Stupid. He felt so stupid. It was third time this week he lost the game. He'd passed almost all of his scholarship and all he got now was hundred bucks.
He felt horrible and looked even worse.
For the past two weeks he hadn't slept at all. His friends joked something about him having hard nights but he just called them idiots and skipped school for the day.
And so on and so forth.
He felt so miserable that he hadn't any energy left to get out of his bed.

"Hey Wolfe, ready to loose?" a cold voice spoke up behind his back.
"Keep dreamin, Speed." he wasn't going to loose. Not again.
They walked into the nightclub.

Few hours later the back door shot open and few massive folks threw out a body.
"You see Wolfe, this ain't a dream anymore. You pay or be dead. Boys make that clear to him." he walked back in leaving young man alone with the two massive guys who looked very determined to teach a lesson...