A/N: The opener to a promisng fill for the Glee Kink Meme. Prompter says: The college-age Gleeks have decided to engage in a massive group outing to the Vegas Strip. Amidst their general debauchery and whatnot, someone talks the group into taking in a "naughty" hypnosis show. And because it's ND and hijinx has to fucking ensue wherever they go, they get a front row table (don't care if any of the others get picked to participate) and Blaine or any-guy-but-Finn notices that after a couple of drinks, Kurt seems to be listening to the hypnotist rather intently, and his eyes are starting to glaze over and yeah long story short, Kurt manages to get accidentally hypnotized with all the delightfully wicked triggers of the show. And his boyfriend decides to be a little wicked and hustles him out of the show before all the triggers get "undone". Then takes shameless advantage back in the hotel room.

Hope you enjoy, your feedback is appreciated!-SDD

Surprisingly, the New Directions alumni trip to Las Vegas had turned out to be the trip of a life time. Blaine had to admit, when Rachel had visited their tiny Manhattan apartment back at the beginning of May proposing an alumni trip to Las Vegas, he had been convinced it was Rachel's way of tricking Finn into a shotgun wedding.

The apartment Blaine and Kurt had shared since they had moved to New York City a little over two years ago was their haven from the real world. Despite their tight budget, Kurt had managed to thoroughly decorate each room, each with a certain theme. Granted, that only gave him four themes (their apartment housed a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living room), so they decided on the four seasons. They chose fall and summer for their bathroom and bedroom respectively and spring and winter for their kitchen and living room.

The room was painted white with thin silver pinstripes and adorned with black and white framed sketches from Kurt's brand new fashion line, KHummel. There was a thick white couch and a matching white love seat as well as a plush white and silver area rug draped over the immaculately clean hard wood floors. And currently draped delicately on the couch, legs crossed lightly, was one Rachel Berry. The manic gleam of victory was evident in her eyes, Blaine noted, just as strong as it was back in high school.

"Now Blaine, be reasonable. I know you don't think this trip is a very good idea but-"

"It's a horrible idea. Just because Finn hasn't proposed yet doesn't mean he isn't going to. And taking him to Vegas and getting him drunk just isn't going to help the matter." Kurt huffed, walking into the room with three coffee cups and settling down next to Blaine on the couch. Rachel rolled her eyes at the comment.

"Please Kurt. This has nothing to do with my perfectly healthy (cue snort from Kurt) and normal relationship with your step brother. This is just the perfect opportunity to get the club back together. Mercedes just signed her first record deal; I just finished my first real Broadway play, your new line is finally out and a brilliant success…" She gestured to her cardigan and the telltale Hummel designed broach that adorned it. Kurt smiled shyly and nodded.

"It's time to reunite before we lose the opportunity to. It's just one weekend. We can book a bunch of hotel rooms, see a show, maybe play some of the slots…it will be fun you'll see!" Rachel prompted, her voice rising excitedly. Kurt glanced at Blaine expectantly, who curled an arm around his boyfriend's waist.

"Count us in Rach." Blaine said.

Less than three weeks later, the former members of the McKinley High School New Directions were assembled in the lobby of the Caesar Palace hotel. Blaine and Kurt sat snuggly pressed against one another on a couch, fingers intertwined as they watched the former Gleeks interact. Out of all the couples in the group, only three had managed to last the first few years out of high school: Rachel and Finn, Tina and Mike and, naturally, themselves. But fortunately, everyone was still friendly and on good terms. In fact, Brittney and Santana were currently camped out on one of the other couches in the semi-crowded lobby, whispering excitedly and exchanging knowing glances. Suddenly, a loud voice rang out from the direction of the elevator, a shrill voice they all associated with the bubbly dark-haired soprano that accompanied it. Rachel ran up with a fist full of shiny purple and gold tickets, a wide smile spread across her face.

"Alright everyone, I got our tickets for Phantom-the Las Vegas Spectacular!" Rachel squealed, beginning to thrust the foil tickets into people's hands. Everyone glanced down at their tickets collectively and the group began nervously tittering.

"What? What's wrong?" Rachel demanded, glancing around at the group impatiently. How could the beauty of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom possibly cause a reaction like this?

"Rachel, these aren't Phantom tickets." Finn muttered quietly.

"No these are even better. Erotic Hypnosis and other fantastical sexual stunts by Madame Malkin and her assistants? Hell yes, way to go, Berry!" Puck cried, pumping his fist in the air. Rachel sputtered as a few of the club members smiled and nodded in agreement.

"But-butbu-I thought I bought Phantom tickets! This is a disaster." Rachel groaned.

"Relax Rachel, we're all adults here. Maybe we could actually check this out, it might be fun…" Quinn laughed shaking her head.

"Yeah, this is Las Vegas, ya'll, the city of sin." Artie intoned smugly.

"We're game!" Tina chirped, holding up both her own and Mike's hand in agreement.

"Wanky, Asians. Britt and I vote yes too." Santana purred, wrapping an arm around the blonde's waist.

"Hell to the yes, I came here for some fun." Mercedes nodded enthusiastically. She glanced over at Kurt and Blaine, who were watching the scene in quiet amusement.

"Hey baby boy, you and Blaine up for this?" She questioned, eyebrow raised. Kurt shot a similar look back, quickly slipping back into his former high school ways.

"Please, girl, we were so ahead of you. Sounds like it could be fun." Blaine nodded.

"Besides, dark theaters are kind of my thing." Blaine grinned, pressing a few kisses into Kurt's neck. Puck and Santana hollered encouragement as Kurt flushed slightly and Rachel fumed.

"Kurt! Blaine!" Rachel squealed, clearly losing perhaps her only allies in the unspoken battle for getting new tickets to a more wholesome show.

"Alright, enough of this bullshit, who's heading to this business?" Puck asked, eyeing the group. Immediately, everyone in the group but Rachel raised their hands. Rachel glared at all of them before tentatively raising her hand.

"While it's nothing compared to Phantom, I'm not one to let tickets this good go." With a resounding whoop from her former glee club members, the group headed out of the cool lobby into the still-stifling heat of the Las Vegas strip just after nightfall.