A/N: ...Okay, sorry for the delay guys. I blame my writer's block...And homework...And my bloody annoying family(btw if my family is reading this: I'm sorry.)...But I'm alive and well and now I'm back so...

Let the madness ensue!

Gr: Hey, guess who's back?

KH crew and reviewers: *death glares Gr* Where the fawkes have you been?

Gr: *sweatdrop* There were...issues. But I'm back now.

T.J: I still haven't forgiven you for the contract, you know.

Gr: But you wanted to sign it yourself.

T.J: Meh. I missed you you sarcastic little bastard.

Gr: Likewise. Now, would you please?

T.J: But of course. Our first set of dares today is from NexarkXIII and she says:

030 ello! HIYA GR! (glomps)

XIGGY, VEXY, XEMMY, XALDY, LUXY SAISAI! *runs in and hugs them* you guys rock!

hey Gr here are my dares!

Xiggy your my favorite so your spared from the sadistic plans about to come to fruition. Vexy your my second and luxy third so you2 are spared akso and tje 3 of you get cookies!

Vanitas go stab Ventus for killing you! you were Epic!

Larxene burn all of your bras! Same for all the girls except namine she's alright.

Fixes Vexens lab

Sends Axle into the movie jaws.

Saix heres a puppy costume wear it and follow Xemmy! you can also no longer talk you must only bark!

Sora you must dye your own hair neon red.

Cloud you must paint sephiroths sword neon pink!

th. th. th, that's all folks buh bye!

Gr: Hey Nexark! Good to see y- *gets glomped by Nexark*

Nexark: Where the fawkes have you been!

Gr: *recovers from glomp* I already apologised. T.J?

T.J: But of course. *shows people their dares*

Xigbar: Suh-weet dude!

Vexen: *sighs relieved* Ah, relief.

Luxord: *drunk* Huh? No, I'll call you back later.

Nexark: What?

Gr: Luxord's drunk. Don't mind him too much.

Nexark: Okie.

Ventus: ...Now, Vani. You don't want to do this. I apologised, remember?

Vanitas: Apologies ain't gonna cut it. *stabs Ventus with Earthshaker and No Name*

Terra: Hey, those are my Keyblades!

Vanitas: *death glares Terra*

Terra: *shuts up and sweatdrops*

Larxene: I refuse!

Gr: I think not. *opens Hydra portal*

Larxene: Fine, you little bitch. *takes off bra from the inside, then goes into room with all her bras and burns all of them with Axel's chakrams*

Aqua: Really? All females? How fawking sexit is that?

Nexark: Ahem. I'm a female, if you haven't noticed my rack.

Gr: *looks at her chest and faints from nosebleed*

Nexark: Oh god.

Aqua: Fine. *does the same as Larxene*

Kairi: ...*sobs terribly*

Nexark: No exceptions.

Kairi: ...*cries and does the same as Aqua then runs out of room crying*

Selphie: Really? Me too?

T.J: Uh-huh. *nods*

Selphie: Well, fawke you all! *does the same as Aqua*

Gr: *recovers* What'd I miss?

Nexark: Not much dude. Just watch.

Gr: *watches*

Aerith and Yuffie: Oh hell...*does the same as Selphie*

Namine: Thank you Nexark.

Nexark: *smiles reassuringly*

Vexen: ...I am, for a limited time, in your debt.

Axel: ...Where am I? *sees shark* Oh.

Saix: Arf arf! ...arf? (You can't! ...huh?)

T.J: Lo siento, muchacho. Me no comprendo. *puts puppy costume on Saix*

Saix: Arf arf arfuh arf. Arfuh arf? (I thought you liked me. What the heck?)

Nexark: Wow.

Saix: Arf arfuh arfuh arf arf. (Don't even think about it.)

Sora: It can't be that bad right?

Gr: ...I do't know. You doing it?

Sora: As long as its painless.

Gr: It is.

Sora: Ok. T.J?

T.J: What? Oh, right. *dyes Sora's hair neon red*

Sora: I looks like like someone bled on my head. Nice. Feels great.

Gr: Oh, not for long. Scyther!

T.J: *takes out six pokeballs and throws them* Go Reaper, Slasher, Cutter, Hacker, Blade, and Marlon!

(all pokeballs open and Scythers fly out and swarm around Sora's head)

Nexark: Wow.

Sora: *screams bloody murder* NOT MY HAIR! NOT MY BEAUTIFUL FXXXING HAIR!

A/N: For those who have no idea what is goin on here, you are free to skip this and read the next paragraph. Scythers are poemon, oroiginally introduced along with the first wave of 150 pokemon in 1997. They are attracted to the colour red like bulls and tend to get hyper.

T.J: Return! *returns all Scythers into their balls*

Sora: *faints with messy hair*

Gr: Alrighty. Cloud?

Cloud: My pleasure. *tries to steal Sephiroth's sword...*

Sephiroth: *...attacks Cloud with it* No! No, no no no, no! No! NO!

Cloud: *has an idea* Hey, is that Aerith?

Sephiroth: Where! I wanna kill her! *puts down sword ad flies across the room looking for Aerith*

Cloud: *takes sword and paints it pink*


Gr: Wow, that went better than expected.

T.J: Yep. That's all from Nexark.

Nexark: Yep. See ya later Gr.

Gr: Cya buddy.

Cloud: Are we done? I need a nap...