November Rain

Chapter 1

It was heavy raining in Furinkan in that somber afternoon. In the Tendo family home, in an almost completely dark room, lied Ranma. He stared at the ceiling with an angry expression. 'Stupid, old man', he thought to himself. 'This is the last time I'm letting him taking me out for training, not to mention in the middle of the winter'.

Genma decided to take Ranma out for a little training after lunch. The sky was black from clouds and it was freezing outside, but Genma insisted. He's ready to do anything to train his son; in anyway he can, no matter how bizarre and dangerous it is.

After a short while, it started raining, and the panda and the girl had to head back home, soaked from the heavy rain that suddenly started (even though it was predictable). Kasumi saw them soaked and sent them straight to take a hot bath. Ranma came out of there angry with his father, as usual, went up to his room and locked himself there. He coughed a few times and sat down on his futon. He was freezing.

Ranma decided that to sit in front of the oven would be more useful. He went down to the living room and sat down in front of it. Just then, Akane entered the room.

"Hey, Ranma! Went out for training with your dad again?" she asked and sat by him.

"Duh…" said Ranma, agitated. He shivered.

Akane smiled, got up, and patted her hand on his shoulder friendly. "Go to bed. Not only that you're frozen, you seem pretty tired, too". She said. Demanded, actually.

'Since when does SHE worries about me?' Ranma thought. But he knew she was right, or maybe he was too tired to yell at her for treating him like a little kid, so he nodded and went up to his room.

Akane watched him as he went upstairs and pondered about the relationship between him and Genma. They're always fighting and splashing each other with cold water, and she saw them show worry to each other only once or twice while they stayed at her house, and that is for a very long time now. She smiled to herself and went to help Kasumi set up the table. Dinner is almost ready.


"Dinner, everyone!" announced Kasumi in her gentle voice. Genma, Soun and Hapossai hurried to the table, as usual, but a certain someone was missing. Ranma went slowly to table and sat down next to his father. Genma stared at his son inquiringly, wondering why he suddenly became so dull, but then every ounce of a thought about his son was gone and the only thing on his mind (and stomach) was the rice that Kasumi made.

During dinner, everyone noticed that Ranma was eating very slowly instead of devouring the food like he usually does. Everybody wondered about him, especially Akane (^_~).

"I'm going to my room", said Ranma almost when the dinner was over, put his bowl, which was half full, on the table and left the room.

"Ranma…" Akane said quietly while Genma, Soun and Hapossai fought over the rice that Ranma left in the bowl, for there wasn't nothing left in the pot.

After dinner Kasumi cleaned the table, Nabiki watched her favorite TV show: "How to make a lot of money, and fast", Soun and Genma went to play Shogi on the porch, Hapossai went to iron his girls' bras and panties, and Akane decided to go upstairs and check up on Ranma. She didn't know what made her do it, but she opened the door slowly and peeked inside, into the darkness. She heard a pretty loud cough. She tip-towed into the room.

Ranma lied on his futon, probably sleeping, and shivered. She put her hand on his forehead, not before making sure he was asleep, and found out he had a low fever. She sighed in desperation and shook her head. "He's too stubborn to admit he doesn't feeling well, even if only a little", she whispered to herself. She opened the closet, pulled out another blanket and covered Ranma with it. "He'll be sick tomorrow. Probably because of the rain…" She mumbled before leaving the room.


The sun shone on a bright new day. The sky was clear from clouds and the dew dropped from the leaves to the ground, which was still wet from yesterdays' rain.

"Do you know where Ranma is, Akane?" Kasumi asked when she saw that Ranma wasn't down yet.

Akane's face became red from anger. "What makes you think that I now where he is, huh?!" She bellowed.

"Well…" Started Kasumi, but Genma cut her off.

"Last time I saw him he was dragging himself into the bathroom", said Genma and continued eating.

Just then, Ranma entered the room. He ate a little before saying he wasn't hungry and went to school. Akane ran out after him.

Ranma tried to walk on the fence, but he felt so dizzy, so he decided to walk on the sidewalk alongside Akane today.

In school the situation wasn't any better, either. Not only that he was late and had to hold the water buckets in the hall (which he dropped from weakness, by the way), but also he was barely able to concentrate on something and felt like hell the entire day. Lucky for him, the day was shorter than the rest of the weekdays.


"Akane! Wait patiently for me! I'll be with you eventually". Shouted Ryoga, not to someone in particular. He was in some city that, for some reason, looked too familiar. Suddenly, he saw someone approaching him.

"R…Ranma?" he said quietly. 'Can it be? Am I in…Furinkan?' he thought to himself. He watched as Ranma got closer and closer, and them keeps on walking past him as if he never noticed Ryoga standing there.

"Ranma!!!" Ryoga shouted angrily.

Ranma turned and stared at him with pale face. "Hi, Ryoga", he said.

"How DARE you to ignore me like that?!" Ryoga shouted, even angrier because of Ranma's apathy.

"Sorry, Ryoga. It's just that I'm not feeling well today. I can't concentrate on anything", Ranma answered and was about to continue home when he heard Ryoga shouting:

"No excuses!!!" Ryoga jumped on Ranma and hit him once with his fist. Ranma was too weak and tired to strike back or react. He fell to the ground and coughed violently. "Come on! What are you taking me for?! Fight!" Ryoga hit him once more with his fist. That was too much for the weak Ranma. "Well? Why aren't you fighting?" Ryoga was about to hit him again when he noticed that Ranma wasn't moving and his pale face. "Ranma? Ranma?" Ryoga asked worriedly and shook Ranma a little, trying to wake him up. Ranma didn't wake up and didn't answer. Ryoga was in panic. 'H…How the heck…? What have I done…'

"Ryoga!" Ryoga suddenly heard Akane calling for him.

"A…Akane!" Stuttered Ryoga and switched stares between Ranma and Akane.

"Ranma!" She exclaimed worriedly when she saw him lying on the ground. "What happened to him?!" She asked Ryoga, also in panic.

"I…I…" Ryoga stuttered again.

"You fought him, didn't you? Oh no…" she put her hand on Ranma's forehead and her eyes grew wide. "Come on, Ryoga! Help me carry him home!" Akane lifted Ranma slowly.

Ryoga suddenly felt jealousy taking over him, but he shook it off. Ranma is important now, not their rivalry or his love for Ranma's fiancé. "Aren't you angry?" Ryoga asked in surprise.

"I don't have time for that right now", answered Akane. "We have to take Ranma home".

"Give him to me, I'll carry him". Said Ryoga and took Ranma from Akane. Both of them ran like the wind to the Tendo family home.

While they were running, Ranma opened his eyes a little. "Ryoga? Akane?" He whispered.

"Shhh…Everything will be all right…" Said Akane softly and caressed his hair and then, Ranma closed his eyes again.

To be continued…

Author's note: So, what do you think? This is my first Ranma fic, so I hope you like it. My friends did, anyway. Sorry if I have spelling or grammar mistakes.

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