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This morning was totally different of all the others days… how could he know that ? Because it was 6.30 am and he was already wake up before even his alarm clock rings… He was already wake up and laid across his bed, his eyes looked at the ceiling even if they was far away from here… like his mind then. He was thinking about the day before, the day when he shared his first kiss with Rachel Berry… the one Rachel Berry ! The one who needed to slap him to make him realize what he felt for her. It was sounded really weird, wasn't it ? Anyway, that was what happened ! One slap and he felt she was the ONE, one kiss and he knew that she will be forever the ONE for him. One kiss… it wasn't only one kiss… it was THE kiss ! The kiss who made you forget everything and everyone around you except the person with whom you share this wonderful moment of love and intimacy. Without moving at all, he continued dreaming of yesterday, licked his lips slowly like he could remember the feeling of her soft and warm lips on his.

He was simply happy because he knew that in one hour or maybe a little more, he could see her and he already couldn't wait, his mouth couldn't help but smiling his cocky grin. How will he act when he will be with her ? He couldn't take her in his arms by surprise and kissing her senseless in the hallway 'cause he was sure she didn't like that and didn't allowed to do this… even if he was already dying only thinking about that…

"All right, Finn, stop thinking this way or the mailman will be very helpful…" he recovered himself, jumping out of his bed, taking his underwear in the closet and trying to go to the bathroom… it was clear ! Kurt was still in his bedroom ! "Waouhh ! I could do that everyday to take my time on the shower" he chuckles a little entering in the bathroom and locked the door ! Yes, he had the bathroom on his own for half an hour so he get to the shower and with the hot water falling on him he started to sing, taking the soap like a mic and pouring his heart out. Smiling a little, Finn thought that Mr Schue would have been very happy hearing him singing like that.

And even as I wander I'm keeping you in sight
You're a candle in the window on a cold dark winters night
And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might

And I can't fight this feeling anymore
I've forgotten what I started fighting for
It's time to bring this ship into the shore
And throw away the oars forever

'Cause I can't fight this feeling anymore
I've forgotten what I started fighting for
Even if I have to crawl upon the floor
Come crushing through your door
Baby, I can't fight this feeling anymore

"Carooole" Finn heard screaming outside the door. "Carooole ? I think we have a problem with your son…"

"What ?" Carole quickly got up the stairs. "What is the issue with Finn ?"

"Listen… It is only 7.00 am and YOUR son is already in the shower, screaming like he calls for help, already wasting my day…"

"Kurt, that's mean ! Don't talk about him like that, please. By the way, I love hearing him singing… his voice looks like so much to his father's…" Carole whispered, her throat tight by emotion. "I don't know what is wrong with him, Kurt, by the way" she added after recovered herself a little.

"It's 7.00 Carole ! Finn never wake up before 7.30 at least…"

"He maybe wants to improve his behavior and be ready for school at time…"

"Hmmmmm" threw a dubious Kurt.

The both of them jumped when the bathroom's door was open strongly and Finn Hudson appeared in the frame, only wearing a blue towel wrapped tightly around his waist, a big cocky smile across his handsome face. Kurt and Carole both gasped when they saw him : Kurt because he had never wanted to see how much Finn was attractive half naked ("He is my brother, he is my brother…" he repeated in his mind) and Carole because she realized how much his son was practically a man and how beautiful and strong built he was !

"Hi you two, how are you today ?" Finn said, his voice singing with joy.

"Finn, please, could you wear something more… well something !" yelled Kurt in a high-pitched tone.

"I'm wearing something Kurt… I'm wearing something !" he teased entering in his bedroom, living his mother and half-brother in the hallway, in awe.

"Well… he seems good for me, isn't he ?"

"I hope I will have hot water after his show" mumbled Kurt before yelling "Tell me you don't use Vitamin D anymore, please 'cause that was totally disturbing the last time…" while entering in the bathroom. "Oh my God, Finn Hudson, it's a sauna here ! I can't even breath… it's so wrong for my skin and my voice… What do you think of ?" screamed the young teenager while Carole closed the door, giggled a little.

She hesitated a little before knocking on her son's door.

"Kurt, even if I'm in a good mood this morning, don't start to bother me, please" shot Finn voice with annoyance.

"Finnie, it's Mum."

"Oh… just a sec Mum… okay, come in please."

She opened the door and found her son struggling with his sweater who sticked to his wet back. She chuckled and approached him to help him, taking his arm to lean him forward to her. Once she had done, she stared deep into her son's eyes and hugged him strongly.

"Mum, what's happen ?" Finn asked gently when he heard her sniffling a little.

"Nothing… you're so big and beautiful my boy. You had grown up so quickly. You will leave me soon…"

"Mum, I'm here now, I don't leave you. And even if I will go, I will never leave you cause you will be always in my heart. You know how much I love you, don't you ?" He talked to her with a sweet voice, cradling her tenderly.

"I know Finn. But I love when you say it to me." They laughed a little. "You know how much I'm proud of you, hon ?"

"Why Mum ? What did I make to deserve it ?" he asked really surprised.

"You're a good boy ! You never created issues, you never made huge mistakes in school… I mean except for your lateness…"

Suddenly, Finn felt awkward and ashamed. Yesterday he had made a huge mistake… with Rachel… when he cheated during the history's test. He knew that Rachel didn't really say something about that yesterday because of the slap and… the kiss – he couldn't help but smiled again when he remembered this wonderful and intense moment – but he will not have this luck today. He should find a way to apologize to her and fix his mistake even if he will be in detention for the rest of the semester.

Finally, his mother broke the hug and looking at his face saw how much he beamed.

"Finn ! What's that for ?" she asked, smiling a little.

"What ?"

"You are beaming… nobody beams at 7.00 in the morning. So… why do you do it ? And why are you awake and already showed so soon this morning ? What do you hide to me, hon ?"

"Nothing Mum" said Finn hesitantly. "I'm only feeling good today, that's all."


"Yes…" Seeing her son blushing, Carole decided to drop it for now. She kissed his cheek and quitted the room saying : "Don't forget your breakfast…"

"As if I could…" he answered sighing deeply while he heard her laugh weakened while she got down the stairs.

Before meet her he thought again about Rachel and his trick. He needed to see his teacher as soon as possible because he really didn't want that Rachel could have issues because of him. So, he prepared his backpack and got down the stairs, avoiding his thoughts for a moment, lost in the smell of his mother's pancakes.

Once he was at school, with all senses in alert he tried to find the one he wanted to see as soon as possible. When he glimpsed her, his heart started to beat so fast that it was practically hurting. He walked to her while smirking and caught her eyes. She looked like a deer in the headlights and suddenly, she disappeared in the opposite direction. Finn stood still a moment. He was a little disappointed but he didn't let this bothering or sadden him : fighting for Rachel could be a funny and lovely thing. He was ready to challenge. Like the bell rang, he turned back and get to his History's class.

Rachel was already at her seat, trying to avoid his gaze as soon as she saw him entered in the room. Without hesitation, Finn sat beside her while she was blushed crimson.

"Hi Rachel. How are you today ?" His voice was sweet and lightly tease.

"How dare you talk to me after what you did to me yesterday ?" she spitted it out in a whisper.

Ouach… that wouldn't be that easy !

"What are you talking about : the kiss, the slap or the trick ?" He stared at her with his cocky smile but she didn't let down her defences.

"Both of three !" She opened her history's book and seemed to be really passionate by it, avoiding completely the guy beside her, the guy who made her heart beat so strong and her legs become weak.

Finn couldn't try anything else because the teacher came in the room and started the class. But, before he turned to Finn and Rachel and said in a harsh tone : "Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, I want to see you after class" and he started his lesson as if nothing had happened.

Next to him, Finn saw Rachel's tiny body cower, trying to disappear while she was sniffled a little. Feeling ashamed and sadden because what he did to her, Finn wanted to comfort her, so he took her little hand in his under the table but she tried to push him away as discreetly as possible. The young man was stronger than her so he kept her hand in his, rubbing sweetly his thumb on her hand. Finally, she stopped fighting, her hand relaxing a little under his caress. They remained like that for a while, savoring their feelings.

When the bells rang, everybody rushed out of the class except Finn and Rachel. He could see she was afraid and ashamed and he felt awkward to put her in this way. Closing the door, the teacher turned around to them with a stern face.

"So… yesterday I was graded when I found an astonished test… there was few mistakes but other than that, that was perfect. I smiled thinking that really Rachel, you are my best student but, suddenly, I realized that it was not YOUR test… it was FINN's one. So… I took yours and graded and do you know what I found ? Without one or two minor exceptions, your test and his are exactly the same. Please, can you explain me that crystal clear ? "

Rachel's cheeks was crimson, her lower lip shacking a little and her eyes full of tears. She tried to speak but nothing more a moan escaped her lips.

"I'm not surprising about Finn's acts…" continued the man still staring at Rachel.

"What's the hell ?" Finn thought suddenly angry. "Why isn't he surprising that I'd cheated ? It's the first time ever I did that ! Did he really think I am worthlessness ? " He rubbed the back of his neck trying to calm down. A sniffling next to him draw his attention and he saw the tears escaping from Rachel's eyes and running down her cheeks while he heard what the teacher added :

"… but I'm really disappointed in you, Miss Berry !"

Finn couldn't put up with that anymore.

"Mister, it's all my fault, Rachel has nothing to do with it. I cheated on her and she doesn't know it !"

"Waouhh, I didn't expected you are a gentleman, Mr Hudson…"

"I swear to you that it's true ! It's only my fault, I used her ! She had never allowed me to cheat if she knew and you know that…"

The young man purred his heart in his words trying to exonerate Rachel at their teacher's eyes. What he didn't notice was not only he impressed his teacher by his honesty but most of all Rachel stared at him with awe because it was the first time that anybody took up her cause.

"But, I saw you talking during the test, didn't you remembered ?"

"Yes, I was asking for private lessons to increase my grades and like she is a wonderful and amazing girl, she agreed…" He turned to her while he spoke his last words and frozed when he saw her : she was staring at him, her mouth lightly opened in disbelief, her wonderful chocolate eyes widen, trying to process what he just said. She was so beautiful that he needed to swallow hardly to not kissing her right here right now ! He closed his eyes reluctantly a sec before looking at his teacher and added : "I cheated on her when I asked her for help. She really has nothing to do with all this bu…"

"Language Finn !" This Rachel's intervention was so unexpected that everybody looked at each other and they burst into laughing, releasing tension.

"I'm ready to believe you, Mr Hudson. But, if Miss Berry is exonerate thanks to you, you are another story ! Your record is disturbing… always late in class, always sleeping instead of listening, your grades are freefall and now you cheated ! I'm sorry Finn but I have no other choice that tell it to Mr Figgins…"

"No, please, Mister !" cried out Finn desperate. "If you do that, I will be fire of the football and basketball team forever ! Please, don't do that ! I promise I will work more, I will take private lesson and improve my grades, I swear ! But please, don't do that…" his voice broke while he spoke, tears of frustration came to his eyes.

"I'm sorry but…"

"Mister, please, can I talk to you in privacy ?" Rachel broke him off with a stern voice. Finn glimpsed at her but her face was unreadable. He was sure she was really angry and upset because of him and it was hurting him even more that the fact he will be fire of the team.

"Uh… sure" said the teacher hesitantly. "Finn can you wait for us in the hallway, please ?"

The young man obeyed reluctantly not without looked at Rachel a last time before getting out but she stood still, avoiding his glance. He closed the door, leaned against the wall and slid to the floor, taking his head on his hands. If only he knew what she was saying. Should she trying to help him or to rub him it ? He couldn't help but shivered. After what it seemed to be forever, he felt a soft and tiny hand on his shoulder. He raised his head and saw Rachel with a little awkward smile.

"Come Finn" she said softly, reaching her hand to him. He didn't need to be told twice, he stood up and took her hand in his, locked his eyes on hers for a while. Finally, she gave him an encouraging smile and took off her hand, entering again in the room. He followed her sighing deeply.

"So, Mr Hudson… it seems you are born under a lucky star – Rachel'smile encraised at the star's mention – and that's why I don't talk to Mr Figging about this incident. You're still in the team… for now."

Finn's eyes wined when he heard that and he took a seat before collapsing on the floor.

"I give you a last chance ! Last chance, do you hear me ?"

"Yes, Mister ! Thank you so much, Mister !"

"Finn, these are the conditions : you will be in detention for five weeks, you will be always in time for class till the end of the year, you will take private lessons as soon as possible with Miss Berry."

Finn glanced at her and said softly : "Only if she agrees after all what I've done…"

"She agrees ! Finn… Finn !" throw up the teacher to draw the attention of his student who was staring at the little brunette, eyes widen in awe and gratitude. When the young man turned his head to him, the teacher said again : "Every week, you will have a test. If you failed just once, you'll be fire. It's a deal ?"

"It's a deal" nodded Finn while shacking his teacher's hand. "Thank you so much…"

"Never mind. Get out of here now I have some grade to make." Rachel opened the door and rushed out. While Finn started to follow her, his teacher interpellated him : "Finn, when I was talking about a lucky star, I was not kidding. I don't know what she finds in you but she believes enough in you to intercede on your behalf so, make your best to deserve it, boy."

"Thank you, Mister" answered Finn astonished. She intercedes on his behalf ? Her ? While he cheated on her ? Why ?

When he came in the hallway, she was left without a word. But even if he was a little upset, he felt so cool inside 'cause thanks to her he could stay in the team. She was really amazing, there was no doubt at all ! A hard hand hitting his shoulder took him off his thoughts.

"So, man, what the teacher said ?"

"Easy Puck ! I'm still in the team."

"Yeah, great ! How do manage to stay ? I thought he was fired you and kicking your ass."

"Rachel saves my ass, man…" Finn answered dreamingly.

"What ?" Puck raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

"She saves my ass. That's why I'm not fire… she tells she will give me private lessons and manages to keep me in the team… she's incredible, man…"

"Oh boy ! Are you kidding me ? Don't talk of her like that, you scare me, man ! It's like you start to like her or something... urrrrrr…" to emphasize his words he shamed a fake shiver. "Come on or we will be late for Glee and I really need to sing or sleep a little."

Finn only shrugged and followed him, his thoughts far away from here, near a lucky shining star who lighted up his live more and more each day.