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~Spark of Life~

Leaving at an earlier hour would have been the smart thing to do, but the pinkette needed the extra hours at her job. Saving up to go to the college of her choice was the top priority for the pinkette. So what if she had to walk home late a couple of nights a week? She had her pepper spray in case anybody tried anything funny with her.

Three more blocks and she'd be home. Taking off her stupid heels and uniform never sounded so good to the tired girl. A six hour shift didn't seem long unless one had eight hours of school before it. To say that Amu was dead beat wasn't even close to how she really felt. If there was any guarantee that she could sleep on the sidewalk without being molested then the pinkette would gladly lay down for the night right where she was walking.

Something stirred down a dark alley way, making the girl more awake and alert. Her hand clutched her purse where the mace was stored in case she needed to get it out fast. Two and a half blocks. She could make it. Amu picked up her weary pace and stood a little taller. Pulling herself up to her full height in an attempt to seem maybe a little intimidating, made the girl feel more confident that she was going to make it home.

Then everything went black.


Her bed had never felt so comfortable. Amu rolled onto her side and sighed in contentment. It was still dark out, which meant that she could sleep longer before having to get up and start her grueling day all over again. She smiled before flipping onto her other side. Bringing her left hand to brush a lock of pink hair out of her face, Amu woke up to reality. She couldn't move her left hand very far. Sitting up quickly, the pinkette realized that she wasn't in her bed. She wasn't even in her house. Truth be told, she had no idea where she actually was. "The fuck?"

Turning her attention from the extremely old fashioned room, Amu brought her left wrist as high as she could to study the clasp and chain holding her to the bed. At least she could move around a little. Amu tested the limits of her allowed space before focusing on getting out of her bonds.

The chain wouldn't break no matter how hard she pulled and jerked at it. The steel looked old and sounded old as it rattled, but she didn't have the strength to break it. Tears began welling up in her eyes as she realized that she was stuck there until whoever brought her came for her.

Not three minutes later, the sound of footsteps reached the sniffling pinkette's ears. She hastily wiped away any trace of the salt water's path. The door creaked as it opened. Amu stared at a man, more like a boy since he looked barely older than her, who stood in the doorway.

He stared at her before a smile played across his lips. "I thought I heard you moving around."

Even his voice sounded hot as he was good looking, as she could now see. The man entered the room and moved toward the freaked out girl. "Yes, I'm awake. What am I doing here?"

The man stopped at the end of the bed she was chained to. His fingers traced lazy patterns across the worn fabric. "I brought you here for some entertainment."

The look she thought was a smile, Amu realized, was a smirk. Her captive was simply playing with her before he did whatever he intended to do with her. "I'm not sure what it is that you want. My family doesn't have much money and I don't have any skills."

With a flick of his head, the boy threw his blue hair away from his face. "What I want isn't something that you can earn or learn. What I want is something that you were born with."

Amu scrunched up her face as she tried to figure out what he could possibly mean. "I wasn't born with anything. My hair is naturally this color, but you couldn't have possibly brought me here just for my hair!"

The smirk came back full force as the man rounded the corner of the bed to stand before the already frightened pinkette. "Not what I meant at all."

Amu tried to be brave. She tried to be strong and show no fear of her captor. For some reason, it wasn't working out so well for her. Her body trembled with each step he took to get closer to her. "Give me some kind of hint! I have no idea what you could possibly want from me."

"My name is Ikuto, not 'you'."

Widening in surprise, her eyes took the arrogant man in. "Ikuto, could you give me a hint as to what you want. Or better yet, just straight out tell me."

His fingers were still tracing away on the fabric. Her eyes were drawn to their movements. Smirking, the blue haired man let them drift lazily closer to the girl before him. "You are quite beautiful, you know. I've had plenty that were unbelievably ugly, but one must do what one must to survive."

"Your riddles mean nothing to me! Tell me what you want!"

Chuckling, Ikuto let his fingers meander until they were tracing lines onto her leg. Shivers erupted to cover her entire body from the point where his fingers touched her leg. To his satisfaction, she didn't pull away from his exploring fingers. Not even when they moved dangerously up her leg to rest on her thigh. "Something that you can either give to me or I'll take by force."

Amu could not figure out why her body wasn't moving like she wanted it to. His fingers were burning her but felt so deliciously good at the same time. The conflicting emotions battling within her body were only clouding up her mind and judgment. His almost whispered words went very close to being unnoticed. "What?"

Ikuto chuckled before sliding his hand further up her thigh. He didn't quite bring it under the squirt of her uniform, but it was playing with the frills of the edge. "For someone chained to this bed, you sure are a dense one."
Amu gasped as she finally realized what he was implying. "No way! NO! I'm not having sex with you! Why would I? You're a pig!"

Hearing her protest was a new thing for Ikuto. He'd never had a partner unwilling before. This girl was a new thing. A challenge, but now she was being insulting and Ikuto didn't deal with insults very well. "You think I'm a pig? I'll show you exactly how pig like I am."

Amu started screaming the moment he pounced on her. She fought the best she could while only having on hand and being chained down. In the end, the pervert still got her skirt up and her panties down. He sat between her legs so she could not close them. Her left hand was chained and thus not a threat to the man staring at her naked body. Her right hand was pinned to her right thigh by his hand.

Ikuto was glad that her screaming stopped, even if was just to be replaced by her crying. Her chest heaved with every breath due to her crying and the scuffle they'd just had. A pang of guilt went through his chest, but he needed to feed and she was the only one nearby that could sate his appetite.

Amu had almost given up. "Please! You can't do this. I'm a virgin."

Ikuto only smirked. "I know you are. That's why it has to be you."

No fingers, no lube, no preparation; Ikuto thrust in. Amu screamed. She hurt so badly and was certain that she was being ripped apart. This was all wrong. Her first time was supposed to be with a boy that she loved and one that loved her. He was going to treat her nicely and go slowly so she'd feel less pain. This man was an animal.

Ikuto never paused or slowed down to allow the screaming pinkette to get used to sex. He continued to drill her tight hole without hesitation until he knew she was close to coming. Despite the fact that Amu hated everything he was doing, and it hurt like hell, her body was responding. It didn't make sense to the girl. Although, not much did considering her mind was full of pain and panic. The pain wasn't fading but a new sensation was building to compete with its intensity. The streaks of pleasure that snuck through her pain should not have been there.

Rather than her body stopping when she asked it to, Amu responded to his rape and felt good instead of disgusting and bad. She felt him fully enter her with each thrust and the grunts that escaped him only aroused her more. Soon enough she was gasping and crying through her first orgasm.

Ikuto felt her release. He didn't slow down, but he let his head drop back as he soaked in the first of the many sparks she was going to give him that night. They were bonded now and whether she wanted to or not, her body would orgasm and feed him until he was satisfied.

Amu had dared to hope that as soon as she came, he would get bored and leave her alone to cry. Instead, she got no signs of slowing down. He continued to fuck her hard and fast until she came again. No longer crying just out of pain, the pinkette let her tears fall for herself as well. There was no denying that this man was not about to stop and she was already in so much pain that she couldn't do much but cry and whisper to be let go. "Please, haven't you had enough? Just stop. Let me go."

Ikuto couldn't figure this girl out. The others had been more into it after he made them come the second time for sure. This girl was strange and different. He knew that she was feeling some pleasure along with the pain she'd have to feel for them to become bonded, but for her to still be crying didn't make sense to the man pounding into her. "No, you're mine now. No matter how long I wait to come see you, your body belongs to me. I will devour all that I want when I want."

Amu's tears hardly diminished upon hearing that this would not be the only time that he was going to rape her. For him to believe that she was going to be his plaything was absurd. The moment she got a chance, she'd run and never look back. "Why me? Why me?"

Ikuto chuckled at the short phrase that she repeated over an over again to herself. He found humor in the fact that she was crying it because of the intensity of this first meal with her. He was in euphoria as she sucked him in every time he pulled out. "Because you're the only one that can give me the Spark of Life, and in return I'm giving you immortality. Do you know what that means, girlie? That means that you and I will be fucking for all eternity."

Amu cried out and covered her eyes so she wouldn't have to see his sadistic smirk. There was no way that she'd do this forever. He could pin her down all he wanted right now, but eventually he'd have to let go. She'd get out. The pleasure was building again and Amu knew that she was about to come for the fourth time. Her body was exhausted from dealing with the wars of emotions raging inside of her. The pinkette's consciousness was slipping away. In one last bid for freedom, she pulled her right hand loose while he slung his head back to soak in her orgasm since his hand slightly relaxed. She shoved his chest to no avail. He didn't slow down or pause.

When Ikuto thought her futile attempts of pushing him off her got a little annoying, with barely a hitch in his movements, he flipped the pinkette onto her stomach and held her right arm behind her back. With her hips pulled into the air for a better angle, Ikuto continued to pound her tiny hole. Her left wrist tugged painfully at its chain with every thrust, but Amu fading too quickly to notice. The bedding she laid face down on soaked in the tears from her face for a few moments before she finally went limp.

Now, Ikuto didn't like having an unconscious partner, but the feeding ritual had already started and he could not stop himself until he was full. This girl was definitely different than any of the others he'd shared his life with in the past. Ikuto hoped, as he made the sleeping girl come again and again that she'd be different than the others that had betrayed him. For once, he'd like to find a girl that'd stick with him despite everything she knew about him.

The tears that he'd seen slide down her face throughout the whole interaction told him differently, but the pervert could still hope.


Amu moved her left hand up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She sighed contently as if having had the best sleep of her life. Then her eyes snapped open as she remembered the night before. Only moving her left arm, she brought her hand up and examined her wrist. There was no trace of a shackle ever being there. The whole thing had just been a dream. A terrible, terrible dream. She must have stumbled on home, half asleep, and fallen asleep almost right away.

Turning just her head to see her clock, Amu about cried. She was late for school, no wonder she felt so rested. She bolted up to a sitting position and almost screamed. Pain ripped through her midsection causing Amu to finally admit that it hadn't been fake. What she wanted to believe to be an all too realistic dream had been reality. There was no denying it now that she felt the pain of losing her virginity to that beast.

Carefully laying herself back on her bed, the pinkette draped her right arm over her eyes and cried. School could wait; Amu doubted that she'd be able to walk anyways. She might be home and safe at the moment, but he'd promised to come back and she was certain that he would.


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