Chapter 1

Staring at his face in the sunshade mirror, Kurt glared at his own reflection as he combed some rebel hair down his head. He was in front of Kate's house, one of the Cheerios, where a lot of people seemed to be already having fun, judging by the noise and the music. It was prom night and a very big part of the students of McKinley had planned to keep on enjoying the night at Kate's since her parents were out for the week end. All glee club members were supposed to be here and most of the football team were at another party, so it was supposed to be a really good night without worries of bullying. Kurt didn't attend a lot of parties, except the glee ones of course, because there were always lots of jocks and at the sight of what they did to him at school under the teachers' noses, he couldn't imagine how they could behave when no one was there to check on him. When he was finally satisfied with his reflection, Kurt put his comb back in his hand bag and got out of his car, locking it, and headed towards the house.

When at the door, Kurt knocked, not so sure if someone was going to hear because the music was very loud. However the door opened, revealing an ecstatic Mercedes smiling more than ever, Kurt hugged his best friend who appeared to be kind of drunk and asked her quickly where he should put his jacket. When it was done, he went back to what appeared to be the dancing room for the night, and met Tina who was coming towards him with a glass in her hand. He smiled at her as she gave him the glass, and took a sip just to taste. The content of the glass tasted like vodka orange, but with a lot of vodka. Kurt didn't mind drinking, he had already planned either to sleep over or to sleep in his car if he was too drunk to drive home, his sleeping bag being in his trunk. As he scanned the room to check who was there he noticed some familiar faces, some from glee club, some from the Cheerios, some from school and several people he had never seen. He took several sips from his glass before heading back towards Mercedes to dance on the Lady Gaga song that was played. They danced and sung for about 5min before Kurt went back to the bar to take another of that delicious drink in which he could no more taste the alcohol, he knew that it meant that he was beginning to be drunk, but whatever, he had very few occasions of drinking with all his friends and, after all, he was being responsible. He danced with Mercedes for another hour before she felt sick and tired and went to bed in a room upstairs. Kurt went on dancing with anyone when he felt a hand on his waist moving in the rhythm of the music, he turned his head to check who it was, and saw a handsome guy who appeared to be 19 or 20 dancing graciously, his hands on each side of Kurt's waist. Being drunk and in lack of affection from other men, Kurt was overjoyed at the idea of dancing with this cute guy. They danced a long time, Kurt couldn't really tell how many since it seemed to stretch, then the unknown guy took his hand and led him outside the door.

When he looked around the room, Puck really wondered what he was doing here. Right, it was a party and he really enjoyed parties, but he couldn't drink since his mother was really strict about that after the juvie issue, and he couldn't have a good time with Santana since she obviously was into Britanny now. He was getting really bored so he took his beer and went outside to smoke a cigarette before leaving. He went outside and leaned against the wall searching his pack of cigarettes in his pocket. When he found it he lit up one and looked around to see two boys I the distance. One of them was pressed against the wall and the other boy leaned against the first one kissing him. Puck smiled at the sight of his glee mate finally having fun, because, really, Hummel might be nice, but he had never really seen him having fun. He looked at the other boy to see if he knew him, he had always thought that Mike Chang was gay because of the way he danced, but after several inconspicuous glances he realized that it was not Chang nor anyone he knew. He realized two other things, first, the guy was older than they were, secondly, he seemed much more willing to run his hands on Hummel than Hummel appeared to be towards him. In fact Hummel seemed to move his hands only on the other guy's arms when he went too close to his ass or the waistband of his pants. Puck began to worry for the gay kid but he didn't want to ruin the party so he took a step closer to the couple to see the look on Hummel's face. He seemed lost, like in a daze, but not really in a positive way. Puck began to wonder if he should interfere because right, he was his former brother's best friend and his almost friend since they were both in glee club, same social suicide. But then what if Hummel was really having fun with this guy? And did he really want to take the risk to get into troubles for the gay kid ? Puck didn't have time to solve his dilemma when he saw the bigger guy slowly finding his way in Kurt's pants. He took several steps forward and went to Hummel. "Hey dude, everything's okay ?" He asked genuinely to the apparently drunk kid.

"Who are you ? His boyfriend ?" The other boy asked sharply.

Puck felt taken aback but more by the tone of boy's voice than by the question "What ? No, not at all, I'm very straight, I'm just... just a friend of Kurt's" That was kind of a lie since Hummel was not really his friend but this asshole was not supposed to know that.

"Then why d'you come bothering us like a jealous lover, fuck off !"

Puck looked at the older guy bewildered. It took him a few seconds before realizing how harsh was the way this guy talked to him, he was used to people being afraid of talking to him since he went to juvie and no one talked to him this way except his mother and Santana. "What ? I'm not jealous, I'm just... I have nothing to tell you ! I don't even know who you are, now put your fuckin' hands off my friend otherwise I can really get angry and I don't think you wanna see me angry !"

"Alright. You know what? I'm done here. I let you go with your fuckin boyfriend" Puck vaguely caught a threat gritted between the jerk's teeth, something about the fact that he wasn't done with Kurt. With that, the older boy left in the direction of the street. Puck felt relieved, he had lost some self-confidence for a few seconds but had found it again and made the jerk fuck off. He didn't take the threat towards Hummel seriously, because the jerk might be older than them but physically he had not even half the strength Puck had in his guns.

Kurt still looked lost. He looked at Puck with a poor smile before saying

"Oh Puckerman I am your friend ? What an honor ! Thank you for saving me from the big bad wolf, I think he would've eaten me otherwise. I think I'm tired, I'll go back home. See ya !"

He took a step towards his car when Puck grabbed his shoulder

"There's no way you're driving back home in that state of yours ! 'm gonna find Finn to drive you home."

Kurt didn't fight as Puck led him into the house, Kurt sat down on the floor looking at the ceiling while Puck scanned the room to find Finn who was obviously nowhere to be seen. He thought of calling since the man had told them that they could call him if they needed a ride being drunk at any time, but he couldn't bring himself to do that to Hummel when he thought of the shame the boy would feel in front of on Monday … He finally gave up grabbed Hummel's jacket and handbag, put the kid back on his feet and led him to the car. When he opened the backseats door Hummel jumped in the car and laid down along the three backseats. Puck then, sat on the driver seat and drove off to the Hudmel house. When he arrived in front of the big house he had to face another dilemma. Whether to ring the bell and having to face Burt Hummel who was well-known for being overprotective and looking like a bear and telling him that his son was drunk on the backseats of his Navigator, or leaving Hummel there hoping he would wake up before dawn not to have to face his father. Thinking that he had already done a lot for Hummel tonight, he didn't want to have to deal with an angry father. He got out of the car, searched for something to cover the boy's body and found a sleeping bag in the trunk. He spread it over Kurt, opened one of the passenger window to let a hand space, locked the door and threw the keys on the boy by the window. Puck yawned, gave one last glance at the sleeping boy and walked back home.