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Chapter 3

Tomo's POV

Tomo was lying awake with her eyes closed. UGH! I don't wanna go to sleep… she whined in her head. She opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder at the sleeping Kagura.

Tomo's eyes were traveling around her when she got an idea. She smirked evilly. Starting her plan of action she closed her eyes like she was sleeping and carefully scooted over to Kagura. Tomo's arms went around Kagura's waste and she put her head on her chest. Now I might be able to sleep… she thought as she felt movement from Kagura. CRAP! Her head screamed. She had a feeling this would happen so, she just acted like this happened in her sleep.

Tomo was in utter shock when Kagura put her arm around her shoulders. Not that she minded of course.

Kagura mumbled "Good night, Tomo" and kissed her head(A/N:That's wat I did right?). Tomo's eyes shot open and she pulled Kagura into a kiss. (her eyes closed at that moment sorry)

Kagura's POV

Kagura went wide eyed as Tomo kept kissing her. She got a little annoyed with herself as her arm went from her shoulder to Tomo's waist, pulling her closer. As Tomo's went around her neck.

No 1s POV

The two new they couldn't last like this forever so they stopped the kiss gasping for air.

They're eyes stared at each others unblinking. Tomo broke the silence.

"You're a good kisser Kagura." Tomo said simply with her usual smile. She didn't bother whispering, they were in different rooms from the others. Osaka and Chiyo, Sakaki and Yomi, and Tomo with Kagura. Tomo hid her happiness when she heard Yomi make the groups.

Kagura blushed at Tomo's comment. Making Tomo laugh. "W-What's so funny?" Kagura asked her blush deepening when Tomo laughed.

Tomo smiled at her and put her forehead to hers. "You of course, your cute when you blush." Kagura got chills when she heard Tomo say she was cute.

Kagura pulled her into another kiss to which Tomo happily kissed back. "Ya know I always wanted to do this when we fight." Kagura said when they broke for air. It was Tomo's turn to blush.

"I thought you were hot when we first met" Tomo said with a grin. Kagura grinned back. After a few more kisses they both held each other lovingly. Tomo on top with her head happily perched on Kagura's shoulder.

Kagura was almost fully asleep when she heard Tomo mumble sleepily"I love you, Kagura."

Kagura smiled warmly at her "I love you too, Takino." She replied as they both drifted into a blissful sleep. Best summer ever… they both thought.



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