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Chapter 20

Leah POV

"They have Alec with them," Carlisle asks, surprised. Alice nods her head, while everyone looks at her surprised. "They had more of the fighters with them and they surrounded the house. Seth was upstairs, being guarded. Both packs and the rest of us were outside protecting the house. Somehow Jane and Alec got through. They made their way upstairs and found Seth and Leah. They killed her and took off with Seth," she finishes softly.

My voice caught in my throat and I made a small squeak involuntarily. I was sitting beside Rosalie, enraptured by Alice's story but when she mentioned my death so unexpectedly I almost fell out of my chair. It's a strange thing to be told you're going to die soon. There's no sure fire acceptable way to act.

Immediately, all the comfort that everyone had been bestowing onto Seth was switched to me. Even Paul came over and wrapped his arms around everyone one else's. I was surprised by his actions but it didn't even matter since I couldn't feel them. Seth, Rosalie, Esme, and the rest of the wolves had already covered every inch of me that they could.

"What the . . . Brady, get your hand off my ass," Embry calls out, suddenly. "Oh, my bad. Sorry, I thought you were Leah. It might be my last chance at grabbing a piece of . . . ow," Brady calls out, when Embry slaps him in the back of the head and they both back up. Everyone left clutches closer to me, encasing me even more. Yet through the tight group hug I feel someone staring at me.

I looked up from between all the different appendages and made eye contact with the person who was burning holes through my skull with his gaze. Edward was staring at me with an frozen expression on his face, obviously horrified. "Alice, are you sure," He asked softly.

At his words everyone backed away from me, which I was surprisingly grateful for. All the different body temperatures and smells were suffocating me. The threat still didn't feel real yet. I turned to Alice to see what she would answer. Maybe her response would make this sick feeling in my stomach go away. I was worried about her vision, yet I was still most upset about Seth. His protection would still be my first priority.

"I don't know. I'm so sorry, Seth and Leah. I've never had a vision about any of the wolves before so I don't know how reliable they are. But I think they are probably similar to my usual ones. This is what the Volturi has decided on so that's what I saw. Although, the pain from this vision was excruciating. I don't know why it hurt so much," she finishes softly.

The large group of people in the kitchen all grew silent as we pondered her thoughts. We sat there for what seemed like hours, going back and forth, saying theories on Alice's strange vision and how best to protect Seth and I.

Seth and I barely spoke, mostly sat in silence unless someone asked us a question specifically. I reached over and gripped Seth's hand, trying my best to ignore Edward's intense stare and the steadily growing feeling of panic, fear, and frustration building up in the spark. Jacob was on the verge of a breakdown but I tried my best to deflect it.

"Why didn't you say anything earlier," Seth suddenly asked, as he squeezed my hand harder. I looked over at him and saw my little brother on the verge of tears. "I . . . I tried. I'm so sorry, I tried to tell you everything when Leah asked me but I just couldn't get the words out. The pain wouldn't let me," Alice pushed out, sounding heartbroken.

I reached over, still feeling somewhat detached from the situation, and patted her cold arm. She lifted her hand to rest on top of mine gratefully and sent me a small smile. "It's okay," I whisper. "No it's not. It's not okay. What about you," Seth shouted as he jumped to his feet, glaring at Edward. "You saw in her mind that they took me, why didn't you say anything about Leah dying," Seth yelled at him, as he strode over to the vampire.

"I didn't see it. All I caught was the end of her vision. Don't you think I would have said something if I saw," Edward roared back, just as upset. Neither men backed down, both wanting someone to blame for this strange occurrence.

The tension in the room had finally reached the boiling point. Seth turned back to me; the tears that had been threatening to fall were now freely sliding down his face. He rushed over to me like he used to when he was young and threw his arms around my waist, holding me close. "Lee, you can't leave me too. You can't. Mom has Charlie. She's never around anymore. I can't lose you. You're all I have," he sobbed, his echoes deafening in the silent room.

I stroked the hair back and kissed his forehead. "Don't worry about me, squirt," I whisper, not knowing what else to say. I don't want to lie to the kid. It may very well end up that I die in this battle. All I know for sure is that if I go it will be defending him. There's no way I'm letting those red eyed freaks take my brother. Over my dead body, literally.

And that's when Jacob's thin thread broke. "What the hell do you mean worry about yourself," he roared as he stomped over to us, ruining the moment between us siblings. "If this is some type of martyr thing you have going on, I will, "He started to yell before Seth shoved him away.

"Shut up. Shut the fuck up," He screeched, as he stood breathing heavily in the middle of the room, all eyes on him. "This isn't about that stupid spark between you two and it's not about getting over Bella, or whatever it is you want to do, Edward. This is my sister. My goddamn sister and her life is on the line. Both of our lives are in danger, get your heads out of your asses and stop worrying about which one of you she is going to end up with. Worry about protecting her," he yelled, without even letting Jacob finish.

"What the hell do you think I'm doing," He bellowed at Seth, once he let him get an word in. "This isn't some game. You tow are my responsibility and if she thinks she's going to get herself killed while doing my job she has another thing coming. Alice," he barked suddenly.

The pixie sized vampire jumped in her seat, not expecting to be included in this argument. "Yes," she answered shyly, while Jasper stood beside her, trying to use his powers to calm Jacob down. It wasn't working. I could feel the spark doing the opposite. Instead of calming down, it grew stronger and stronger. His rage fueling it more.

"How did she die," Jacob asks. He tries to hide the wince he makes when he says die but it's still plain to see. "Alec had Seth and she phased, trying to get him back. Jane attacked her, they fought and Jane won," Alice says, quickly, wanting to be out of the limelight.

"Fine, then you won't phase," He says, as if that makes any sense. The pack goes into an uproar, everyone telling him what a bad idea that is. It leaves me defenseless; I won't stand a chance now. Rosalie and Emmett are obviously in agreement with the pack. Rose reaches over and grabs both of my hands in hers while Emmett mutters, "This is bullshit," under his breath.

"Are you crazy," I shout at Jacob, louder than the others. "Jane won't hesitate to kill me, even if I am human. She hates me. This makes no damn sense," I scream.

His eyes flash to black as he stares down at me and I feel the spark grow even stronger. I know what he's about to do even before he does it. It's a huge mistake and I open my mouth to stop him but it's too late. "You will not phase," He alpha commands me.

I feel my body lock into place for a brief second before returning to normal. I can't believe he did that. "I will be by you and Seth's side constantly. I can take Jane," he says, nonchalantly. "You have finally lost your mind," Edward shouts, as he joins our agreement. "Did you forgot about Jane's power? She will have you immobile on the ground in mere seconds. And Alec? He's far more dangerous than Jane."

"How? What's his power," Jacob asks. "No one knows. All we know is that he is the Volturi's secret weapon. You won't stand a chance against him. You're setting her up to get slaughtered," Eddie yelled.

"Look, something is telling me that she can't phase. If she phases, she will die. If she tries to fight, she will die. Let me do my job and protect them both. I'm their alpha. What are you," Jacob snarls, his attitude riddled with alpha wolf behavior. He seemed cocky and dangerous. I had only seen him this way once before, when he bet Sam and claimed his birthright. He felt challenged by Edward. And he wasn't going to back down.

"Something is telling me those two are either going to fight or fuck soon. All this anger can only mean great passion," Colin stage whispers to Brady. Both Jacob and Edward turn on them, growling ferociously, before turning back to face each other. Esme quickly huddled the boys over to the other side of the room, trying to hush them and explain that now wasn't the time. Jacob was pissed beyond belief. It was evident all of his snarling face.

But so was Edward. "I'm their friend," he shouted. "And that's all you'll ever be, bloodsucker," Jacob snarled. To my surprise, Edward reached his arm back as if to make a swing at Jacob but was quickly stopped by Jasper.

"You're losing control," Jasper told him, as he held his arm firmly. Edward snarled at his brother and tried to get him to let go, but jasper used his powers and Edward slowly started to mellow out. Jacob smirked, obviously feeling as if he had somehow won. "What's wrong with you, dude," Quil softly asked, from behind me.

Jacob turned and looked around the room, studying everyone's faces before his gaze fell on mine again. "Nothing, I'm just doing what I have to do," he said, smugly. "And what is that? Act like a complete asshole," Paul murmured. The spark that had slowly started dying down flared to new life all over again. "No, protecting my alpha female," Jacob thundered at him.

Everyone froze, stunned by what he said. No one was more stunned then me though. Alpha female? Jacob was being driven by his wolf right now, by the stupid spark. Is that what this was all about? Was the spark trying to tell us that I was, should be Jacob's alpha female?

He stared back at me; his black eyes trapped my wide eyed hazel ones. I watched all the different expressions move across his face. At first he looked smug, then weary, and then finally confused. I watched as his eyes bleed the black out and his iris's slowly turned back to the beautiful deep brown I was used to.

"What did I just say," he whispered, his gaze still stuck on mine. I stared back open mouthed, not knowing how to answer him. "You know damn well what you said," Edward called as he strode over to my chair and took my hand. "But it doesn't matter now. All that matters is protecting Leah and Seth." He finishes before he takes my hand and gently pulls me out of my chair.

As he led me past the clumps of vampires and wolves watching us, he spoke loud and clearly. "You are right about one thing though. You are their alpha, and you owe much to them. It's your job to protect them, but you will accept me and my family's help," Edward finished right before we left the room and he brought me upstairs.

I sat on the bed, still feeling lost and confused as Edward tucked the covers around me. Seth huddled up next to me, lying his head on my shoulder. "Did that really just happen," I ask, the last couple of hours, no days, seemed so unreal.

"Yep. Yes, it did," Edward answers me, with a tiny hint of a smile. I can't help but to want to smile back. "Stop. This isn't funny," I say, hitting his arm. "No. No, it isn't," he responds, the small smile sliding away. He falls back and lays on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"He meant it," he whispered after a few minutes. I turn to look at him, surprised, but see that he's looking at Seth. He must be answering some thought of his. "So this spark that they both feel. That's their wolves trying to push them together," Seth asks, out loud this time.

"That's what it seems like," Edward responds after a long pause and a sigh. "But like I said before, that's not important right now." He reaches over without looking and grabs hold of my hand. He strokes his freezing, incredibly smooth thumb along the curve of my hand. I probably should pull my hand away but it doesn't feel sensual. He was worried about me. He just wanted some sort of comfort. I'd give him that.

We three sit in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, Edward holding my hand while I wrapped my free arm around Seth's shoulder and held him close to me, as he rested his head against mine. After a short while, Edward lets loose a soft sigh and pulls his hand from mine.

"He's outside. He wants to talk to you," he says, as he gets up off the bed and straightens his clothes. I watch him and think over how he's acting like my friend again, yet at the same time it's clear to see he's fighting for me. I'm not sure if I necessarily want him to but I'm happy he and I can get along. "It's what you need right now. When the time is right, I'll win your heart. But I have to worry about protecting it right now," he whispers, in response to my thoughts.

I turn my head, not wanting to discuss such things in front of my brother but it's too late now. Seth gives an indigent huff, clearly showing his feelings on the situation. Edward walks to the door without another glance at me, before turning to Seth one last time. "Yes, I was hurt by Bella, Seth. But that has nothing to do with the way I feel about your sister. I started falling for her even before Bella betrayed me," He says softly, before opening the door and revealing Jacob.

Seth and I stiffen automatically, expecting another brawl or argument between the two. Instead we watch as Jacob opens his mouth but Edward just shakes his head at him before walking away. All three of us Quileute's watch him leave, surprised.

Jacob walks into the room, sheepishly. He closes the door behind him and lets out a deep breath. "Look, I owe both of you an apology," he says, humbly. "Yeah, you do," Seth says, as he scoots away from me on the bed and stares Jacob down. "Seth, your protection is my first priority, believe me. Yes, your sister and I have some unresolved issues on the side but protecting you both is most important to me." He says, urgently.

Seth looks as if he doesn't trust him for a few minutes but finally gives in and nods his head in understanding. Then Jacob turns to me. "I owe you an explanation," he starts off, before sitting on the edge of the bed, close to em.

"Several," I respond in a flat, monotone voice. "You know that I would never willingly put you in harm's way. I feel something deep down inside me, telling me, no demanding that I don't let you phase. If you phase something bad will happen and I can't take that chance. I know it sounds crazy but I have to do it," he tries to reason with me.

I still don't see the sense in that but I can clearly see that he means every word he's saying. "Lee, I will be here with you and Seth every second of every day until they come. And I promise you I will fight off each and every vamp that comes, just trust me on this," he pleas.

It goes against my better judgment but I nod my head. I see the tension fall off Jacob's shoulders as he realizes that I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. "I don't know what made me say the alpha female thing," he says softly as he looks down into his lap.

I do not want to have this discussion with Seth here but he keeps going before I can stop him. "I think that's what's going on with this spark." "I know. Edward thinks so too," I tell him, as Seth goes to sit on the floor and starts to play some video games. I'm eternally thankful that he knew to give us space.

"Well, what do you think," he asks, as he scoots closer to me. I look down, taking the time to think over my answer before I respond. "I don't know. It makes sense but . . . what if I don't want it," I say, not wanting to hurt his feelings but needing to get it out there.

"I don't think it works like that, Lee. Think about it. When did we first feel the spark," he asks, urgently. It seems he's put a lot of thought into this since he mentioned it downstairs. I wonder if the thought occurred to him before he spouted it out down there.

"It started during our first kiss," I tell him, my voice dropping low so Seth won't hear. "Exactly, I think our wolves already choose each other. We can't undo it," he says, sounding like an expert. I roll my eyes, irritated. "First of all, you don't know that so don't act so sure. And second of all, your wolf couldn't choose someone when you were already in love with someone else," I tell him, angrily.

"I didn't love Bella, I told you that. I just thought I did," he tries to explain. "Yeah, yeah. Heard it all before. Look, this isn't important right now. Plus, it's just a theory, a crackpot theory at that. Just leave it," I tell him, before I shove the covers off and join Seth on the floor.

I try my best to ignore Jacob as we stay in the stuffy room for hours, playing video games, watching TV, and talking smack about each other. It's almost like me and Seth are just hanging out at home, like we used to. Almost.

Jacob joined in with us, for a while until eventually he passed out on the bed, the controller slipping out of his hand onto the floor. While I had fun with Seth and wanted to enjoy every peaceful moment I had with him, I kind of missed the rest of the pack. I missed Edward and the rest of the vampires. I was tempted to wake Jacob back up because it got so boring with just me and Seth playing.

The knock on the door came just in time. I had the cup of water posed directly over Jacob's head, ready to pour it and wake him up when everyone made their way in the room. The bedroom was spacious but it quickly grew crowded with the pack and the vampires huddled inside. Everyone but Carlisle and Esme had joined us.

"I heard you from downstairs. You should still pour the water though," Edward said happily, as he picked up my abandoned controller and finished off my game. "What are you all doing," I asked, even though it was obvious. "Leah, Leah, Leah. My darling lil she wolf. Knuckleheads 1 and 2 aren't the only ones who love you. We're all here to protect you and Seth until the end," Emmett said as he gave me a quick one armed hug and tried to balance the dozens of videogames he had in his other hand.

"Yeah, Lee. We didn't leave Sam's pack just to sit downstairs and be bored all day," Paul snapped, as he chewed a huge mouthful of popcorn. Embry shot him a look and he quickly recovered. "Oh, and we love you and Seth and stuff." Embry and Quil shook their heads before sitting on the ground.

I pushed Jacob's massive frame over and made room on the bed to sit. Rosalie and Alice flanked me. "You already know we're here for you," Rose whispered as she hugged me and placed her chin on my shoulder. Alice bobbed her head vigorously, making Jasper and I laugh. "Yeah, I know," I whispered back to them, deeply touched.

Edward POV

These past few weeks have been crazy. Seth and Leah's room has been occupied by a big group of people 24/7. The Clearwater siblings were never left alone. I'm pretty sure Jake even stood outside of the bathroom when they had to go.

Everyone was deathly serious about protecting them. It became clear just how important the two were to both the vampires and the wolves. I would never have imagined that we would all get along so well but we did. It was like one big family. Like our smelly, tanner cousins had come to visit or something. I hadn't heard even a hint of harsh thoughts about each other at all since Alice's vision.

I was weary of the Jacob's newest pack members at first. I was worried that they had been brainwashed by Sam into harboring ill wishes towards us but it couldn't be further from the truth. Paul was angry, but then again he was angry with everything not just us. The most hostile thought I got from him was that I smelled like a bag of barf. To be honest, I wasn't offended. Once upon a time, Leah had called me worse.

Quil, Embry and I got along fairly well. As long as I kept the conversation short and simple, we got along fine. I tried to stay out of their heads as much as possible but I couldn't help but see the very recent crush Embry had once had on Leah. I remember seeing him dance with her the night we become friends at the club. I hadn't read his thoughts then but it should have been clear.

I wonder who here hadn't in some way been touched by Leah. She truly was amazing. Different than Bella in almost every way but they both had a way with men, I'll tell you that. Bella. I hadn't thought about her much since the day she was taken.

Every now and then I would allow myself to wonder if she had been bitten yet. I don't honestly know what my reaction would be if she had. Part of me would want to laugh in her face and ask if she got what she wanted. The other side of me would pity her. Bella had manipulated me and taken advantage like no other. The worst part was that I had played the fool for so long.

I had been getting hints of her thoughts for months before the day we broke up. I had played them off or denied that they were of any importance. I was suffering the worst case of denial. I was also in denial about myself.

I had taken it badly when Leah first rejected me. I don't know what I expected, for her to just fall into my arms immediately. Our second kiss by the tree haunted me. I sit and play video games and talk to her like nothing is wrong but on the inside I'm yearning for her. The heat that had captivated me so much calls to me. I find myself zoning out when she talks, enthralled by her lips. I miss the feel of them.

But then I will see what's inside her mind and be glad that I've toned it down a bit. She knows that I still want her but that I'm just biding my time. She's grateful. Leah likes my friendship, she isn't bothered by my power or my quirks, and yet she isn't obsessed with me either. It's almost like she sees me as a human. And I have Rosalie to thank for it.

I had went hunting again after Alice's vision. I was upset and needed to take out all of my aggression on something. It was either Jacob Black's face or some poor animal. Against my better judgment I chose the animal. Rosalie found me in the middle of the forest after having attacked a mountain lion.

I could see in her mind how deranged I looked. I had blood caked all over my face and clothes, dirt everywhere. "Edward, Edward," she called, not wanting to go near me. I had made a mess and Alice would kill her if she ruined her boots. I couldn't help but to scoff.

"Eddie," she hollered and I turned around. "What," I asked, angrily. "It would be her nickname for you that made you turn around," she smirked. Frustrated and not in the mood for my sister's games I had turned to leave when she stopped me. She ran around the clearing until she stood in front of me, blocking my path.

"This destructive behavior has to stop," she said sternly, narrowing her eyes at me and crossing her arms. "Excuse me," I said, not believing what I was hearing. If anyone was destructive it was Rose. I wasn't hurting anyone, well except mountain lions.

"This is not healthy. I get that you haven't had a girlfriend in like . . . forever but you can't break down like this every time something happens. Bella was a backstabbing bitch, so what. Leah doesn't want you right now, get over it. You can't go on binges and completely breakdown when a girl hurts you, Edward." She lectured.

I had moved to get past her. "What are you talking about," I asked rhetorically, not really caring to know the answer. "Look, you have a chance with Leah. You do, Edward, but you're going to ruin it if you keep this up." She called from behind me. I had frozen and slowly turned around.

"I never really yelled at you for running off to the Volturi like that when you thought Bella died, but you're not going to do anything like that again. That was crazy. This, what you're doing now, is crazy. This isn't you. Don't lose yourself over a girl. I love Leah, you know that. But no girl, not even she, is worth losing yourself over." She scolded. "Plus, I've seen you two together. You have something, it's clear. But she won't want you like this," she finished.

"How would she want me," I ask softly. "As you were. You were happy, happier than I ever remember seeing you. Don't push it Eddie," she says, with a soft smile while walking backwards, away from me. "It'll happen if it's meant to." She said right before she disappeared from sight.

I took Rosalie's words to heart and tried my best to not let her rejection get the best of me. I realized that I could be just as obsessive as Bella had been. I fixated on a girl and they became my world. But I wouldn't do that with Leah. She deserved better. She deserved something real.

So these past few weeks, I pushed aside my longing for her and tried to gain back her trust. We were slowly getting there. She had started to cuddle with me again and I could have rejoiced. She and Seth grew tired of being in that room constantly. Jacob, who was still always around, annoyingly, finally let up and allowed them out. They couldn't leave the house, which I approved of, but they could go anywhere inside it.

Leah had fun cooking with Esme, Brady, and Colin. Carlisle showed her a few things about the medical world. Jasper took her, Embry, Paul and Quil downstairs and showed them all the different things we had collected over the years. It was quite the history lesson for them. Embry and, surprisingly, Paul really enjoyed it. Of course she hung out with Seth as much as possible and Rosalie and Alice. But when she wasn't with them she was with me . . . and Jacob because he insisted on following her everywhere.

While Leah was opening up again and beginning to let me back in, she was also doing the same with Jacob. I saw inside her mind. She tried to hide it but once the fact that her life was truly in danger fully kicked in, she grew scared. She never voiced her fears, but they didn't lessen no matter how many times we all promised her that she would be safe.

She didn't want to leave any bad feelings behind with any of us. She made it a point to speak to her mother every day. Sue even came down to visit. She was nervous but eager to see her children. We didn't tell her what was going on because we didn't want to worry her yet, although soon enough the council would have to get involved. Leah spoke to Emily. It was over the phone but the two cousins had reconciled. Sam, however, refused to come to the phone. He was still bitter about Jacob starting his own pack and then taking the majority of his pack with him. He didn't even know what was going on.

Which is why I was so excited for today. Finally, finally, Jacob was going to pry himself away from Leah and Seth's sides and go speak to Sam in person. He needed to tell him about the situation and convince him to let his pack fight along with us. We could use all the help we could get when the Volturi arrive.

To be honest, I was jealous of Jacob. Leah wanted to reconcile with him as well. I shouldn't have been upset by that. She had every reason to want to. If she could forever me for ruining our friendship, surely she could forgive Jacob for wrecking theirs. Especially since she was convinced that she was going to die.

Yet, I was still jealous of the time they spent together. Not as much time as Leah and I did but it still irritated me to no end. It seems as if Jacob and I were cursed to live fighting over a girl for all eternity. Frankly, I just wanted him to go away. And now I had my chance.

Jacob POV

I really didn't want to leave Leah and Seth but I had to go meet Sam. The stupid jackass was being stubborn and wouldn't come to the phone. What kind of an alpha is that? I mean, I could even hear him in the background as he told Emily to lie for him. Pathetic.

Seth and I were good friends again. We had been on rough ground since he slice and diced me but lately, he worshipped the ground I walked on again. I can't count how many times he had thanked me for trying to keep his sister safe. What he didn't understand was I was watching out for him just as much. Seth was an integral part of the pack. It would crush all of us if something happened to him.

Leah was actually trying to forgive me. She never did come out and say it but she'd been much more cordial and friendly than before. Not that I deserved it. I had begged for her forgiveness, it's true, but now it just felt wrong. Too easy almost. I had hurt Leah too much for her to just turn around and forgive me so easily. I didn't feel as if I had deserved it. That's why I was determined to protect her so much. I owed her that much and so much more. I would die to gain her trust back.

Today she was trying especially hard. She had laid beside me on the bed, not touching, but closer to her than I had been in a long time. We laid there for what seemed like hours, just talking. Like we used to. It felt just as amazing as it had that night we talked about our parents in my car. I missed moments like that with Leah. I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone else about certain things but she understood them easily.

Like, ever since becoming alpha I felt like I had matured immensely. Not just physically, although it is true that I had grew, but emotionally and mentally as well. I was too nervous that the guys wouldn't understand what I meant by that or that they just wouldn't care but Leah understood perfectly. "Your brain is finally starting to fit your body," she laughed at me, as she yawned into her pillow.

We had stayed up all night talking. She had only fallen asleep once it was time for me to go. Seth, on the other hand, was fast asleep on the floor snuggled between Paul and Embry. He really did remind you of a puppy sometimes. That's why it's so hard to believe that the Volturi would want to kidnap him out of all of us.

But I was on my way to Sam's with Brady and Colin, phased behind me. Immediately as their minds linked into mine, I regretted bring them. Of course, Leah and Seth couldn't come. And I didn't want to bring Paul, Quil, or Embry. Flaunting them in his face sure wouldn't get Sam on my side.

So I was stuck with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. "We resent that," Brady called out, through the mind link, while Colin pretended to nip at the back of my legs. "Asshole," he barked out. I only laughed and ran faster.

We finally make it to Sam's and phase back before we reach their front lawn. I know Sam knows we're here, he can sense us yet he sends Emily to answer the door. I struggle to act like the slight goes unnoticed. Emily, the ever gracious host, urges us inside and quickly pleases Brady and Colin with the magic word. Food.

They almost push her out of the way as they make haste to the kitchen and eat Sam and Emily out of house and home. I think those two might have the biggest appetite out of us all after myself and Sam. But then again, an alpha's gotta eat.

I follow them into the kitchen as I've had yet to see Sam. Brady and Colin are devouring Emily's pancakes as if they've never had any before. Esme made them crepes just this morning. "Hello, Jacob. Colin. Brady," Sam says, once he finally makes his appearance. "Burrito bandit," Brady and Colin respond simultaneously in greeting. Sam's left eye twitches, a sure sign of his annoyance, but he ignores them.

He walks into the kitchen, kisses each scar on Emily's face, and then sits at the head of the table. Emily hurries to make him a plate. She offers me one but I'm in a hurry to get this over with and get back so I decline.

Emily leaves to go visit Kim. The tension in the house increases tenfold once she's gone. "So, uh, how's the pancakes," Sam asks, trying to break the silence. "Not as good as certain authentic burritos someone stole from us," Brady says, through a mouthful of food.

I laugh out loud, not believing their still mad at that. Apparently, Sam can't believe it either. "Are you guys ever going to let that go," he asks, frustrated. Colin jumps to his feet, angrily, and bangs on the table. "No, we'll never let that go, Sam! Never," he shouts out. His brother jumps to his feet and bangs on the table too.

We stare at the two younger boys, in shock, and then quickly send each other quizzical looks. They can't be serious, can they? "You have no idea what we had to go through to get those burritos. We went through Hell and back again," Colin mumbles to himself.

I look at the two members of my pack, wishing they were part of Sam's again. This is more than a little disturbing. It only gets worse when Brady gets a far off look in his eye and starts rocking himself back and forth. "We stood in that line. Stood in that line till we damn near rot for them burritos. We were tired, and scared, and hungry. But mostly we were hungry. We were so damn hungry. We were so hungry we . . ." Brady starts to say when Sam cuts him off.

"Come on, Jake. We can talk in the living room," he said, as he grabbed my shoulder and started pulling me after him. I watched over my shoulder as Brady snapped out of it. "Did that SOB just interrupt me in the middle of my story," He shouts, outraged. "Yeah. He definitely interrupted you, man," Colin agreed. "That is the last fucking straw!" Brady yells.

I hear them whispering back and forth. It's obvious their planning something but they're speaking so low even I can't hear. Sam and I enter the living room and he sits in his favorite armchair while I take up plenty of space on his couch. Suddenly the two boys stomp past us and head outside, without a word. I can't help but laugh while Sam just rolls his eyes.

I decide to get down to business. I tell Sam everything that has happened, everything. I'm actually surprised when Sam seems worried about everyone. He sees my facial expression and tries his best to explain himself.

"This wasn't our fight, Jacob. We didn't have to get involved and I thought it was in the pack's and La Push's best interest to stay out of it but now I see that they would have come for us anyway," he says, while resting his head in his hands and sighing.

"That's what everyone has been trying to tell you," I can't resist saying. "Well I should have listened." We discuss the situation more and actually come up with a good solution. Sam agrees to combine the packs for the time being. At first I didn't understand what he was saying when he suggested it, but then I realized. A pack can't have two alphas.

"Jake, I tried to hand the pack over to you before but you weren't ready. I don't think you're ready now but you're on your way. You are the true alpha. Things will work out," He says. I'm still not sure if I'm ready for the responsibility of such a large pack. But I'm willing to accept the challenge for the time being. "Let's just see how this goes," I answer and stand up.

This meeting of sorts went much smoother than I thought it would be. Sam stands up and offers me his hand. I take it, accepting the fact that he sees me as an equal now and not just a lower class pack member. Of course I'm happy about this, but a part of me is looking forward to the day when he accepts that I'm fully in charge.

I turn to go but before I get the chance, Sam grabs my arms again. "What's going on between you and Leah," he asks, before dropping his strong grip. "I don't know," I answer, with a shake of my head. It's the honest answer but it's also the shortest one. Sam knows that.

I look in his eyes and see that he isn't going to just let this go. "I think . . . I think my wolf wants her," I confide in him. His eyebrows shoot up his forehead in surprise. "You imprinted," He asks. "No, kind of," I answer and then sigh when I realize I have to give a response. I describe the all-consuming spark I share with Leah and even the new connections I've made about our connection.

"So it started whenever you two were," Sam pauses before looking around uncomfortably. I want to shake him and make him snap out of it. He's grown, he knows what we were doing. "Physical? Well, it doesn't sound like an imprint, but it's definitely being controlled by your wolves. I don't know what to tell you, Jacob. I think you need to discuss this with the elders," is his best answer.

I wish I had never told him. I just shake my head at him, not wanting to get into this with my dad and Leah's mom. All this thinking about Leah has the spark flaring up again. It's barely there but I feel it. It's presence makes me even more eager to get back to here.

"Well, we know you wolf wants her but how do you feel about her, Jake," Sam asks. "I love her. I want her too," I respond, quietly, not knowing how Sam will react. He's quiet. I turn around to face him, lowering my head to look him in the eye, silently daring him to say something negative about it. He opens his mouth to speak when an ear splitting howl rings out through the forest.

Immediately, we both shoot out of the house, ripping our clothes off as we run. It's then that I notice the spark growing stronger. It wasn't because I was thinking about Leah. It was because she was in trouble. I phase on the spot as soon as I reach Sam's porch, the remainder of the clothes I had on shredding to pieces.

"What's going on," I demand through the mind link and discover it was Paul who sent the warning howl. I can see through his, Quil, and Embry's minds that they're too busy to answer me right now. Each of them is surrounded by Volturi vampires. Each fighting for their lives.

I shoot out across Sam's yard, barely missing two gigantic piles of crap. "What's going on," Brady asks timidly as he and Colin step out from behind a couple of trees, in wolf form. "We were just taking dumps in Sam's yard when Paul phased in. Are they really here," Colin asks. "What the hell do you think," I snarl at them, not having time for their childishness.

"Holy shit, we got to get there now," Brady exclaims, before shooting off after me, Colin quickly following. We feel Sam phase behind us. We watch through his mind's eye as he leaps off the porch without looking where he's going and lets out a series of howls, calling his pack. His half way through when he lands directly in one of the huge piles of shit.

"Yes," Brady and Colin shout together, as Sam calls them every name in the book in his mind but continues running. "Hey, maybe this can work to our advantage. The Vamps will really think he stinks now. He actually smells like dog shit," Colin squeals with joy.

I ignore them and kick it up a notch, now running at full speed. I haven't gone this fast since that time I almost caught Leah. The spark is going crazy now and so am I with worry. My pack isn't fairing so well against the leeches and I haven't seen sign nor hair of Leah or Seth through anyone's mind. I push myself to run even faster. I pray the alpha command holds and Leah doesn't phase. I hope the Cullen's are protecting her and Seth like they promised. But I mostly pray that I get there in time.

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