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November Rain Chapter 3

Her tears flowed down. He was so helpless- lying and shouting his head off like that. If she didn't know better, she would have thought he was dying. She couldn't stand it anymore. She laid her head on his chest and hugged him tightly. "Ranma…Wake up…" she mumbled through her tears. The rest of the family watched them with sadness (though you could see little tears of joy on Soun and Genma's faces).


He saw a white light approaching him. He became afraid. 'It isn't my time to die yet…' he thought. He screamed louder and struggled harder. There was something strange about this light, though. It was warm and comforting, not cold and endless like the darkness. The light wrapped him. He was scared for a second, but the light's warmness calmed him down. He ceased with the screaming and struggling, and gave in to the light.


Ever so suddenly Ranma calmed down. Akane was amazed and stared at him with wonder. His face showed less pain, and now he looked like he was sleeping rather than dying.

Soun wept happily behind them. "Oh, Saotome. Isn't it cute how she worries about him?"

"It sure is, Tendo. It sure is." Genma answered.

Akane's face reddened with anger. "How can you even think of that when Ranma is so sick?! What kind of parents are you?! Don't you care?!"

"Sure we do, Akane! That's why we allow you to stay here with him tonight and watch him." Her father said and Genma nodded approvingly. "Come on, Saotome! Let's play some Night-Shogi!" Both of them burst out laughing and left the room. Akane shook her head.

Ryoga entered the room with a shout. "What's wrong?!"

"R…Ryoga. Why did you come just now?" Akane asked.

Ryoga scratched his head in embarrassment. "Took me a while to find the right room. What happened?"

"Well, Ranma had a nightmare, I think, which is bad considering his high fever. He screamed and kicked everywhere…but he seems to be okay now". Akane looked at her fiancé with adoration and smiled.

Ryoga's heart sank as he looked at the scene playing in front of him. It was hopeless. The way she looked at Ranma…she never looked at him like that. "Well," he said, "it's time for me to leave. Good luck with Ranma."

"You're leaving? But why?" Akane asked.

"I'll only be in your way, and besides," he stopped for a minute and looked at moon. "I have some…thinking to do." He said and jumped outside from the open window before Akane had time to react.

Akane sighed heavily and looked at Ranma's face once again, and a few moments later she lay next to him and hugged him with one arm.

She almost fell asleep when she heard Ranma moaning softly. She opened her eyes and found him staring at her with feverish, tired eyes.

"Akane…" he whispered.

"Ranma…" she stuttered back. She was positive that he will be asleep at least until tomorrow, and was surprised to find him awake now.

"Stay with me…" he pleaded and his eyes started to droop.


"Stay with me. I'm scared…of the darkness…" he fell asleep.

Akane was sure that her ears were deceiving her. Ranma was afraid of the darkness? Ranma is not afraid of anything! Well…maybe except for cats. But that doesn't count! It's a trauma, trauma that was caused because of his idiot father.

'In fact,' she thought. 'Everything is his father's fault! He's even…He's even sick because of him!' A wave of anger washed her, and she wanted to break something. But then she saw Ranma's face twitching a bit and she calmed down. She held his hand again.


He was in the darkness again. 'Where is the light?' Ranma thought. 'Where are you…Akane?'

"I will never leave your side, Ranma. I promise…" he heard a distant voice. He knew who it was: Akane. The light was back, but then, after a second, it was all gone.

'Promises.' He thought and then, horrible memories replayed themselves in his mind.

"You won't get hurt, boy. I promise." His father said before throwing his only son into a pit full of starving cats.

"You promised, pop. You promised..." Ranma said quietly to himself before blacking out from the bites and scratches of the evil cats. The last thing he saw was their claws full with blood. His blood.

"You sure it's safe, pop?" Ranma asked his father as they climbed the mountains in China.

"Don't worry, boy. Everything will be alright. I promise." Jousenkyo could be seen in the distance.

'Promises…' Ranma repeated. All he could feel now was rage.


"Promises my ass!!" Ranma shouted and his eyes opened immediately. He was breathing fast and sweating.

Akane just stared in shock. "R…Ranma?" She didn't understand what happened. When she held his hand and promised she won't leave him, he calmed down for a second, and then his face twitched again, and he groaned and mumbled. Then he started breathing fast, shouted and woke up.

"Don't ever promise me…" She heard him saying.


"I feel bad, Akane," he said and tears filled his eyes.

"Shhh…You need to rest, Ranma." Akane said and caressed his cheek gently. "Don't worry. You'll be alright. I promise that you'll be alright." Only a few seconds later she realized she was promising again.

"I asked you not to promise me anything. I don't believe promises." Ranma said, a bit angry.

Akane tried to gain his trust again. "It's just a pneumonia, Ranma. Most don't die because of it."

"It's just a pit full with starving cats, Akane." He said quietly. "Just a pit full of cats…" He shut his eyes and fell asleep.

Only then Akane understood why he was shouting when he woke up.


The morning came and Akane had to leave Ranma's side for a few hours and go to school. She begged to stay and watch Ranma, but Kasumi said that school is more important, now that Ranma's fever broke. Kasumi said that she'll take care of Ranma while she's gone.

"He'll be fine in a couple of days," she said. "So you have nothing to worry about. Now go and study."

In school, it seemed as if time stopped moving. Seconds past like minutes, minutes like hours…Akane was ever so grateful when the day was finally over.


Ranma opened his eyes slowly. He felt much better today. He lay on his futon, thinking. 'I could have died. And I would have died without telling Akane how I feel. She was so worried about me, too. It was almost like she actually cared. It would have broke her heart if…if I left.'

Ranma tried to get up, but he felt so weak and almost fell. 'I need to work my muscles a bit. But Not before I…' He got up slowly and walked to the living room. 'Even if my heart will break.'


"I'm home!" Akane called as she entered. Everyone did what they always do during this hour of the day, except for…

"Ranma!" She called happily when she spotted him watching TV. She ran to him. "Feeling any better?"

He turned to her and smiled. "Yes," he said.

"I'm glad." She smiled back at him. "Did you sleep well? Did you have nightmares?"

"Nope," he answered and stood up. "Pleasant dreams only."

"Really? What did you dream about?"

Ranma took a deep breath before answering. "You."

Akane was speechless. He was dreaming about her? About his tomboyish, uncute and unsexy fiancé? Or even more important- he admits it?!

"I think you still have a high fever," she said cynically. He just stared at her with soft eyes.

"Wondering why I admitted, aint' ya?" He asked. She nodded. "Well, I realized life is too short. Like they say: Act every day as if it's you last- cause it just might be it."

"But I told you that you'll be alright! I pro-" Ranma shut her up by kissing her gently on the lips. Then he pulled her into a hug.

"I told you what I think of promises." He whispered in her ear and retreated to the dojo to work up a little, leaving a shocked Akane behind.

She brushed her finger on her lips where Ranma kissed her. "Promises my ass." She whispered.

It was on a rainy day in November.

The End

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