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We're all starting out a new day in 8th grade. Actually, it's not a really big deal, because we're all in the same school. But it's a big deal to me, because Hart isn't here.

"Maaadddiiee," Aimee twirls on the sidewalk and sighs, "Aren't you listening? Fiona just got free passes to the movie we all wanted to see!"

"Hey, you okay?" Fiona asks, patting my shoulder.

"Oh, wait. Hart. Right?" says Aim.

"How did you guess?" I grumble and shrug my shoulders.

It's definitely going to be hard. Like, harder than hard. Wish Phin was here. And I wish he was here.

I know my BFFs are always going to be there for me, and there are all the other guy friends who got my back. And there's always e-mail and chat and phones. But France is a long way off. And this is Hart Jones; practically the love of my school life! How could I get on without him?

"Look, Maddie, trust me. It'll be okay, I promise. And we're all here for you." Aimee pulled us into a group hug and we continued walking.

It didn't take too long before we reached school. *cringe* School. It wasn't going to be easy to get by the first day, and the next, and the next, and the next. Especially with Poison Ivy around. Did she already know that Hart was gone?

"Where's Hart?" she asked her drones as they brushed past us.

Evidently not.

1 MONTH LATER (which is now.)

"Maddie, Maddie, Maddie," Aimee says, "You wanna come to my house after school today? The whole gang's coming."

I've survived 1 month, but I'm still thinking about Hart.

"Okay, sounds great!" I say as we walk over to Science class. And I'm stuck sharing tables with Miss Poison Ivy. She's in there, doing up her make-up and flicking her hair. The moment she sees me, she turns her head behind her and whispers to Phony Joanie, her evil posse-member. Urgh. They both giggle just as I sit down and Mr Danehy comes in.

"Class, today we're going to have a pop quiz."

The whole class groans, but I hear an exceptionally loud groan coming from my right.

Yes, Ivy is groaning and checking out her nails at the same time.

"Whatever, right, Madison? Anyway, I can always copy your test," she snarls as I look at her in disgust. I wish Ivy would just get a life... If Hart was here, he'd shoo her away, but there wasn't anything I could do about her now.

The tests are given out, and I check out the questions. Nothing I can't do. However, dear Miss Poison Ivy is clueless about all the questions. What a fake! I angle my body in a way that she can't copy my answers, grin to myself, and start writing down each answer. Soon, the papers are collected back, and Ivy hisses at me in envy as we walk out of the class.

We're at Aimee's house now, and all of us are in the living room, watching a some cheesy romantic movie special, and Mrs Gillespie's brought out this tray of steaming hot chocolate mugs. Everyone's laughing and chatting, and I'm trying to forget about him, and enjoy myself like everyone is, but I can't bring myself to actually look up and notice that everyone's winking and whispering to each other.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rings, and Aimee goes to answer it with a smothered giggle. I'm sitting next to Fiona, and I ask her what on earth is happening, and she shrugs with a gleam in her eyes.

Then the door opens.





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