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Legacy of the Aburame

ch 16


Ino leaned back in the hot water, her towel rubbing her nipples as she relaxed. Her eyes were closed, but she could hear her bath-mates. Hinata-chan was to her left, her breathing was shallow, but quick. To her right, Tenten, the top female in last years class. To Hinata-chan's left there was the only real adult, Yūhi Kurenai. Sakura-chan should have been here, but she left a few days before on a C rank mission.

With Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun. Ino frowned. She had felt the prick of jealousy that her friend was spending in-depth time with the boy of her interest. But she was over the Emo Elite...wasn't she?

Hinata-chan muttered something about stiff muscles, and Tenten made a comment about a certain blond working the stiffness out. Both Ino and Hinata blushed. Both caught sight of the others redness and knew it had nothing to do with the heat of the water.

Ino's eyes flashed green.

Now she knew that her spike of jealousy over Sasuke-kun was not was over Naruto-kun.

After putting Kakashi-sensei to bed for the night, Naruto-kun laid the sword next to him. Sasuke-kun frowned at the boy. "And if I wanted to claim that sword?"

Naruto snorted. "It is the wrong style for you." he turned to the rookie of the year. "Your whole combat style is based on speed over power. A tachi style blade would best for you, it not a chokuto. The whole idea of the interceptor style is to know what your enemy is going to do, and be there to stop it. When your eye blooms, you will understand."

"How do you know so much about my eyes?" the dark haired boy hissed.

"I carry one who has suffered under that eye, and one has called for the destruction of that eye. I am being trained to fight the gifts of the eye, so I can kill the bearers of the eye." Naruto turned to his oldest friend and rival. "As long as you walk in the light, and serve the Village, you are safe, but that allows two others that I need to train to kill. One killed your father, the other killed our mothers."

"Our Mothers?" Sasuke frowned.

"Long story. The reason I know anything, I broke into the ANBU records room a few weeks ago, or rather a few of my clones did." Naruto opened the door, looking at the sleeping jonin before turning his sea blue eyes to Sasuke. "Lets go eat dinner, then I got something to show you and your team."

At the table a child about the age of Konohamaru threw a fit, yelling about how they were all going to die. Naruto looked him straight in the eye. "You are correct. We will die. It is our job to die, so that your grandfather, your mother, and you, can live another day. It is also our job to kill the asshole that is killing this town."

"I was told nothing about any killing?" Sakura looked panicked. "Or anything about dieing."

"You agreed to those terms when you took this piece of tin," Naruto tapped his Hitai-ate, "We agreed to kill and die for the Village. The Village asked us to do the same for this town, and for this family, when we were offered the contract for this mission."

"When did you know this?" Tobio asked as he sipped his broth.

Naruto looked at his fellow genin, "About two years ago, Hokage-Jiji, Ibiki-sama, and Iruka-sensei sat me down and we talked about the ethics of Ninja and Hidden Villages." He slurped down his bowl of noodles and broth, his third.

The shocked look on the boy's face before he ran from the room, brought a scowl to Naruto's face. He stood, looking to Tsunami, "If I get the things for a Udon stew, Can you have it ready for dinner tomorrow?" at her nod he grinned his real smile, before following the boy out.

The boy was sitting on the deck shelf over looking the river below. Naruto dropped into the spot beside him. For about five minutes they just sat in silence. Finally Naruto spoke. "So you lost someone?"

Then the boy, Inari, told him the story of his step-father.

When he finished, Naruto was quiet for a minute. "My mother died the day I was born. My father died protecting the Village. Uchiha lost his entire clan in one night. We chose this work, we chose this way of life. You did not. Your Step-father chose what he did, he chose to oppose Gato. Gato stepped on him. When you step on a beetle, there is nothing the beetle can do." he grinned, "When you step on a wasp, you deal with the hive." he looked to the setting sun, "I plan on going in to town to gather items needed for a Udon stew. I could use a guide. If any of Gato's men give us any issue, we will see which hive is stronger, mine or Gato's" his grin was bloodthirsty.

While Inari led Naruto about town, whispers spread like wild fire.

Here was a blond kid, spending money, buying things, dressed in high quality clothes. He had just bought five pounds of shell fish, when six of Gato's thugs surrounded him.

"Hey kid," the one with the biggest sword on his back drawled, "Why don't you just give us that little froggy." he thrust his chin at 'Gama-Chan'.

Naruto tucked the frog wallet into his coat. "No one touches Gama-Chan." he flexed his gloved hands. "Walk away, and no one dies."

"Big talk." a small guy asks from behind the blond. He was walking a twined pair of daggers over his knuckles. "who are you, so we can keep track."

the blond grinned, "Uzumaki Naruto no Aburame."

The daggers dropped and the little guy backed off. "No one said anything about messing with Clan Ninja."

"Ninja? Clan or not, he is just a kid." big sword just snorted.

Two more just lunged at the blond, who just flowed around their hands before returning to striking them in the gut. As they dropped to the ground screaming, the small guy fled from the area. Naruto dove under 'big swords' legs and roll to his feet behind the guy. In a move that looked like he threw something, he targeted the last two guys standing, before turning to 'Big sword'

"And now you five are dead." Naruto spoke in a calm voice, with a trace of regret. "I would not worry about the little guy, he will die...after he leads me to Gato." he straightened his sleeves. The two backing the goon with the big sword fell to the ground screaming. "You will die like them, die screaming. But before you go, I want you to tell me about Zabuza, and that hunter ninja of his."

"That little bitch? She is loyal only to the Demon of the Mist, and is a true ice cold killer." he scratched at his leg.

"So, she would not have truly killed him?" Naruto tucked his thumbs into his belt. "that is what we thought. But the senbon needles to the neck..."

"Yeah she is good with them things, she could pin a fly to the wall from over sixty feet away." he scratched under his arm, before he froze up. Then he crumpled to the ground.

"Why did he not scream?" Inari poked the now dead man with a toe.

"The hive-host has asked us to work on a silent death..." Naruto shook his head, "I hate it when that happens, those damn queens sure are chatty." a quick rat sign and four clones popped in being. The five of them quickly stripped the bodies of anything of interest, then the four clones hauled the bodies out of town, to rot in the forest, after the colony had gorged itself on the soft tissues. He would have to deal with the core of the colony for the next few days, but he was looking forward to not having the colony for a few days. To see what he could without them...for a bit.

Collecting their weapons, he turned to the seller of booze, "and three bottles of saki. If anyone asks about me, tell em, Uzumaki Naruto no Aburame will see them at the bridge in the morning." he over paid for the saki, but the seller needed the coin more then the boy needed the saki...

as the two of them lumbered into the kitchen, Naruto carrying his burden of toys, while Inari was carrying the Udon and saki supplies.

"Sasuke, Tobio, come look at what Gato's boys gave us." Naruto called out as he dropped his bundle on the table. Team Seven wondered in and looked over everything. Sasake took the big sword but looking it over, sees how it is wrong for his style, and so dropped it back on the table. Sakura took the twin daggers as the Uchiha took a mismatched pair of short-swords.

"Where did you get these?" Tobio picked up the big sword.

"A gang of goons in town. They went after 'Gama-Chan'." Naruto stroked a pocket. The kids of Team Seven nodded as they remembered what happened to Kakashi when he thought it would be funny to grab the frog pouch and run. What the blond did to his little orange book collection in retaliation... was painful just to watch.

Turning to the old man, "In the morning, I will be walking you to the bridge." Naruto spoke tiredly, "I will be leaving a clone to show the other genin a trick to improve their chakra control. Kakashi will stay here to rest up and watch the house. I will even help with the bridge."

Zabuza groaned as he sat up, looking around.

Haku sat in the corner, walking a senbon across her knuckles. Her hair was pulled back and up into a tail.

"Did you have to kill me like that...again?" he hissed.

She grunted.

He rubbed his neck where the needles had lodged. "Where is Kubikiribōchō?"

"The Tree-huggers got her. The Blond did something, and when you grabbed what you thought was your prized blade, it turned out to be the Blond. He kicked you in the face and then did a cartwheel out of your reach. The Red-eye broke free when your focus shifted. He then used his eye to match you in a Water Dragon duel, and you were thrown off the water. Off the water, and you were fair game to the genin as well as the Red-eye."

"What is this?" Gato strutted into the room. "My greatly feared Ninja is sitting in bed, whining about a bunch of kiddies." he reached out to poke the Kiri Jonin, only to have his wrist held in an icy firm grip.

"Haku, release him. I failed in my first interaction with the leaf ninja." the Jonin put his feet on the floor. "He has not crossed the line. He is allowed to belittle me when I fail."

"But to touch you..." her voice hissed from her now present mask.

"Ignore for now." the steel in Zabuza's voice was iron to her ice.

She released Gato's arm, and he ran his hand over her hip, leering as his hand roamed. A sicking snap fallowed by the small man falling to the floor screaming. "Now he has." Zabuza could hear the smile in her voice.

"Now, set his arm." Zabuza grinned behind his face wrap.

Gato screamed again as the hunter nin set and wrapped his twisted limb. When he could speak, he squeaked at his bodyguards, "Why did you not stop them?"

His right-hand man snorted, "She only broke your wrist. She would have killed us. Besides we were warned not to touch."

Zabuza stretched and turned to Haku. "How long until I am back to fighting trim?"

"Five maybe Seven days." the hunter nin spoke in her chilly tones. "I will need fresh herbs for your medicine, you need to rest." she cocked her head to the side, "I think 'Red-Eye' was suffering chakra exhaustion, when I grabbed you and jumped."

"So, he too will be recovering." Zabuza dropped back to his pallet.

Just then a small man stumbled into the room. Dropping to his knees, he panted, "Ninja kid... clan brat … in the village … killed five of us."

Zabuza leaned towards the guy. "What was he wearing."

"Orange. Called himself … Uzumaki Naruto no Aburame."

"Why such a stupid man?" Gato asked from where he had drug his sorry ass.

"That was the blond genin that swiped Kubikiribōchō." Haku spoke.

"I think his funny name is way of saying he is adopted by the clan." Zabuza rubbed his face. "The only way to be adopted into the Aburame clan is..."

the small man screamed as he grabbed the back of his neck...

Haku snapped her left hand out... a senbon sprouted from the wall next to Gato's head.