A/N: the lyrics are going to be in italics. I really feel that this song fits these two. This is my favorite book of all time and I hope you like this (:

Mark's POV

The world is too heavy,

Too big for my shoulders,

Come take the weight off me, now.

I sat down on the couch, twiddling my thumbs as I searched around the room with my eyes. It was my nervous habit to do that. I turned my head at every sound that was made: the clock, Bryon snoring form upstairs, even the sound of rain outside. I couldn't take it; I jumped up and ran straight outside. I got in our-Bryon and I's-car and pulled out. It was 2 am; the streets were deserted.

Thousands of answers,

To one simple question,

Come take the weight off me, now

The sound of Mrs. Douglas's crying kept echoing in my ears as I drove. Early this week she had cried about the fact that she couldn't buy Bryon and I Christmas gifts this year because money was so tight. It felt weird o watch people you care about cry like that. An immediate thought ran through my brain-What can I do to help with money? Bryon wasn't working because he was too busy sucking face with Cathy. There were so many jobs I could do for money but it wasn't good enough. I wanted to be rich; to be drowning in money. With a tight swerve of the car, I heading for the one thing I knew that would help me, Bryon and Mrs. Douglas. The one thing that'd make me rich. . .

Oh I'm like a kid who just won't let it go

Twisting and turning the colors in rows

I'm so intent to find out what it is

This is my Rubik's cube

I know I can figure it out

"Good deal, man." The heavy set man said to me as I handed him his supply. He gave me my money and I rolled out, not wanting to stay in that hell hole for too long. It has been a few days since I had that late night realization in my car. I was happy; I had plenty of money. That's all I need anyway.

A/N: I did the lyrics up to the chorus. Next chapter will probably finish the song. Again, the song is 'Rubik's Cube' by Athlete. Review please!