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Summary: Dimitri lives with his sister, Viktoria, and his mother for a few months while the rest of his family is away. Then somebody turns up. And changes his life forever.

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P.S. Dimitri is a history teacher in this story.

"Dimitri! Up! Now!"

Dimitri rolled his eyes and scraped the last of the foamy substance off his chin. He patted his face dry and poked his head out the door, promptly shouting back,

"I know! I'm up!"

"Well get down here! Your sister needs to get to school. And so do you!"

Dimitri moved back into the disarray of his messy room and slid his bag across his chest. He did a quick once over of the room, carefully checking he hadn't missed anything, then backed out of the room and ran down the stairs.

"Earthquake, earthquake! Heard your thunder thighs all the way from China," Viktoria muttered around her mouth of cereal. She sat, bleary eyed and grumpy at the old kitchen table surrounded by plates of eggs and bacon, bowls of porridge and oatmeal, stacks upon stacks of waffles and pancakes and tureens of juicy strawberries and butter and crystallized honey. The curtains at the kitchen window were thrown open, allowing the lazy morning sun to burst forth and illuminate the morning feast, courtesy of his absent mother.

His sister had set up a textbook against the milk jug and was clearly engrossed in it, shoving food through the corner of her mouth whenever she got the chance.

"And good morning to you too," Dimitri replied sourly, kissing her purposefully and messily over the head as he moved past her, managing to throw her elbow into the bowl of butter as a bonus. She hit him away with an annoyed look, pressing down the hair that had obviously taken her hours to preen.

"Hey! Do you know how long it took to get it like this?" Viktoria yelled. Dimitri languidly poured his cup of coffee from the machine and swivelled around against the kitchen top.

With a dazed and confused look he replied, "Nope. Don't know and don't care."

Viktoria muttered something that probably would have scored her a grounding if Olena had heard, grabbed the nutella container sitting next to her, and chucked it as hard as she possibly could at her grinning brother in a blind moment of rage.

Her brother's well-practiced hand swiftly turned up and caught the twirling container with ease. His tired face lit up with an amused smile. Viktoria made an impatient noise and his grin grew even more pronounced.

"Dimitri, stop annoying your sister," Olena muttered when she padded into the kitchen, her arms laden with dirty laundry and socks.

Dimitri promptly spit out the coffee and Viktoria's face split into a beatific smile.

"But-I-It wasn't me. How do you know it was me?" Dimitri spluttered, mopping up the coffee with a tissue. Viktoria was laughing now, a wicked and malevolent laugh that poked at her brother's anger.

Olena shook her head, muttered something about kids, and threw the pile into one of the chairs, shuffling over to the kitchen top to finish making a sandwich.

With his mother's back turned he mouthed to his sister with a quick swipe across his neck, "You're gonna get yours."

In response, she made an ugly look and poked her tongue out at him.

"Okay," Olena suddenly announced, turning around so both her children could hear her. They both looked oddly flustered, like they had been doing something a few seconds ago and had hastily just wiped whatever it was off their faces. She dismissed it with an odd look, and then turned back to what she was going to say.

"Now. We're going to be having a new guest at our house for the next few weeks or so. A young lady whose mother I used to be old friends with. Her mother contacted me a few days ago and would like us to take her in for a couple of weeks and I have complied. With your sisters and grandmother overseas for another 2 months or so, the house is pretty empty. So I accepted." She paused and shot looks at both of her children.

"So that means, no fighting. No swearing. No physical or verbal fighting of any kind from this moment on. From both of you." She narrowed her eyes and both her children shrank under her gaze. "I expect both of you guys to treat her with respect and love. Take care of her. She's our responsibility now."

"Do I have both your words?" Olena enquired, her eyes still on her children. They both nodded quickly.

"Good." Olena smiled and ruffled Dimitri's hair as he leaned against the table top near her. "I know you're both good kids. Just a little naughty when you're both in the same room." She sighed and turned back to the sandwich.

Dimitri moved away from the counter top with his steaming coffee in hand and slid into the seat next to Viktoria.

"You heard of this before today?" Viktoria looked up from her book with a mean look. "I'm sorry, are we bonding now?"

Dimitri rolled his eyes and hit her lightly on the arm. "Shut up. I'm being serious."

Viktoria turned and moved her hand past his arm toward the plate of bacon and eggs. "Me too," Viktoria whispered back. She picked up a slice of bacon and nibbled on the edge of the rind. Slowly.

"Hey! Dead of the night! Any moment now?"

"Maybe." Dimitri poked her side impatiently. She knew something.

"Cough up." She neither moved nor flicked her eyes up to acknowledge his comment. "Fine, I'll do your kitchen duty tonight."

She slowly turned her head around and put the food down, licking her greasy fingers. "Lunch as well?"

Dimitri nodded grudgingly and urged her to go on.

"Fine. I did happen to hear something," Viktoria announced with an annoying superior tone to her words. She smiled good naturedly a few seconds later. "I know she requested to use the garage. For some sort of workshop or something. That's all I know." She raised her hands in surrender and scooped up a spoonful of cereal.

Dimitri leaned back and mulled over that. Workshop? What did that mean? "You serious?"

"No, I'm joking," Viktoria replied sarcastically with a bite. "Jeez. Why do you want to know so badly? If she's a girl? If she's legal? If she'd do it with you? What colour eyes does she have? Is she too short? Because you know I hate that."

Dimitri let out a faint huff.

"And anyway, I'm not fuelling your sex addicted ass with more ammunition if I can help it. So you can keep it in your pants, in your trunk, or wherever the hell it is you keep it."

Dimitri looked shocked by his sister's admission and whispered slowly, "How old are you?"

"18 and legal, Gen X. Nice of you to notice." She made a peace sign in his face. "Okay, really, who cares? She'll come. We'll say hi. Smile. Become friends. You can hit on her. You can pay me to cover for you etc."

"I am not going to hit on her!"

Viktoria snorted and coughed around her cereal. "Yeah…like you don't hit on everything around here in a 12 mile radius with breasts and great legs. Damn. I'd tap that. I'm in love with her! Dang! Did you see her? Today starts Dimitri gets-laid-holiday weekend!"

Dimitri looked outraged. "Okay, number one, I never said that. Two, I don't sound like that. Three, I have never in my life said anything about tapping anything! Fourth, Dimitri gets-laid holiday weekends ended 10 years ago…unfortunately….and fifth I know exactly what will happen when I fall in love and I can tell you, it hasn't happened."

"And what's that?" Viktoria said as she grabbed a strawberry from the bowl.

"I don't know." He paused enigmatically. "Something will just…happen," Dimitri said in a whisper, a dumb, dazed look plastered across his face. Viktoria was so amused she wanted to hammer him just for the fun of it.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Really? The world will tumble. Volcanoes will erupt. The sun will become brighter. Violins will play," Viktoria mocked in a sceptical voice.

Dimitri hit her lightly on the back of her head. "Shut up. At least I know. The closest you've ever come is Kenny Oswald from 2nd grade." He paused with a sad, reminiscent sort of look on his face, his fingertips tracing the edge of the honey bowl. "Until you found out he didn't exactly bat for my team."

With a thanks-for-that look, Viktoria scraped her chair back and carried her empty bowl over to the sink, striking up a conversation with his mother standing at the table top. Dimitri grabbed a piece of toast and scarfed it down in two. This was certainly the first he'd heard of this.

"Now. Viktoria, listen to your brother," Olena yelled up the stairs to Viktoria. "And make sure you come home from Elena's as soon as you've finished studying. No sticking around to play." She paused with a stern look. "Not today at least."

Dimitri shrugged on his coat and slid his bag back into place. "Now you take care of her okay? I know you will no matter what, but still," Olena told Dimitri as Viktoria tore down the stairs to meet them. "Don't stay at school for long. Come home as soon as your lessons are over. You can plan your lessons at home Mr History Teacher."

He swept down and kissed her on both cheeks with a smile; a silent promise. The mad glint in his eyes however, didn't promise as much.

He leaned down and pinched Viktoria's already reddened cheeks. "Don't I always take care of my baby sister?"

"Off!" Viktoria cried with a dirty look, struggling to put both arms through her backpack. She shoved him out of the way and kissed her mother on the cheek.

"Ew! What is that?" Viktoria pulled back with a face. Dimitri grinned.

"Ew!" Viktoria squealed. That's-That's just...mom, go wash your face. You'll smell like a sweaty ball-sacked sex addict if you don't for the rest of the day," Viktoria added maliciously.


"Viktoria!" The second one had been Dimitri, in a high-pitched shocked voice, and a stunned slap to the mouth.

"That's enough. Both of you. Go. Now."

With a whole string of hurried love you's from both Dimitri and Viktoria, they slowly trudged down to the gates to climb onto his bike, their mother's eyes still on their backs.

"Truce?" Dimitri tried, starting the bike up and offering his sister a helmet.

She smiled and grabbed the helmet. "Whatever."

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