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Story start

Moving to New York City was never in the plans for my family, but my family leaving me here on my own to live and then they go on a trip around the world was definitely not planned at all. Now living in New York City at the age of eighteen can work, but after living in the country all my life and thrown into the city alone was not a fun experience at first.

My parents were kind enough to stay in the city until they found a place for me to stay with one of dad's old friends that lived here. He seemed like a nice old man and he owned a fun pizzeria, which he said I would be working in to help pay for my stay. After everything was settled about where I would stay and that I had a job, my parents were on the first flight out of the country.

Mr. Howell was the old man that took me into his house and gave me a job at his pizzeria. The first few days living with him were extremely awkward. Living with a total stranger and especially someone a lot older than you is definitely a strange experience. Mr. Howell was nice though and understanding. He was strict though when it came to going to work, which was not a problem. I did not want to do anything that would anger the person that was being so kind to me.

Working at the pizzeria took a few days for me to get used to working there and all of the people. The other workers made me laugh and made working there fun, but the place was swarmed with people during lunch and after work. The nightlife in the city especially loved to visit Mr. Howell's pizzeria.

I was a bus boy in the restaurant, but Mr. Howell was beginning to show me how to make the pizzas before and after work. He was shorthanded on good chefs to make the pizza so he was teaching me. Safe to say that I ended up covered in dough more than I like to remember when I tried to spin the dough in the air.

After working there a few weeks, I finally had down the way to throw the pizza dough in the air and then learned how to add the correct amount of tomato sauce and cheese. The toppings were the easiest part to learn thankfully.

It was another busy night at the pizzeria with me in the back with the other chef while Mr. Howell and the other workers manned the front of the restaurant and dealt with the customers. "Dawn, Mr. Howell wants you," one of the bus boys said as he poked his head into the kitchen.

"Alright, I'll be right there," I said with a tired smile before I wiped some flour off my cheek and away from my dark green eyes. I made sure the other chef had the pizzas and I headed out of the kitchen and made my way to Mr. Howell, who was standing by the main phone up front where we received phoned orders.

"Dawn, I need you to make a large pepperoni and deliver it to this address," Mr. Howell said quickly before he answered the phone again to take down another order.

"Wait, what about the kitchen?" I asked as I saw how busy we were and knew that the other chef would not enjoy being left alone to make so many pizzas.

"It'll be fine, just make that pizza quickly and then go deliver it to that address. Make it as quickly as possible this order always holds to the policy of you can't be late," Mr. Howell said before I rushed into the kitchen. A yelp left me when as soon as I entered a pizza box was shoved into my hands.

"Just get there on time and hurry back here," the other chef, Michael, said with a small smile before he turned back to deal with another pizza.

"Thanks," I yelled before rushing out of the kitchen. I grabbed some keys to my delivery scooter that Mr. Howell let the delivery people use. I had ridden on them a few times, but this was my first time actually delivering a pizza. I put the pizza in the delivery bag that was attached to the scooter.

"Don't be late," Mr. Howell yelled at me before I put the helmet over my dark brown hair and I took off on the scooter down the road. The address replaying over and over in my head. I did not want to get lost. Thankfully, some of the delivery boys had told me an easy way to get around the city to deliver pizza, but that was after an embarrassing pizza-eating contest. Those guys do not do anything nice for free. They challenged me to a pizza-eating contest and if I won then they would tell me their secrets of the city streets. I won the contest and I learned the secrets, but I was so sick at my stomach after eating that many pieces of pizza.

"This way," I thought as I turned down the road and pushed the contest from my mind. The apartment complex that I would be delivering to was right in front of me at the end of the street. I hurried towards it and stopped the scooter in the area acceptable for delivery people to stop. I cut off the scooter and took out the keys before I grabbed the pizza and rushed inside the apartment complex.

The doorman downstairs just gave me a nod before I stepped over to the elevator, but it was taking forever. The apartment was just on the fourth floor, which was not too bad so I took off towards the stairs. I checked my watch and sighed in relief when I saw I had six more minutes to deliver the pizza. I ran up the stairs to the fourth floor and then rushed to find the correct apartment.

A relieved smile crossed my face as I knocked on the door and said, "Pizza delivery for Ms. O'Neil." My smile slowly disappeared though when I heard a curse and what sounded like a few people running around in the room.

"One minute," a female voice called out before I stood outside the door for another minute and I looked at my watch. The one minute left remaining for the delivery to be on time was when Ms. O'Neil opened the door. She looked a little frazzled and her smile seemed a little tight.

"Right on time, here is the money," she said before she went to put some money in my hand, but my hands were still full because of the pizza box. "Oh right, just put it over there please," she said and I nodded before stepping into the nice apartment. I tried not to let my eyes wander, but my eyes froze onto two sai.

"Do you collect or do you know how to use them?" I asked Ms. O'Neil after placing the pizza box onto the kitchen island before I pointed to the sai sitting on a little table near the kitchen area. Ms. O'Neil was confused before her eyes widened and she quickly ran over and grabbed the two sai. She made me jump with how nervous she was acting.

"Well I just bought them recently and I thought I might try my luck with them," she said and went to move a certain way, but I quickly took them from her.

"Careful, you were about to hurt yourself," I said before placing the sai down on the table and checking her hands. "Sorry, didn't mean to grab them like that, but you really were about to hurt yourself. I think you should just collect them to be on the safe side," I said and she gave a small laugh, which still seemed a little tense.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you upset or anything, just didn't want you to get hurt. Well anyways, thanks for being my first delivery ever and I hope you enjoy the pizza," I said with a smile and a small wave before I went to head out of the room. I could have sworn that I felt more eyes on me than just Ms. O'Neil's but I just ignored the feeling.

"Wait, what's your name?" she asked me and I turned around with a curious look.

"Dawn, nice to meet you, well time to get back to work, hope you order again," I said with another smile and wave before I made my way back outside and to the scooter. The drive back to work was over too quickly. I was soon thrown back into the chaos caused by the night goers of the city as I was rushed back into the kitchen to fix more pizza.