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Chapter 1


Jake's POV

Three hundred eighty-four, that's how many cracks on the ceiling I counted before I got bored and gave up. I laid here in this stupid ass bed in theses stupid ass braces and counted three hundred eighty-four stupid ass cracks in the ceiling and she still hasn't shown up yet.

I'm going out of my mind with worry and impatience cause of this girl. I bang my fists against the mattress and lay my head back and close my eyes. That kiss, everything I've been through this past year was worth that kiss. She fought me at first but I swear her body melted once she gave in. There's no way her stupid bloodsucker could make her feel like that. Well, not without giving her freezer burn. I could just see that sparkly motherfucker now. He'll have heard in the packs mind what happened and be fuming with jealousy right now. I hope he doesn't scare Bella too badly. I want her to finally see him for the monster he is but I don't want her to be upset when she comes to me. I'm counting on his reaction. I'm counting on the ultimatum he'll give her. She's already proven that she can't live without me. She may have had trouble living without him before but I fixed that. And now that she knows she loves me, she won't let me go. She'll make the right decision.

"But what if she doesn't? What if she doesn't pick you," a small voice that sounds strangely like my dad pops into my thoughts. "She has to pick me. It's different now. She knows she loves me for sure now. No more confusion or second guesses. She knows. The kiss proved that." Billy voice answers back, "It was just a kiss, Jake. It didn't prove anything. What comes next will prove how she feels for you." I think it over and realize that he has a point. Jesus, even my subconsciene father is smarter than me. Something's not right about that. "Shut up. She loves me. I know she does. She has to." "Why does she have to, Jake? You don't even know if she's the right one for you." Okay so maybe Billy voice isn't so smart. It's so freaking obvious why she has to. "She has to because I love her; she is the right one for me. I know it." I respond. Billy voice gives a gruff laugh, "you don't even know what love is. You thought you loved Leah Clearwater up until a year ago, remember? How is your obsession with Bella any different from the one you had for Leah?" I roll my eyes. I'm getting way into this conversation with myself. Bella needs to hurry the hell up already.

"Ugh, Leah is a crazy bitch and its fault I'm stuck in this bed, high as a kite from all of these painkillers Carlisle gave me. Trust me; if I wasn't stoned I wouldn't be having this argument with you, a figment of my imagination. Why the hell do you sound like Billy anyway?" Billy voice sighs, "Not important, son, what's important is whether or not Bella Swan is the right girl for you. You're the chief's son. I'm tired of you running around chasing a girl who's in live with a vamp." "She won't be chasing him for much longer pops, because I have a good feeling that pretty soon she'll be mine."

"Who'll be yours?" The feminine voice calls from my doorway. My eyes fall open and I sit up in bed so fast I bang my head against the wall. "Ah, fuck me," I shout when I hit a bruise. "Not a chance," Leah Clearwater states through a mouthful of chips. "So who'll be yours? You better bot have been talking about me, Kid." She strolls over and tosses herself on the bed, jostling my leg and making me wince. "Like I would ever want you, Clearwater." I sigh and roll my eyes. I silently pray to god that I wasn't talking to myself out loud this whole time. If she heard that I had a crush on her until recently I'd have to strangle her. Shit was embarrassing. Instead of getting pissed at my comment, she just stretches out on my bed like a cat and smirks.

It's a damn lie by the way. Leah may be a bitch but she's still beautiful. Most of the pack wouldn't mind giving her a go. I just stare at her smooth copper skin, jet black thick hair, hazel almond shaped eyes, and perfect heart shaped mouth. She was physical perfection; well she would have been if she wasn't stuffing her face with my chips like some starving psychopath. She must have noticed the look of disgust on my face when she finally came up for air. She just wipes her mouth on her forearm and sends me her special sneer # 4. I don't have time for this. Bella should be here anytime now and I don't need Leah around when she shows up.

"You're welcome. Now get out." I close my eyes and lay back down against my pillow. "I'm welcome for what? I hope you don't think I'm going to thank you for these chips. Their stale and gross as shit, Jake. You and Billy need to go grocery shopping, like pronto." She said with crumbs falling out of her mouth while she crossed her legs to sit Indian style, managing to take up even more space on my bed. I swear if Leah wasn't so nice to look at I would forget she was a damn girl.

Thoroughly frustrated now, I grabbed her arm to try and shove her off the bed. "No, dumbass. I know you're here to thank me for saving your miserable life, so thank you accepted. Now get the fuck out." My shove only made Leah move up closer to me on the bed to stop herself from falling off. She was now kneeling beside my midriff, glaring down at me, the bag of chips lying forgotten on my chest.

"Actually I came to yell at you for playing hero, you great big oaf. I had that vamp just where I wanted him and then you showed up and ruined it. I know you have a thing for damsels in distress but I'm not one of them. So next time just stay the hell outta my way." I. saw. Red! "Listen, Leah, you weren't handling shit. If I hadn't stepped in that vampire would have easily handed you your ass. He would have killed you. Or is that what you wanted? You're so bitter and desperate you probably wanted him to end you just to get away from your pathetic excuse for an existence." I was so angry I had sat up as far as I could and was pointing my finger in her face. She had leaned forward and was breathing heavily from anger. I had probably crossed the line but I was frustrated from my worrying about Bella. Leah's smartass comments just gave me an outlet for my pent up anger.

"You sonofabitch, I meant it when I said I had that leech. If you weren't so busy replaying that pitiful excuse for a kiss again and again in that miniscule brain of yours you might have saw my plan. But no, you were distracted and almost got crushed to death. I'm only here because everyone expects me to come see how you were doing." I tried to get a word in but she threw her hand over my mouth to stop me from talking. She was so close to me now she was basically straddling my waist. Her face was directly in front of mine. If she hadn't covered my mouth with her hand our lips would've been touching. "And who are you calling desperate? Bella doesn't want you, idiot! Everyone could see that kiss was forced, you goddamn rapist." She screamed in my face. At the word rapist I snatched her hand off my face. "She wanted it, she just didn't know at first", I yelled back without thinking.

It was completely silent, except for the sound of us both trying to catch out breathe. Leah had sat back, probably crushing the rest of the chips. When I let go of her hand they both fell lifeless in front of her onto my chest. She stared at me and blinked really fast with her face slowly turning red. I got scared for a second. I wasn't sure if she was still angry or if her brain had just shut down from an overload or something. Chick looked crazy. "Umm, Leah?" I said softly. That did it. It was like a dam broke and laughter spilled out into the room. Leah gave great big choking laughs. I mean she laughed so hard tears streamed down her face and she even snorted a few times. Irritated now I sat back and crossed my arms, waiting for her to get it out of her system. When she didn't stop after a few minutes I finally asked, "What? What's so damn funny?"

Between gasps of breath and giggles she finally got out, "she wanted it; she just didn't know she wanted it at first? Really Black? Spoken like a true rapist. You big dummy." I thought about it and cracked a smile, then let out a few chuckles. The next thing I knew I was laughing as hard as Leah. Laughed so hard my right side started to throb again. "Ow, ow, ow", I said as I tried to get comfortable, which was almost impossible with Leah lounging on my lap. Wait a minute, Leah's on my lap! She seemed to notice where she was sitting at about the same time I did. She just looked me in the eye and then looked back down at my chest and then at my face again. I smirked and she finally hopped off. Hmm, been getting that look a lot since the werewolf gene kicked in, just didn't expect it from Leah. Go figure, she is a girl.

She found the crumbled up bag of chips and got the crumbs off the bed. I expected her to just leave but after she cleared the bed she shoved me over some more and lay down beside me in the space she created. As she moved, her hair fanned out onto my pillow and I couldn't help but get a big whiff of her scent. She smelled like the beach after a storm. She smelt amazing. "Just because we shared a laugh doesn't mean I'm going to share my bed with you, Clearwater." I said raising my eyebrow at her. "No need to worry, Jake. I know you're a virgin so you might be a little confused but there's more to sex than just lying in bed together. Your v card is still intact." She said while patting my arm comfortingly and rolling onto her side so she could look me in the face.

It made me a little uncomfortable but I'd be damned before I let Leah know that. I tried to turn my uncomfortableness into to irritation and said, "Okay, so you told me to let you fight your own battles next time. I get the point, why are you still here?" She looked at me for a couple of really long seconds. Just stared in my face. Freaked me the hell out. "Leah?" she sighed and rolled onto her back, and just stared at the ceiling. "Cause I'm bored." She said while grabbing the bag of chips she placed between us and unloading the rest of the crumbs into her wide open mouth. Ugh, she's almost as bad as Quil. Almost. "Oh," I simply said and looked at the ceiling too.

Minutes went by in silence. It was a different silence to others we had shared. It was nice. "Jacob," Leah said my name softly. I looked over at her, surprised. I hadn't expected her to speak and I definitely hadn't expected her to sound like that. I hadn't heard her use that tone of voice since before Sam imprinted. "Yeah Leah?" "I'm tired of being a bitch all the time and everyone hating me." I didn't know what to say. Should I deny it or admit that she brought it on herself? Both responses would be false anyway. We did hate to have Leah around. She could be a burden at times because she did like to act like a bitch and rile stuff up but at the same time she didn't ask for this.

Fate dealt her a fucked up hand and she played with it the best she could. Before I could think up an appropriate answer, she spoke again, "So I decided I'm not going to be as difficult anymore. And the easiest way is to thank you. So thanks for stepping in when you weren't needed and almost dying for me, Jake. Thanks so much."

I stared at the ceiling some more and thought over her fucked up sentiments of gratitude. After a few minutes Leah called my name again and I finally had to answer her. "So what do you think," she asked. "I think you still have a ways to go…but I'm glad your finally getting over it. I'm glad you're going to be happy again." "Happy?" she said with surprise in her voice. "Yeah, Leah, happy. I don't know. God, what am I supposed to say?" Leah rolled over and looked at me again. "Well, that good, Leah, your welcome would have sufficed but what you said was nice too. Happy's good. "I smirked and rolled my eyes. I was getting tired again. This girl and her crazy emotions were wearing me out but I wanted to be alert when Bella showed up. I knew she was coming today.

"So, Jake I was wondering about one thing though," she said. "I knew it. You do want my virginity, dontcha?" I teased. I said it just to see the look on her face. The sexy little smirk I got wasn't what I expected though. "I wouldn't want to be your first, Jake. You wouldn't be able to handle it. I'd ruin sex for you with anyone else." Instantly thoughts of wild crazy pornstar sex with Leah Clearwater streamed through my mind. This led to thoughts of Bella and I. for some reason, these thoughts didn't last as long and Leah and I took over again. I came back down to earth when a pillow hit me in the face. "God, Jake were you even listening? God damn hormones took over, didn't' they? I said I want us to be friends." That snapped me out of it. "What? Why?" I said in a strangely high pitched voice that sounded like my sister's back when they were nine. "Well, one because I'm pretty damn awesome and hopefully some of my awesomeness will rub off on to you and two I want to get along better with the pack and thought why not become friends with the pack's golden boy? I mean, you're a natural at this wolf thing and you get along with everyone." "Everyone but Paul," I corrected. "Whatever, Jake, you know what I mean." "Well then, why me and not Sam? He's alpha and everyone loves him too." She looks at me with big shocked eyes and states, "I want to be less of a bitch not a goddamn saint. Sam and I will never be friends. I will try to be civil with him but friendship is just not an option."

I nod my head, I do see where she's coming from. "I feel like this is elementary school all over again. You might as well pass me a note that says be my friend? Check yes or no." She nudges my shoulder. "Come on, Black. This is hard for me to ask you this." I look over at her and it's her facial expression that makes up my mind. She looks hopeful. I haven't seen her look like that in a long, long time. She doesn't look like the crazy bitch that has been running the pack crazy anymore. She looks like LeeLee again. I must be a sucker because I just can't say no to that face. So I gave her a small smile and say, "Sure sure, why not?"

Like it's not a big deal. Even though it is. It's a huge deal. And Leah, she smiles so hard I can practically see the pain on her cheeks from the effort. She must be full of surprises for me today because she surprises me again, only this time with a hug. And that's when Bella walks in.

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