, of course. He noticed his spiky blonde hair had fallen a bit and now his bangs hung slightly above he big sapphire eyes. His tan skin seemed to glow under the luminescent lights in the bathroom. He smirked a bit, knowing he was attractive with his tanned skin, sapphire blue eyes and nicely toned muscles.

He walked back over to the shower, and stepped in letting the hot water flow over him. The blonde hair that was once spiked now fell flat around his head and was clinging to his skin. He allowed the water to soothe him for a few minutes then grabbed the rag and soap and began to clean himself off. After he had finished his shower he stepped out, wrapped in a towel and glanced over into the mirror while reaching for his clothes.

He smirked at his reflection and quietly spoke to himself. ''Damn, I look good.''

He quickly got dressed and headed to his bed. He glanced over and saw the clock on the bedside table shining in bright green lights, 2:57 a.m. and he sighed.

''Seems like I'm going to be quiet tired tomorrow. Oh well I'll somehow manage to survive.'' And as he spoke, he climbed into his bed and switched off the lamp beside him. He closed his eyes, and being as tired as he was. He quickly fell asleep.

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