So I decided I would make this more a series of one-shots more than an actual story. That way the focus can be mainly on Caroline/Tyler and how they grow together.

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I paced backwards and forwards on my porch trying to work up the courage to go inside.

You can do this, I tell myself. I mean how bad could it be?

A vision of my mum with a stake waiting for me is vividly in my mind and I stumble back a few steps.

Oh my god.

I can't do this.

I feel my resolve start to break.

My mom wants to kill me. My mom hates me!

I start to hyperventilate and slide down the wall, putting my head on my knees.

I should have just stayed with Tyler; he at least accepts me for who I am. He doesn't shun me because I'm different or because it's too hard to deal with it all.

Maybe he'll let me stay the night?

I snap my head up. Whoa. Where the hell did that come from?

It wasn't like he was my boyfriend or anything, we just kissed a couple times and we were close because of our supernatural freakiness.

I mean it's Tyler Lockwood, I don't think he can even comprehend the word; girlfriend.

I growl at myself.

That's the second time I've used that word. Why should I even care if he wants a girlfriend? Why am I even thinking about Tyler Lockwood like I have my own claim to him.

I shake my head to try to remove the thoughts and stand in front of the door, my hand poised on the door knob.

You can do this. This is your mother. You have nothing to be afraid of.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

I bolt at the first sound of my mom's voice, I run flat out away, my heart in my throat until when I finally slow down I've found myself right back at Tyler's house.

I smacked myself in the head.

What is wrong with me tonight?

I should go.

I linger even though I shouldn't and stare up at Tyler's bedroom, the setting sun streaming it's last rays of light on his balcony.

Get it together Forbes, you have just crossed into stalker territory. How could anyone like you when you don't even like you right now.

A hysterical giggle forces itself out of my lips.

Now I was talking to myself. God it's like my patheticness just keeps increasing.

I take a deep breath and force myself to calm down.

If I can't go home, I'll go see Elena again. Not that she's got any shortage in the support group area but what's one more annoyingly caring person?

One more deep breath.

Ok. To Elena's I go.

I've only take three steps when I hear it.


I freeze.

Damn! How did he know I was here? Has he called the cops? Do I show myself? Why can't I move?

"Caroline I know you're there, come out where I can see you."

I sigh. Busted.

May as well show myself.

I move out of the shadows, forcing a false bravado.

"If you couldn't see me, then how did you know it was me?"

He smirks and taps his nose. "I can smell you."

"Ew! You smelt me! That's so creep!"

He chuckles softly and I find my mouth moving of it's own accord.

"Do I smell bad?"

"Surprisingly no. There's the unmistakable scent of Vampire but then you, I can always tell it's you. Smells like spring."

I don't even know why but I find myself blushing.

"That's a good thing right?"

He moves down the steps so we're standing directly in front of each other.

"It's a great thing."

"Tyler, you don't want a girlfriend right?"

He blinks at me like I've just told him the Earth is flat.

I feel myself about to hyperventilate again.

Oh my god. Did I just ask that?

What is wrong with me tonight!

"That's a strange question to ask," he says slowly.

I flush. "Oh I was just trying to catch you off guard and see? It worked!"

I giggle nervously. "Anyway, I just came back to see if you were alright with everything and look? Here you are looking great so I'm just going to go before I swallow this foot in my mouth whole."

He grabs my arm before I can run away and just stares at me.

"You are the strangest girl Caroline Forbes."

I sigh deeply. Don't I know it.

"I like it," he says with a half smile.

I shouldn't feel as thrilled as I do when he says that.

I clap my hands and start to back away again. "Awesome, I mean thanks. Well, I think I'll go see Elena again."

He doesn't remove his hand from my wrist. "Do you mind if I come? I like it better when I'm not alone."

I soften and feel the awkwardness slowly disappear. "Of course you can."

He looks away shyly which is definitely not like him.

Enough. I think to myself.

Enough of this weirdness between us. I'm going to go crazy really fast if this keeps up.

Time to try and lighten the mood.

My face brightens and I shrug out of his grasp.

"Race you?"

He looks up his face pulled into a competitive smirk. "I hope you're not a sore loser Forbes."

"I wouldn't know," I quip. "I never lose."

"We'll see about that. On three, one… two…"

I jump into action and speed off before he can even get to three, laughing loudly as the wind whips through my hair.

"You cheated!" I hear him yell at me. "I'm going to get you for this Forbes!"

I laugh even louder and spread my arms out. Relishing in the moment of freedom and peace.

Praying that maybe for tonight everything can be ok.