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Chapter 1: The Day Of Darkness

It was cold that night. The wind blew gently through the gardens of the castle. Some small animals ran on the paths that led to the great castle. It was old, but still there was something magical, something nice comforting. The castle stood on a hill. Behind it, located a little deeper, there was a maze of stone walls, hedges and flowers. Together, it gave a really nice picture. Zhalia ran down the path that Sophie had shown her. She knew what she had to do. With her hand she ran along the cold walls. There was a tingling in his fingertips. She turned to the left. She came into a narrow passage. Left was a floral hedge, right there was a wall and almost as well. Zhalia looked around. Had she chosen the wrong path? Or the way she had described Sophie wrong. She went back three steps and stretched so that they could peer over the wall a bit. You could see the head of a statue. The face was turned toward her. Stick to the statue, Sophie had said, you must show his face to you. It was the right way, that was for sure, but nowhere could Zhalia discover a door. She went back to the wall. Carefully, she fumbled it off. Some small stones loosened and fell to the ground. The moon shone on the wall, where they could see the Zhalia summed up.

"Now come on! I know that you are stuck somewhere. "She spoke softly and pressed repeatedly on individual stones. She was nervous. She had to stick to the plan. The time has played an important role. If they would not soon find the mechanism that sacrificed the door, it would be scarce and the plan would be doomed to failure. Your ran a few small beads of sweat on his face. Her hands were shaking from the cold. Again and again she let her hands glide over the stones. Again and again she looked from the same stone, to have overlooked in the hope of anything. But it was futile. Nervous and trembling, she stood up. She did not know what they should do now. The time sat in their back. Despairing, she looked around.

"Damn," cursed Zhalia when she suddenly noticed a hole in the hedge. It was just so great, the fit by a little man. She squatted in front and looked closer at it. Carefully, she pushed aside the small branches and peered inside. Behind it was something. A door. Zhalia smiled when she saw it. Slowly she put her head through the hole and crept cautiously through it. She sat up at the other end and stroked the dirt from her body and turned her clothes. Then she went to the door and opened it. A warm gush flew in her face. It felt good. Zhalia stepped in and closed the door behind her. In front of her was a long, wide hallway with candles on the walls terrified and a red-brew wallpaper. The carpet was red with black squiggly pattern. On the sides were green plants. It was very cozy. The heat was surrounding Zhalia. She stopped shivering and walked down the aisle. At the end of the hallway there was a door. It was made of wood, also with ornate patterns. Tall and wide with black door handles. When Zhalia stood in front of the door, she could hear the voices of the people who were behind it. One was soft and feminine. That was certainly Sophie. Another was deep and strong. She was one determined to Montehue. And another, this would always recognize, no matter when and where, was also deeply but not so strong. She had something sweet and soothing, which let Zhalia's heart beat faster. It was the voice of Dante. His voice was so familiar to her. How often they had been talking to each other. Yet she brought that voice again from the socket. Zhalia took a deep breath. She raised her hand and knocked on the door. The voices fell silent and after a few seconds the door opened and the light fell on them. Zhalia blinked, because the light was very bright.

"Zhalia, there you are! We were worried. Come in! "Montehue welcomed her and before she could react at all, he had already grabbed her arm and pulled her in. Montehue had a strong grip. For this reason her arm always hurt after they had released Montehue.

"Sorry, I had some problems with the door." She said as she rubbed her arm.

"God, where have you been? Because of you we now have time pressure. Do you know what that may have impact on the plan?" Sophie went to her.

"I had problems with the door!" Zhalia replied, "That's what I just said."

"Why problems? I described you the way." Sophie asked irritated.

"You did not mention that I crawl through a hedge of flowers in order to find them."

"My goodness! I thought that you know." Cried Sophie, and threw her arms into the air.

"Argh ... Sophie Beac ... .." furiously, mumbled to himself Zhalia.

"Hey! Now listen to an argument, that brings us even further. "Mingled Dante and turned to both of them. Sophie and Zhalia folded their arms and gave each other a bad glance. "You're right, Dante. We should rather worry about the plan." Sophie said, "We have already pressed for time anyway. We do not want the whole thing does not even take a long time. "With these words she looked angrily at Zhalia. Zhalia narrowed his eyes and suppressed a sarcastic reply. Why was this girl always so rude to her when she had done something wrong? She was still mad at her because she had betrayed the union at that time? She had said that she had forgiven her. Maybe it was just Sophie's way to act if something doesn't worked like she wants. Dante Zhalia, Sophie, Lok, Montehue, Tersly and Teien gathered around the big table in the middle of the room. He was round and had the door as embellishments. Maps were spread on the table, over which the bending of seven. Sophie told them the plan. She pointed to the cards, to the places they had to go to. All of them knew their role in this mission. Montehue and Tersly would ensure that they are not disturbed throughout the whole thing. They kept watching. Lok and Sophie would get the object, because they had planned the whole mission. It was kind of a cup what Rassimov had stolen the foundation a week ago. Metz and Guggenheim had instructed the team to bring the cup back because it was very valuable to the organization. Dante, Zhalia and Teien were responsible for the guards, they had to turn it off so that Lok and Sophie could freely enter the room. The three were perfect for this task. Dante was a master in the martial arts, Zhalia had many good spells in stock and Teien was one of the best fighters of the foundation. The plan could not go wrong.

"So then let's go," said Lok. All but Teien agreed with him. She just nodded. Teien was a strange person. She never said something, she was always quiet and never interfered in any discussions.

The team reached Rassimov's estate before midnight. It was not far away from the secret meeting of the foundation. Montehue and Tersly positioned themselves around the estate and went on their way again. Dante, Zhalia, Teien, Sophie and Lok went on. Lok and Sophie hid in a small bush and waited for the signal of the others. In the courtyard there were only six guards. One on each door that led into the building. It would be easy for the three to eliminate them. Zhalia was hiding in a shadow of a dark corner. One of the guards passed this corner over and over again, while his usual rounds. She acted fast, when he passed her one more time. She jumped quickly out of the corner, so that the man could not react fast enough. She covered his mouth with her hand so that he could not scream and then she hit him specifically to his temples. He collapsed. Zhalia let him slide to the floor. Two other men were running towards her. She lifted her leg up, swung around and hit one of the men at the head. He fell unconscious to the ground. The other man grabbed her from behind and Zhalia held them clasped, but they knew what to do. Quick and strong she lifted her foot and kicked him between the legs. Out of sheer pain he fell to the floor and whined like a baby. Dante and Teien took care of the other three guards. Dante fought while Teien still kept hidden. Dante made his opponents fall unconsious with specific spells and beats. The last three guards were also eliminated now. Zhalia went to Dante.

"We made it." said Zhalia quietly to Dante.

"Yes, we should give the sign to Lok and Sophie." Dante said, looking at her.

"They will certainly have to ..." Suddenly a sound of blades flying through the air. A silver star flew through the air, narrowly passing Zhalia and stuck in a tree. Dante and Zhalia winced and looked in the direction from where the star came. They saw that two masked men ran to them. Ninjas. They had a Samurai sword and silver star in their hands. They were also masked. One of them shot ten other stars to the two. But Dante and Zhalia lay down on the floor before the stars could reach them. Teien jumped from her hiding place and blocked them. With a magical flush she had stopped the stars. She landed on the floor, sat up and in lightning-speed she also shot silver stars to the attackers. The stars pierced their victims. They fell to the ground. A pool of blood surrounded the lifeless bodies. Dante and Zhalia stood up and Teien turned to them.

"Thank you very much." Dante said, looking at her. Teien bowed briefly and then jumped back into her hiding place. Dante went back to Zhalia. "Okay, now we better call in Lok and Sophie." Zhalia said with a worried voice.


Lok and Sophie were still sitting in their hiding place and were waiting for the sign. Sophie peered out again shortly to investigate. Lok played with the branches.

"I hope nothing happened." Sophie said anxiously.

"Oh, I don't think so. The three are the best. They will work it out. "

"Really?" Sophie asked searchingly. Lok put aside the branches and took Sophie's face in his hands. "You're too nervous. They will do it, believe me. "Lok said and gave her a kiss. Then he smiled at her and took his arm back in the hands. Sophie looked at him. "I think you're right." She said, peering out again. This time she saw something. It was Gareon. He came running towards them. That was their signal. Sophie nudged Lok, who put down his fork and stood up. They were going down to the courtyard where Zhalia and Dante were waiting for them.

"All right. You know what you have to do. "Dante said. They both nodded.

"Unless you're back in twenty minutes, we are pure." Zhalia said. They both nodded again. "Okey. Good luck!", she wished them. Lok and Sophie ran into the building. They had no trouble finding the right room, because Dante scanned the building just before their departure to find the room. They entered the room. He was quite large. The walls were colorless. A large lamp was hanging from the ceiling and lightened the only object in the whole irradiated area. The case with the cup. Lok and Sophie ran to it. They both looked at the cup. He was as big as a wine glass with golden images.

"I think they tell a story." said Sophie.

"Who?" said Lok irritated.

"The pictures on the cup. "Said Sophie, pointing.

"Oh. However, we should prefer to grab the thing and vanish before more of Rassimov's guard appear here. "

Sophie nodded and began touching the case. After some time they found the mechanism that opened the door of the cabinet, but it was locked.

"Crap!" Cursed Sophie.

"What?" Lok asked excitedly.

"The thing is locked. I can't open it. "

"This is not a problem." Lok said, standing up. "Springer" The small titan, which looked like a fox appeared. "You open the lock for us. Quick! "Said Lok, pointing to the door. The small titan nodded and went to work. With his little paw he opened the lock in lightning-speed . Sophie took the cup, while Lok sent Springer back to his amulet. "Thanks." Lok said, when his Titan disappeared.

"Now let's get out of here as quickly as possible." Said Sophie, and the two ran outside.

When they came back Dante and Zhalia were still there, waiting for them. When they saw the two, they looked at them expectantly. "And? Did you see him? "asked Zhalia.

"Here he is!" said Sophie, and proudly presented the cup.

"Well done! Now let's vanish." Dante said, looking around to see that nobody was watching. The others nodded. They ran, but they did not came far. A huge explosion shook the earth. The four fell to the ground. Sophie dropped the cup in shock. It rolled into a bush. A dense cloud of dust enveloped the team. Dante sat up, coughing. Zhalia was sustained by him. Lok and Sophie helped each other. The team looked around. The dust cloud was unfortunately not a good sign. "What was that?" Lok said, coughing.

"I think that we will find out soon." Dante said and looked around one more time. Suddenly he was spotted by a person in a dense dust cloud. He saw how they raised their hands. The dust cloud disappeared. Now he could see the other person. She laughed devilishly. The team was staring at her.

"Shauna." Zhalia said and looked at her with a contemptuous glance.

"I think you've got something that belongs to us." She said and walked towards the four.

"We've only got what belongs to us." cried Sophie.

"Hmm ... well then this means that you do not voluntarily give it back to me?" She said, looking searchingly at Sophie.

"If you want to get it back, you have to fight." Dante said and stood in his fighting position.

"I do not know if that is so good for you." She said, also turning out to fight.

"You are alone and we are four. It is probably not good for you. "Lok said, grinning.

Shauna turned back to her old position and began to laugh. "Pahaha ... Who says that I'm alone?" Suddenly three other people appeared. Wind and a suspect figure they did not know. The third person was Rassimov. He had a nasty smile on his lips, which made the team shivering.

The next moment was so fast. Shauna jumped to Sophie and kicked her in the stomach. She collapsed in pain. Lok was thrown against a wall by the mummed person. Wind took care of Zhalia. It took a while until he brought her to the ground. He twisted her arm, so she slumped to the floor begging. Dante tried to safe himself from Rassimov. He aimed at him with spells again and again, but Dante was able escape over and over again. He jumped to the side and tried to incapacitate Rassimov with a counter-spell. But he missed him again and again. In a little while Rassimov had Dante driven into a corner. "I that's it, Mr. Vale." Rassimov said, laughing. A green ball of pure magic appeared in his hand. Just at the moment when he fired it at Dante, Zhalia jumped in between and repelled it. The bright light hit her eyes. It was so bright that burned. A stabbing pain went through her body. It stunned every muscle. But that was not the worst. The worst thing was her eyes. She would have loved to pull them out, that much they were hurting. The spell goes off. Zhalia fell with a loud scream to the ground.

"ZHALIA" cried Dante and knelt down to her. "Zhalia? Zhalia! Are you okay? "She did not respond. Dante watched Rassimov, but he was already gone. The place where he stood was empty. Dante looked around and noticed that Shauna, wind, and her accomplice were also gone. The cup was gone. He looked back at Zhalia and noticed that she was shaking.

"Thank God you're alive." Dante said with relief and picked her up. Her head fell against his chest.

"Guys, we have to go. Zhalia is injured. "Dante said to Lok and Sophie, who were about to sit up. The both nodded. Dante ran off with Zhalia in his arm. Lok and Sophie were behind him. They ran to the entrance where Montehue, Tersly and Teien stood. The three looked questioningly at Dante when they saw he was carrying Zhalia.

"What happened?" Tersly asked anxiously.

"Zhalia is injured. We need to take her as fast as possible to a hospital of the foundation. "Said Dante.

"Okay." Montehue said, as he looked at the trembling figure in Dante's arms. They ran off.

Dante walked up and down the hallway. The doctors were already two hours engaged with investigating Zhalia. It was hell. Why does it took them so long? What about Zhalia? He began to make himself alligations. The spell was bound to him and not to Zhalia. He was guilty that she now lay in there and maybe fought for her life. Dante was getting more nervous. Suddenly the door opened and the doctors came out - an old bearded man with gray hair and a young woman with brunette hair. Dante looked hopeful at them .

"Can you do this, please? I have to go to another patient." said the old man to the woman and knocked on Dante's shoulder when he went away.

"What? What is wrong with her? "He asked the woman. She smiled.

"Everything's all right. Your wife is doing well. She has two small contusions and bruises, but otherwise everything is good. "

"Thank God!" Dante was relieved.

"She has to stay here tonight but only for supervision. You can take your wife home tomorrow. "

"Can I see her now?"

"Of course. But she sleeps. So please try to be quiet. "

"Yes I will." He said and walked to the door. But then he turned around again. "And another thing, she is not my wife." The doctor smiled. "Excuse me. I just thought she is, because you are so concerned about her. "Then she left. Dante opened the door quietly. It was dark. He cautiously approached the bed, where Zhalia was laying in. He sat on the chair next to the bed and looked at her. She slept with her head tilted towards him. Slowly and gently he stroked her hair.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered.

"It's okay." She said without opening her eyes.

"You're awake?"

"Yes. How am I supposed to sleep when the doctors are babbling to me all the time? "She smiled still the eyes closed.

"Why don't you open your eyes?" Asked Dante.

"They still hurt a little bit and also the doctors told me to not open them yet." Zhalia said but she lied.

"Do you want to sleep?"


"Okey. Then I leave you now. "Dante said and stood up. "I'll come back tomorrow and pick you up." But Zhalia didn't answer. She was asleep. Dante smiled and left.

The next morning Dante went to the hospital to pick up Zhalia. He was relieved to see that nothing bad had happened to her in the fight. He entered the hospital and took the elevator to the second floor. When he came into the hallway to Zhalias room, the two doctors were passing him. They were speaking about a patient. That yesterday everything was fine and that it's awful what happened to her. When they saw Dante, they smiled and greeted him warmly. But when they had passed him, they began to tell about the patient again. Dante stood in front of Zhalia's room door and knocked.

"Come in.", he heard from within. He opened the door and stepped into the room.

"Good morning." He said cheerfully, and went to the bed. Zhalia was still there. The eyes closed.

"Why aren't you ready yet?" He asked and sat on the chair.

"I think it's not a good idea to go home now." answered Zhalia.

"Why? The doctors said that you're fine. "

She did not answer. Why does she had her eyes still closed?

"Zhalia look at me and please tell me why you do not want to come along." But Zhalia wasn't looking to him. What was wrong with her? Dante suddenly reminded of the magic. He was glaring. He had looked away when it met Zhalia, but had she also done that? And if not was it possible that she might...? No that could not be. But that would explain what the two doctors had talked about in the hallway, why Zhalia didn't want to go home and why she had her eyes still closed. Dante shuddered. He took her hand.

"Zhalia, please tell me," he was missing. He noticed a tear running down her cheek.

"Zhalia, I beg you. Please open your eyes. "

She sat down opposite him. She wiped the tears away. The head tilted downward. Dante took on the chin and lifted her head. She slowly opened her eyes. What Dante saw let the blood freeze in his veins. He looked into her empty and lost eyes. It was true. He could not utter a word. Zhalia threw herself to his neck, crying.

With a tearful voice she said: "Oh Dante, I'm blind."

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