Author's Note!

Whoa! I know you guys all probably hate me. I do too.

I just left this story high and dry, without any explanations whatsoever. I know. I'm a horrible person.

If there are still people interested in this story, then this message is for you!

I'm going to start writing again, finally! I just completed my senior year of high school with my last exam yesterday. I am no longer a school student with a school uniform attending a high school. I feel so old. I stopped writing because I got into my senior year and because of my exams. They determine my tertiary education, so I was determined to get a good mark. This meant cutting off all the things I love including THIS.

But the good news is that I have 4 months of holidays now that I have graduated! So much time meaning a lot of time to get some writing done.

I'll be rewriting previous chapters though, so things may change a little. I apologise for that. But since I left this so long ago, I'm sure you'd have to reread it anyway. I'll get started as soon as I get my laptop back which should be very soon. I'll also be posting some other stuff. Maybe some one-shots of a story that extends for a few chapters.

Again, I apologise. I really do. I should have at least explained before I stopped. Hope you can forgive me.