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The potion master's cloak billowed behind him as he streaked across the sky. His mind was clouded with thought of what he'd be forced to do by both Albus Dumbledore and the Dark Lord. Everyone was always asking something out of him and they wonder why he was bitter; why he was so sarcastic.

He felt the slender smooth wooden handle as both his hands gripped it tightly causing his knuckles to go white. It has been ages since he was on a broom and he felt liberated, free. His head was no longer clouded and fogged by his burdens as he was able to escape his world even if it were only for a few moments, but the moment was liberating and he could feel freedom. Freedom was the only reason why he was in this war fighting for the light side. He wanted to be free of people and the only way was to end the war. Once the war was over no one would bother him again. He would no longer have to go to the Dark Lord every time he called and no longer would he have to hide at Hogwarts anymore.

The wind riveted through his hair as it whipped around him. It blinded his vision, but why would he need to see? He was in the open air and it was late at night where everyone would surely be asleep. The potion master savored this moment. Never had he felt so free and safe before. The life of a spy was not easy nor was it carefree. He had to watch out for himself in every move he made. He had to think critically and quick on his feet when he spoke to the Dark Lord. One wrong slip and he would find his body on the floor as it writhed in pain from the dreadful cruciatus curse.

The silent night had suddenly been disrupted as the potion master heard a soft laughter from someone. It sounded wonderful as it was music. He was too busy searching for the source of the sound he hadn't notice he was getting close to the Forbidden Forest. The tall trees shadowed him and before he knew it he collided into one. It had knocked the wind out of him as he felt himself falling. He was falling from the sky back down to earth, back down the world he tried to escape for just a few moments. He felt like the thin delicate threads of his life had suddenly been snipped.

The cold hard surface of the large lake was merciless as his body struck the silent calm waters. He caused the surface of the water to become uneven and newly formed waves reached for his body and engulfed him, swallowed him whole. His muscles instantly tensed as he felt his limbs thrashing. He struggled to surface, but he couldn't. Damn he wished he could swim.

He had always feared off drowning ever since he was a little boy. He remembered when he was young around the age of six he was sitting by a pool. He watched the water as it rippled from his touch. Then he was confronted by another boy who thought he was so much better then Severus. Suddenly he felt the boy grab him and force his head into the water. His hold on Severus didn't cease. Even when his lungs thought they were going to explode and his head was starting to pang from pain. He panicked and his limbs lashed out trying to get the other boy's hands off him. Severus had suddenly felt the boy's grip on him loosen. Severus whipped his head out of the water and ran for it. It was his first accidental magic as he had caused the boy to go unconscious but at that moment he didn't care. He was scared for his life and from then he stayed away from bodies of water.

His mind went racing as he fumbled through his soaked robes for his wand, but he couldn't get it out. It was tangled within his robes. The layers of jet black materials he was wearing weighed him down resurfacing to the surface seemed futile. He was going to die. The thoughts of death ran through his mind as he couldn't focus properly to create a wordless and wandless bubble charm not to mention it was hard to do. He could do wordless magic and some wandless magic, but not both at the same time. His throat constricted as it was trying to get air. His chest heaved in pain as it felt like his body was pulling apart. His head throbbed in agony and soon he felt his movements in his arms slow down. He couldn't move. He was too weak and oxygen deprived to register anything. Everything around him started spinning and then it all went black.


The Transfiguration mistress couldn't sleep. She thought it was a good time to go for a walk around the castle. The school was so peaceful at night when it was silent. She breathed in the crisp cold air as it played with the few loose strands of raven black hair that had escaped the confinements of her tight bun. She drew her thin loose white night robes. She then took out the pins that were in her hair. She felt the soft coils of her hair fall down to her waist. She lightly shook her head and tousled her hair. She then massaged her scalp lightly with her long thin fingers to comfort it from the long stressful day she had. The cold stone floor felt nice under her bare feet as she softly walked through the halls. She felt a slight breeze on her closed eyelids. She didn't usually feel this wonderful feeling since they were normally hidden behind her squared glass spectacles.

Luckily it was so late at night that no one would be up. If they had been then the sight of her would have been shocking. They would see the care free Minerva McGonagall compared to the very strict uptight professor and Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall that they all knew. She softly laughed to herself at the thought of it. Suddenly her thoughts were disrupted when she heard the loud sound of a splash. Was someone in the lake? Who would go into the lake at this time? With a faint pop she had transfigured herself into a gray tabby cat with dark distinct markings. She sprinted down towards the lake in record time. She transformed back into her human form before she started to search within the depths in the water, and there she could see the ripples in the water. She saw the dark black shadows of someone's robes as bubbles of air had broken to the surface. Whoever it was they were drowning.

She quickly disposed her night robe and took off her nightgown as it would only weigh her down in the water. She was reduced down to her underwear. She felt goose bumps to the newly exposed flesh to the cold air, but this wasn't the time to get subconscious of her body. She took a breath and gracefully dived into the water. She swiftly cut through the water and extended her arms out as she searched for the body. She only hoped she wasn't too late as she continued the search. The water was dark as she could barely see anything and the freezing water cut through her pale ivory skin like needles. Suddenly she could feel the smooth fabric of someone's robes. She gripped tightly at the fabric as she yanked it towards her. She felt the solid form of person against her body now. She wrapped her arm firmly around the person's waist and she kicked with all her strength to the surface.

When her head submerged from the water she gasped for air and moved to bring the person's head out of the water. The soaked dark hair of the man's curtained his face as she didn't know who it was. She rested it on the crook of her neck and shoulder to keep it above the water as she slowly swam to the edge of the lake. When they had reached the land she heaved his body out of the water. She placed the body as she tried to move it as less as possible in case the person had any injuries. Her hand instinctively went to the neck as she carefully felt for a pulse. There was a very faint one and his chest remained motionless as he wasn't breathing. She wasn't well educated in magical healing, but she knew some muggle ones.

Minerva placed one hand over the other on his chest as she pounded heard against it in rhythmic timing. She then brushed away the hair from the man's face and yes it was a man. It wasn't a student but a professor. The worst professor and the last person she would want to do CPR on, but she needed to act quickly if she was going to save his life. She swallowed her pride and lifted his chin up before she opened his mouth and tightly pressed her mouth against his. She breathed twice as each one lasted about a second before she returned to pounding hard against the breast bone. She counted as she had to quickly apply thirty compressions to him. Was it thirty? She tried to think since it's been awhile from when she'd learned the process as an auror. Now was not time to question as she went back to his mouth and quickly locked upon him once more. His eyes fluttered open as he gasped for air and started to cough up water. She quickly moved off of him so he could cough all the water he had swallowed. She then quickly moved her head down to his chest. Her hair whipped across his face in the process which caused him to be more acute and alert to his surroundings. She sighed with relief when she heard him breathing.

"Wha-what happened?" he finally managed to say. He saw it was a woman that was beside him and he could feel her soft hand against his neck. Was she a guardian angel that came to his rescue?

"Are you alright Severus?" asked an all too familiar concerned voice though her Scottish accent was more present in her voice.

"Minerva, what were you doing?" Severus quickly asked as he was embarrassed for her to drag him out of the water and better yet he gaped as he saw her appearance. "Why are you dressed like that?" Minerva quickly covered herself as she went to retrieve her night robe and put it on. She did not turn to face him until she had her robe tightly wrapped around her body. He watched as drops of water formed from her long soaked black hair and how pail her skin looked. He wouldn't comment or try to remember the sight of her body that was reduced to her knickers. Actually it wasn't bad for a woman of her age. It was slightly muscular and well built. Surprisingly it wasn't wrinkly or sagging anywhere as the lack of her glasses gave her face a more youthful look and her emerald green eyes bore into his dark ones.

"Severus, are you alright?"

"What do you think?" he answered her dryly. "And that doesn't explain for your appearance, I hope you weren't throwing yourself on me."

"You're sick. A simple thank you for saving my life would be appreciated." she retorted coldly. "You should go to Poppy so she could make sure you don't have any other injuries." Her green eyes were fierce as if she regretted for even trying to save his life. This hurt him, but he deserved it after all for making a comment like that. He slowly tried to prop himself up only to wince in pain as his chest felt sore and heavy like a rock. Suddenly her green eyes flashed with concern as she went to help him, but he slapped her hands away harshly.

"I don't need your pity or help any longer." he said bitterly. She then grabbed his arm and looked at him coldly.

"Severus, you are not well, and you need my help whether you want it or not. Now stop acting like a child and let me help you." she demanded and he sighed as he hated to admit she was right. His leg felt like it was badly bruised along with his chest. She then helped him up as she sent a patronus to Poppy Pomfrey, the school medi-witch. She wouldn't be happy to see him at such a late hour, but she would have to get over it.

Minerva and Severus Snape slowly made their way to the hospital wing. Minerva tried to help him to the nearest bed, but he swatted her hands away from him once more.

"Minerva, please, I can get into a bed myself, and I think your hands have been on me long enough." he snapped and Minerva just stared at him defiantly with her hands on her hips threateningly. Just then the medi witch came out from her private quarters looking tried, but she immediately jumped into action. She ran to Severus's bedside and she instantly felt his head and he swatted her hand away from him too.

"I've been touched by enough women for today for your information Poppy. I don't need your mouth or hands on me." When he said the last part he looked at Minerva as he set a cold glare at her. Minerva looked unappreciated for she just saved his life for Merlin sake and now he's going to complain about the way she did it, the nerve of him. Her cheeks burned with anger as she returned to harsh glare.

"For your information Severus, that CPR saved your life." Minerva told him through clenched teeth.

"Either way, I don't want either of your hands on me." he yelled and then Poppy just looked just as upset as Minerva.

"Trust me Severus, I wouldn't touch you for my own pleasure." snapped Minerva and Severus looked at her incredulously and then snorted as his facial expression changed to a pompous smirk.

"Yeah, sure." he replied sarcastically. While Minerva and Severus had their little quarrel Poppy had run diagnostic tests on Severus with her wand and found that he didn't have any concussions or internal injuries. He was only extremely sore. Luckily that could easily be healed over night.

Just then the Headmaster walked into the Hospital wing as one of his portraits informed him that one of his staff members was in the hospital wing.

"Severus stop acting like a child!" screamed a fed up Minerva.

"Yes I bet you liked my child like skin beneath you!"

"That's highly inappropriate and-"

"So you do like it?"

"Sorry but I didn't pay attention to your personal needs."

"Personal needs?" interjected Severus flabbergasted, "Thank Merlin you didn't attend to my personal needs!" Albus just stood there finding the quarrel all too amusing.

"Severus, now that I know your personal needs weren't attended to, I would still like to know what happened to you." interrupted Albus as he received an evil glare from Severus and a thankful look from the two women for silencing the man.

"I don't know what happened to Severus, but I was taking a midnight stroll when I heard splashing from the lake. I ran down there and pulled Severus out-"

"You forgot to mention your attire." exclaimed Severus as Minerva whipped around to glare at him while he kept a smug appearance.

"You were saying my dear?" asked Albus trying to get the full story.

"Well," continued Minerva as she averted her eyes back to the headmaster, "I had to preform CPR since I don't know any magical way to help someone who wasn't breathing and then after Severus started breathing again I brought him here."

Albus had a twinkle in his blue eyes as he was curious as to what CPR is. "What is CPR Min?"

"It's where if someone stops breathing you have to give thirty hard quick compressions to the breast bone to keep the heart pumping and then two quick breaths through the mouth." Severus then jerked when he heard that he had locked lips with her of all people.

"You did what?"

"I don't see how it matters since you were unconscious at that moment anyway."

"Severus can you swim?" Albus asked getting back to the matter at hand. Severus grew pail and looked away. Minerva scoffed as she thought every adult should know by now how to swim.

"I'll take that as a no." said the headmaster as he went by Severus's bedside. "To put an end to you drowning in the lake I think you should learn how to swim and I know just the teacher."

"You do?" questioned Severus dryly.

"Yes in fact she's standing right beside you."

"What?" Severus and Minerva yelled simultaneously.

"Albus you can't be serious." Minerva looked aghast.

"Yes, I mean Minerva teach me, what a laughable idea."

"It seems logical enough; I mean she saved your life and all." Albus pointed out but the two were still displeased by the thought. Minerva had enough on her hands and the last thing she needed was to teach the most unpleasant man she knew how to swim. The last thing Severus needed was swimming lessons as he was frightened by the water. He also didn't want to humiliate himself in front of Minerva or let alone his own Slytherin house. To get out of the situation he would then have to argue and make her refuse, yes that would work.

Severus propped himself up from the bed as he glared at Minerva. "I think I'd rather keep my image of Minerva in her black robes than in a swimsuit." Minerva scoffed in dislike as Severus went on. "But yet again I guess it can't be as bad as the knickers you were wearing."

"That's it, I'm sorry Albus but I can't teach him." Minerva snapped and Severus smiled. He smirked as the simple plan worked. Great she thought. Despite the fact that she was going to have to teach Severus all this was going on in front of Poppy who was the worst gossiper ever. The whole school would know before breakfast she thought. They wouldn't even get to know why she had reduced herself to her underwear, but they'd just know that she was in them and in front of Severus. Oh would this ghastly day ever end for her?

"Minerva, please find it in your heart to teach Severus, I know you wouldn't want any harm come to him even if he might not be the most pleasant person around." Albus begged her and Minerva looked into his blue tantalizing eyes. 'Merlin, why did anyone give him those eyes?' Minerva thought. She couldn't refuse the eyes and both men knew it. 'Damn why did he have those eyes on her? He couldn't have them anywhere else could he?' thought Severus as he knew she'd give in.

"Alright, I'll do it." Minerva said dejectedly. She had given in.

"Perfect then I assume first lesson should be tomorrow. The faster Severus learns how to swim, then the faster you two won't have to deal with the problem." Albus said still twinkling while Severus and Minerva kept their piercing glares on each other.

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