Warning: This story contains yuri a.k.a. female relationships, homosexuality, and lesbians. If you don't like said things, than stop reading now.

Sometimes big things come in small situations.

Kim Possible very rarely hated her whole saving-the-world job. It more often than not, though, destroyed her private life and killed off any chance of having a normal relationship with any other sane human being. And this could sometimes put her in a bad mood. Just like right now.

Some evil villain just couldn't have waited five more minutes before activating his doomsday device and ruining her date with the extremely good looking man she had just met, could he? He couldn't have waited to make her ditch said good looking man and the promise of the wonderful night afterwards, could he? Of course not.

The sound of rain striking the front window pane of her car covered the sound of her finger, annoyingly tapping the steering wheel.

The traffic on the road was so bad that her car was moving two inches every two minutes, and the rain was only getting worse, making it nearly impossible to see.

"There must've been a wreck," Kim muttered to herself. She knew that if it weren't for her absolute disaster of a date, she would feel completely fine about waiting in traffic. But she had had the complete disaster of a date, and therefore, she was in a fucking foul mood.

"People need to be more careful when it rains!" she growled to the air, messaging her temples. She knew that most people were stupid drivers, and she had observed those stupid people getting even more stupid when driving as it rained. It just didn't make any sense.

Trying to calm herself, she tried to look at the landscape through the torrential rain. Her eyes narrowed as she made out a dark shape curled next to something through the fog. It looked so tiny and forlorn through the rain, and her eyes widened in shock when she realized that it was a person. Without thinking, Kim swerved the car to the side so that she could be next to the figure. She jumped out and ran around, yelling over the rain, "Hey! Are you alright? Hey!" as she ducked down. The person, who she could now tell was young and female, didn't move or reply. Truly scared now, Kim heaved the woman onto her back and ran back to her car, placing the woman in the passenger seat.

She turned the heat up full blast and pulled off her shirt to try to dry off the woman, who she still hadn't woken up. The woman, who Kim could now tell was a little older than her, had black hair and green-tinted skin. Her clothes were green and black, and her face was slightly bruised.

Kim thanked her luck a few minutes later when the traffic sped up so she could get her new charge home. She didn't question the wisdom of bringing a complete stranger into her apartment- it's not like the stranger posed a threat against her being. She was Kim Possible after all.

She placed the woman in the bath tub to wash her. The things she found made her throat close up in anger. There were scars everywhere, and new and old bruises dotted her whole body. There were even a few places where it looked like she had been shot. She was unhealthily skinny. After Kim had treated the wounds, she put the stranger in a pair of pajamas and placed her in the only bed. Kim's bed. The hero fought the want to go take a shower herself and instead went to go warm up a towel to place on her new charges forehead, then pulled up a chair to wait for the woman to wake up.

Shego awoke feeling better than she had for a long time- and that was saying something. She felt… clean. And hungry. How the hell was she clean? The last thing she remembered was being on that god-forsaken corner in the pouring, torrential rain, cursing Betty to the lowest pits of hell and wishing she hadn't thought she was actually badass enough to take the fucking job and not have mental trauma.

But if she obviously wasn't on the corner at this moment…

Fear, something she had rarely felt until she had taken said job, coursed through her and she flew upright to look around, clutching at the sheets. She was in a well-kept and well-decorated master bedroom, and she was alone. Trembling, she lifted the blankets and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that she was clothed, though not in her usual green and black jumpsuit, or even her new slutty green and black clothes. She was wearing a pair of fluffy pajamas that had some type of animal printed all over it that was an unholy mix of panda and kangaroo, and- after lifting that- her bruises had been dressed in cream and wrapped in bandages.

Fear diminished since she hadn't been violated as far as she could tell, she crept out of the bed and ignited her hands. The smell of something delicious cooking wafted from the cracked doorway, and she prepared herself to leap in and at her attacker.

There was a second as she listened to shuffling to pinpoint her newest target and then she leaped, letting out a fierce war cry. Her eyes widened mid-strike when she realized the person she was currently hurtling at was:

1. Tiny, slim, lithe, and any other descriptive word for small.

2. Redheaded, as in flaming red hair.

3. Female, female, female.

Shego let out a yelp of horror as she tried to pull away and change direction, flames dying out around her hands, before she absolutely killed the woman. She failed to pivot midair, and horror filled her as the back of the redhead grew closer.

She was going to kill a civilian, albeit a very suspicious one, she thought, and she was going to feel very guilty about it.

The second before impact, the woman suddenly twirled on a single foot, teeth bared, to catch her fists and hurl her away. Caught surprised, Shego didn't even fight back as she was thrown through a wall and into a dining room. Before Shego could get a hold on her bearings, a hand was on her forehead, and another was around her arm trying to pick her up.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry that I kicked you!" the woman exclaimed, looking abashed and extremely worried. "Are you okay? Are you injured? Oh, fuck, why did I have to twirl that hard?"

Shego realized almost immediately that she wasn't really a woman, but a girl. She looked like she was still in her teens. She also wasn't as tiny as Shego had first thought. They were about the same size and build. Shego could feel how heavily muscled she was from the way they were pressed together. She was very, very fit.

"I'm fine," Shego snarled, mouth curled. She was now in a piss poor mood because of the fact she had just been outdone.

By a child.

She barely suppressed the urge to spit in the girl's face. "Who are you and why am I in your house?"

This threw the girl off- she released her grip on the green-skinned woman and took a step back, letting Shego stand on her own.

"I brought you into my house because you were passed out on the side of the road, obviously sick," the girl finally said. She hesitated. "I- I'm sorry if you felt threatened when you woke up. I tried to stay beside you so when you woke I could explain, but eventually I got so hungry…" she trailed off, face taking on a wistful look. She shook it off and stuck out her hand with a grin. "My name's Kim Possible. Nice to see that you're okay. And I'm so sorry that I kicked you. Total reflex."

Shego lifted an eyebrow and looked down at the proffered hand. The name sounded familiar. She winced a second later when the bruises that the person in front of her must have treated hurt worse from her untimely flight through the wall.

Kim saw it, and was immediately by her side and helping her into the kitchen. Shego hated feeling handicapped, and shook the redhead off, but not before she was made to sit down at the table and was practically force fed spaghetti. Shego tried to snap at the girl several times, but found that it was like kicking a puppy, and very hard to do.

Kim took the hint that her guest wanted to disclose no information, and decided to just not ask again. She watched as the green-skinned woman downed the spaghetti in no time.

Shego's mind was racing while she ate. She was worried. Worried about several things, actually. One was the fact that she didn't truly believe that this complete stranger would have just picked her off the streets for no apparent reason. Shego didn't think those people existed. Another thing she was worried about was if this was a test. What if it was the god damn trade making sure she was actually what she said she was? They could've just sent their best and seemingly harmless but not actually harmless- she had been kicked through a wall!- actress to check her loyalty. And if so, things were becoming one large problem. She couldn't blow her cover, not yet. She was too close.

She remained silent as Kim blabbered on about something or another- mostly about Shego's safety- and eventually finished the meal.

"How about you stay here the night?" Kim asked her when Shego had changed back into her old, but clean, green and black outfit and was making a beeline for the door. "It's still raining, and I don't want you out there alone and sick again."

The redhead looked truly worried, but Shego couldn't trust that.

"No," Shego replied, frowning. "I need to leave. Thanks for the whole meal shtick, but I can't stay any longer." She tried to get out through the door, but found that the teen was now blocking her way.

"I insist," Kim said forcefully. "I'm serious about your health. I don't know why you were out there, and I'm not going to pry, but it's raining and you obviously have no where to go-"

"And you know that how?" Shego interrupted dryly, growing angrier by the second. Her patience usually equated to zero without the annoying as fuck and nosy child trying to be a hero. The girl was lucky she hadn't been beaten black and blue yet.

"Wild guess," Kim said, shrugging and crossing her arms over her chest. "Just stay. One night," she pleaded, looking more and more like the puppy Shego had compared her to.

Shego glanced out at the pouring rain and suppressed a shudder. She really, really didn't want to go out in that, but she had a job to do and people to convince. The only problem was that maybe, just maybe, the female in front of her was one of the people she needed to convince. And that was a large problem.

Hating herself for what she was about to do, Shego allowed a sultry smile to spread over her face. "Is that an offer?" she purred, taking a step forward to run a single hand down Kim's face. "Because it depends on how much you can afford to pay."

She pressed herself even closer, noting how the girl stiffened in shock, eyes widening. The redhead blushed a deep shade of red of red and jumped back into the door. Shego watched amused as the girl realized she was cornered.

"Wha-what?" Kim stuttered, at a loss. She had suspected that the woman was a prostitute, but she hadn't actually thought-

The fake smile on Shego's face turned a little less fake. Kim's surprise was amusing. The black-haired woman pressed closer, grinding slightly against the younger female. "You heard me, Princess," she whispered into the girl's ear. "How much would you pay for a night?"

And before the girl could answer, Shego brought their lips together in a sensual kiss.

Shego wasn't gay. She felt no attraction for women at all. She never had. The thought of doing something with a woman actually disgusted her, but it wasn't the first, nor would it be the last, time she had felt incredibly disgusted and violated this year, so she wasn't too afraid to try the boundaries a bit. She had a job to do. Lives to save.

Kim was confused. Terribly so. From what she had gathered from the woman in front of her, it didn't seem like her nature to try to seduce another female, whether she was a prostitute or not. In fact, the redhead sensed a rather reluctant air pouring off the black-haired woman that was well hidden by her actions, but not completely so. It screamed lies.

So did that mean the woman really didn't want the money or sex? If that was true then she had to just be trying to escape the house without trouble, and that just couldn't happen. She wasn't ready yet. Kim was almost positive the fever hadn't broken, nor were her many bruises healed.

No, she couldn't leave.

Kim fought the urge to smirk. Really, did the woman in front of her think she was a child? She had had sex before. She wasn't bothered by the close proximity. In fact…

"What would you say about no payment?" Kim murmured back, letting herself melt into the touch.

Two could play at that game.

Before it could go any further, Shego suddenly felt herself shoved away. Kim looked angry, but she was smirking as she moved away from the door. "And along with the no payment, no sex?" the teen said. "How about you just sleep in the bed, I sleep on the couch, and you can leave in the morning?"

Shego was speechless at how fast her plan had gone downhill, and how wrong she had been. If this person had been checking her loyalty, they would have completely allowed her to continue with her work, but instead this girl had turned the tables.

So she was legit. That didn't happen everyday.

It made her angry. "Okay, Kimmie," she snapped, looking away furiously. "I'll stay the fucking night, but I'm gone in the morning, understand?"

Kim's mood changed in no time, and she was smiling angelically two seconds later. "That's all I ask."

Kim gave the older woman her bed, despite her protests, and fixed herself on the couch. And, as she suspected, when she woke the other woman was gone.

"I didn't get to fix her breakfast," Kim grumbled to herself. She knew she would worry about the woman- it was her nature to worry about others. Then, something else occurred to her.

"I didn't even learn her name!"

I wrote this while trying to write the finishing chapter for Unresolved Sexual Tension. UST is just giving me a huge case of writer's block. So I give you this piece of work (crap.) I've already written three chapters for it- which is unusual for me.

If you were confused about the whole 'job' thing, you'll understand later in the story. If I get that far.