"What do you want from me?"

"I want your love. You heart. Your soul. Your everything."

"I'm broken. I'm torn up all inside. You can't save me."

"You'll never alone. My love will be always waiting for you, Sakura."






Whispers In The Dark






It was over.

Everything was over.


Then again, there was never a beginning for this war.

It was obvious that they didn't stand a chance against them.

And in just a flash, everything was taken away from her.

They all were gone.


It was too late. She couldn't do anything.

Her legs were threatening to fall but no; she strained herself to stand on both her legs. She was scared if she touched the ground, everything will fall on top her. The weight of her village, her beloved village – gone, destroyed. With a trembling whisper, the only word that escaped from her dry lips was –


The buildings and houses had all collapsed from the strong and brutal attacks. Even the Hokage's tall building was broken into pieces all around the ground. The mountains were destroyed. The faces craved there were all disfigured – one without a nose, the mouth was gone, only the eyes were left. The previous Hokages were not there anymore.

No one else was there to protect them.


No wonder Sakura felt a pang of hurt in her chest during her mission with Team Seven. There was an emotional connection between her master and herself. Sakura was the Godaime Hokage's apprentice. Everything that Tsunade had mastered will be passed on to Sakura.

Just a few weeks before Sakura's departure for her mission, Tsunade had taught her everything necessary. No one knew that Sakura had already surpassed her shissou in the medical skills, strength and talents.

The Godaime Hokage, Tsunade-sama was dead long ago since the Akatsuki's first attack. She was Konoha's front defense. The Rookie Nine were sent on various missions and didn't return until they receive the news about the sudden attack. The blonde with honey coloured eyes stood proud and tall in front of the gates, ready to risk her life to protect her village, her people.

It ended up bad for her. Her body was torn into pieces, shredded into pieces by the albino Akatsuki member. The horrified look on her face when his synche cut through her body, pierced through her vital organs.

I'm sorry. I wasn't there.

That was when everything began.

The downfall of Konoha.

Her friends were all dead. None of them survived the fight. They had lost to Akatsuki.














His innocent blue eyes stared up warmly into hers. There was still a smile on his face, a painful smile. Despite the deep gash on his stomach, he could still laugh at her.

"Sakura-chan, don't cry. Who says we've lost this war? I'm not giving up yet, dattebayo!"

"Naruto, shut up. Stop talking! Your wound is opening up again."

There was no point. His bleeding was not stopping. She pushed in more of her healing chakra into his wound. She knew his injury was too severe to be healed anymore. It was impossible for her to stop the bleeding.

"Please, stay with me. N-Naruto, don't leave me.." Fragile hands pressed harder onto his stomach, lacing her hands with more green chakra. "I need you."

His lips were pale. His skin was white. He still managed to crack a half grin at the pinkette. "Sakura-chan." The emotion in his blue eyes was slightly fading away. "You're never alone." Before Naruto Uzumaki took in his last breathe, his hands were placed on top of Sakura's. "I'll be watching you, Sakura-chan. And you better believe it."

A smile. A goodbye smile. It was time for them to part. He was leaving her. He left.

She was alone.

Sakura Haruno was never alone.

They were always there for her.

Not anymore.

But now with her friends all gone, it was just her left walking in this lonely world.

She didn't care anymore.

Just like that, she let everything out.


The pinkette gripped her hands into a tight fist, her knuckles turning white. Her dainty figure was trembling like a leaf.

"Why Konoha?"

Sakura growled, her eyes narrowed as she glared at the sight in front of her. Her village destroyed and her people all gone. All those left were barely alive anymore.

"Why us?"

Her anger was boiling up inside her. It was too much to keep within her.


With a battle cry, she pushed her chakra to her feet and dashed to the biggest rock she saw with her chakra enhanced fist. The moment her fist made contact with the hard surface, the giant rock broke into pieces.

"Why is this happening to me?"

Taking deep breaths, her knees dropped onto the ground. She lowered her head and punched the ground. She screamed and kept punching the ground until her fists were bleeding.



Droplets of tears fell from her eyes. Her fist slammed onto the surface of the ground again. She no longer felt any pain from it. This was too little compared to what she had been through.

"Why me?"

That was it.

She dropped her head and hung in silence. Only her sobs were heard. She didn't care if anyone caught her now. Sakura had lost her will to keep going in her life. She just wanted all the pain to end.

She could never smile again.

She had forgotten how to laugh like she did when she was with her friends.

How does it feel like to be happy again?

What does love feel like?

Sakura Haruno was truly broken inside and outside.

And no one else was willing to fix her.

"Someone, help me."


How was that ? It was just a random idea when I was watching this AkaSaku AMV ; whispers in the dark .

I was thinking of making this as a short story with a few chapters .

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