With equal intensity, the two dove in to the one of many feverish kisses they've shared. Blaine groans as Kurt's tongue slips into his mouth, curling around his own. He can't help the needy gasp he makes when Kurt pulls away all too quickly, a knowing glint in his eye.

"On second thought, because you quite literally fucked me into the mattress last night, I'm topping." He states matter of factly as he begins to press insistent kisses along the arch of Blaine's neck. Blaine shudders in agreement, his mouth hanging open in a wordless scream as Kurt's well-manicured nails rake through his hair. He only hesitates for a moment at the collar of Blaine's polo shirt, pinching the rough fabric between his fingers and pulling it away to expose the tanned skin underneath. Without so much as a warning, he bites down on the skin there, causing Blaine to stumble forward in shock. Kurt steadies him with his left hand, working over the spit-slick flesh with licks and rough kisses before pulling back to admire his handiwork.

"I think purple in my favorite color on you. I do remember when we were sixteen and we learned to leave hickeys in less noticeable places after my Dad found that particularly large one you left the night of our Junior Prom." Kurt giggles at his obvious reference to the previous night's questions. Blaine at the very least has the decency to blush as Kurt begins to work the shirt up and over his head. Kurt smooths his palms over his skin, the soft touch leaving a trail of pebbled skin in its wake. He fingers brush over Blaine's darkened nipples, pulling roughly on both experimentally. Blaine cannot contain the husky groan as a result, causing Kurt to chuckle darkly.

"I've barely touched you and you're already desperate for it, just like a slut." He murmurs. He flicks at the hardening peaks before withdrawing his hand and scooping the forgotten polo up off the floor and tossing it into the orchestra pit.

"Pants off. Now." He orders, eyes flashing a steely gray as he begins to unbutton his own shirt. Blaine frowns for a second for missing the opportunity to watch Kurt undress, but goes about the task. Once his jeans and boxers have been stripped off, he punts them off stage towards his shirt with the top of his foot. When he turns to Kurt, fully naked and half-hard just from the fleeting touches Kurt had placed on him earlier, he finds Kurt has retreated to the shadows of the side of the stage. Blaine eases onto his tiptoes to catch a glimpse of Kurt, naked save for his tight yellow boxers, fumbling around in the semi-darkness of the alcove. With a triumphant yell, he returns. In his hands he holds a tube of lube and something small cupped tightly in his delicate hand. Blaine feels the bottom of his stomach drop out as Kurt smugly twirls the cock ring around on the tip of his finger.

"Who's to say I give a damn about consent issues, but I've been dying to try this so…pretend I'm more pissed about last night." He chuckles. Blaine feels a sense of relief wash over him that Kurt isn't angry with him for 'taking advantage', but his comfort is quickly abated as Kurt snaps the metal ring onto Blaine's now fully erect cock. He laughs at the face Blaine makes and practically tackles him to the stage floor. And Kurt's kissing him, messy and dirty and so unlike their normal, tender kisses. Then again so is having sex on a stage and using cock rings but Blaine's not one to really over think such things in the heat of the moment. Kurt threads a hand roughly through Blaine's curls, angling his head in the direction Kurt wants. The brunette nips at his lip hard enough to bruise, causing Blaine to gasp in surprise. Never one to miss a cue, Kurt takes the opportunity to thrust his tongue into Blaine mouth, tracing the contours of the wet heat that's so entirely Blaine. It's all at once too deep and not deep enough with Kurt in complete control of the speed and length of the kiss. Blaine moans into the kiss as Kurt flattens his tongue against his own and hums slightly against the contact. With much regret, the kiss is finally broken by Kurt, who bends down to whisper, "God, I can still practically get off just from tongue-fucking that beautiful mouth of yours. But I can think of a nicer way to use it right now, don't you agree?"

Kurt yanks off his boxers and tosses them aside as he detangles himself from Blaine. Blaine watches as he moves to sit facing him, his legs spread wide and inviting. His right hands pumps up and down the length of his hard, rosy cock, the barest bit of precome glistening on the tip. Kurt beckons to Blaine with his other hand and Blaine (very ungracefully) crawls over to settle in between Kurt's legs. Without further command, Blaine eagerly licks a long, steady stripe from the base of Kurt's sex to the rapidly dampening tip. Kurt groans as Blaine engulfs the head, sucking roughly over his slit as his hands curl around Kurt's waist for leverage. He lowers himself down Kurt's length with the ease of years of practice to guide him until his nose is nearly buried in Kurt's pelvis

Kurt throws his head back in ecstasy. Blaine curls his tongue around the widest part of Kurt's cock and drags it up and down the length in an abruptly enthusiastic pace. Kurt groans and buries his hands in Blaine hair as he presses gently kisses directly across the head, swearing his lips with cum. Blaine pulls away for second to look into Kurt's darkened eyes, a devilish grin widening across his features. Keeping eye contact, he licks a few more stripes up and down Kurt's member before taking all of him in again, bobbing up and down. Kurt gasps out loud, nails scrapping the floor as he struggles to resist the urge to come hot and hard down his boyfriend's throat.

"Stop, stop, it's too much!" He gasps, pushing Blaine off and grabbing for the lube. Blaine almost laughs at the completely debauched expression on Kurt's face as he shaking pours some lube over his fingers. Blaine moves to his knees, ass angled high in the air.

"Spread your legs, love." Kurt orders as he feels the familiar touch of Kurt's fingers sliding warm and wet against his hole. Blaine groans as Kurt quickly pushes the first finger in all the way up to the knuckle without warning.

"Sorry baby, this is gonna have to be a bit quick. I wanna be inside you so badly…" Kurt chokes out, his finger pumping in and out of Blaine's hole in a quick rhythm. Blaine relaxes as much as he can, his elbows sliding forward on the slick floor of the stage as Kurt's ministrations become faster. Soon he feels another finger prodding at his entrance and then another until Kurt's fingers are fucking into him ruthlessly. A steady stream of moans and gasps flow from his red swollen lips even as Kurt pulls all three out and slicks up his cock with more of the lube.

Without warning, Kurt plunges his cock into Blaine's stretched hole, causing both boys to gasp out loud. Blaine can feel the heat of Kurt's body pressed impossible close to his as he sheaths himself fully inside. Pale, lithe fingers curl around his hips as Kurt slowly pulls out until the very tip of his cock is teasing the first ring of Blaine's entrance. With a growl of what might have been the word 'Mine', Kurt thrusts forward again setting a slow, indulgent pace.

"So…so tight. And mine. You're all mine." Kurt pants out as he slowly rocks in and out of Blaine's tight heat. Blaine groans at the possessive quality to Kurt's voice, his hold on his hips. Kurt pushes in and covers Blaine's body with his own to gain access to mark the slope of his shoulders. Blaine shivers as Kurt kisses and nips at his back. When Kurt drags his nails down his back he jerks forward against his will, shaking with arousal.

"Oh god do that again." He cries as Kurt digs his nails even deeper into the taught muscles of Blaine's back. Kurt runs careful red scratch marks down his back and begins to slowly slide in and out of his boyfriend.

"You like that baby? You like me marking you, claiming you?" Kurt asks, his voice low and tinged with a certain virility it rarely showcases. Blaine nods frantically, unable to form words as Kurt begins to snap his hips against his tailbone, hard and relentlessly. Kurt lands a harsh smack against his ass as he pulls out.

"Blaine, I want to hear you. Wanna hear how wreaked you sound right now." Kurt babbles as he slides back in. Blaine groans, his cock painfully hard. Kurt is teasing the edge of his prostate, knowing damn well where it is, and waiting for an answer.

"Yeesss. I love it, I love having you inside me, fuuuuuck. And when you mark me, it's so fucking hot I can't even, shit…it's just FUCK, perfect!" He groans off into a string of curses as Kurt slams against his prostate in reward. Arousal and pleasure course through him, through his veins like fire and he can feel Kurt is close.

"Kurt…please please let me come with you…"He cries as Kurt pistons in and out of his hole. He yelps as his hold finally slips and he falls roughly on his arms. Kurt loops an arm around his waist and quite literally begins to fuck him into the stage. Blaine can feel he is so close, the metal band of the cock ring grips him like a vice, mocking his state of desperation. Suddenly, Kurt's crying out, beautiful and high, in release, slicking Blaine's insides with hot, wet come. And Blaine is practically sobbing in frustration when he can feel Kurt's hand, shaky and unsure, yank the cock ring from its position.

"Come for me, baby." Kurt commands, stoking Blaine's rock-hard cock once, then twice and then Blaine's lost in a white hot flash of release. He can feel his come cover his chest and streak across the stage as he slowly slips into unconsciousness.

When he comes to several seconds later, he can feel Kurt slowly pull out with a significantly wet pop. Blaine groans at the noise, his flushed cheek pressed into the cool floorboards. He hears Kurt stumble back into the alcove for a moment before he returns and rolls Blaine onto his back. Blaine peers up at him, his vision hazy, and god is Kurt beautiful. His smile is breathtaking, his soft, wispy hair like a halo framed against the spotlight. He bends down to clean Blaine off with a damp cloth and the simple act is so intimate despite the setting being so completely wrong.

"You win. Stage sex was hotter than hypnotically addled sex." Blaine concedes as Kurt leans down to swipe away some of the mess from Blaine's throat. Kurt laughs, pressing a sweet kiss against his lips.

"Oh honey. You know I always win."

Blaine smiles and leans up to kiss Kurt again before heading down into the orchestra pit to retrieve his clothing. They both dress in contented silence and when the leave, Blaine weaves an arm around Kurt's waist. They walk out into the bright Las Vegas sunshine and begin to head back towards the hotel when something strikes Blaine as odd.

"Kurt...can I ask you something?" Kurt raises an eyebrow at him but nods.

"Um...well...remember that one...uh trigger that would make you...um, 'let go' whenever you heard it." Kurt nods again, a faint blush painting his cheeks.

"How'd you fake that one." Kurt's face reddens even further as he buries himself into Blaine's shoulder.

"I...I didn't...I guess I was kind of excited too..." He confesses. Blaine stops dead in his tracks and stares at Kurt for a long moment. People pass them on the street and the noise of taxi cabs and pedestrians can be heard all around them. Blaine grabs Kurt's hand and starts off at a light jog towards the hotel.

"Blaine, where are you taking me and why are we running?" Kurt gasps as they dart through the crowds of people.

"Hotel room. Round three. Text Rachel and tell her we can't make it to dinner. I'm very ill." He throws back, yanking a very red-faced, grinning Kurt along the streets of Las Vegas for the second time that day.

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