Lego: Hello everyone! It has been a while, hasn't it? Because my main story is being rewritten and is currently on hiatus, I decided to pick up the 100 themes challenge in order to motivate myself to write (heavily influenced by the fact that one of my favorite fanfiction authors, Joey Taylor, is doing it). I've decided to post the canon ones I write (no OCs and such) as separate oneshots here on my account to show that I actually am writing. I hope you enjoy this one!

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Kyo tapped an impatient foot incessantly on the wooden floor. Why couldn't anyone move in that house? It was like they were all stuck in tar. How he wished he could smack them all into action.

It wasn't like it was anything important. They were only graduating after all.

He glanced at the watch strapped to his wrist and didn't bother holding back a sigh. He hated waiting.

"Hey! We should've left ten minutes ago. We need to leave now or we're really going to be late!" He adjusted the strap around his midsection that separated the orange top of his hakama from the red bottom.

Yuki passed by, tugging at the dark purple bottom of his hakama that contrasted deeply with the lavender shawl. "Relax. Tohru's fixing her hair. She'll be down in a minute and then we can go."

Kyo shot him a glare but didn't comment. If they were waiting on his girlfriend, the cat supposed he could be courteous enough to spare five more minutes. He glanced at his cousin and rolled both eyes.

"Come here." He gripped Yuki's upper arm and pulled the male closer, though the rat didn't come without an indignant, "Hey!" Kyo ran his fingers through purple periwinkle hair, straightening out the loose strands that had previously stuck out.

A blush of embarrassment colored Yuki's cheeks as he mumbled a soft, "Thank you."

The cat ran a hand through orange hair, ignoring his own light blush, then rubbed the back of his neck. "Whatever."

The two avoided each other until Tohru came down the stairs. The sight of her sent Kyo's heart racing. She wore a light blue hakama patterned with dark blue flowers and wore her hair in a half-ponytail, leaving her bangs to curl over her forehead and two sections of hair to hang in front of her ears. The rest of her thick brown locks traveled down her back in beautiful ringlets. Overall, her beauty surpassed that of anyone Kyo knew.

"You look amazing," he said, lips twitching, and held out a hand for her to take. "Are we ready to go?"

Tohru grinned, her hand slipping gently into his. She nodded the affirmative and then small group of three made their way outside to Shigure's waiting car.