Yue Sai: I understand that my ending needed more explanation, and since right now, I can't think of how to continue this, I'll just ask one of the main characters. Until then, Marco is a large water serpent. In Latin Sea Dragon is Maris Draco, and so Marco's owner put the words together to get Marco.

Severus: (Just walked in) What are you doing?

Yue Sai: I'm writing like I do most days. What are YOU doing?

Severus: What are you making me do now in your story?

Yue Sai: Which one?

Severus: There's more than one? (Flabbergasted)

Yue Sai: Of course there's more than one. You should be flattered. (Smiling innocently)

Severus: I'm overjoyed.

Yue Sai: Did I detect a hint of sarcasm there? (Cup my ear) Hmm…I thought I did. Well, where are you going?

Severus: …

Yue Sai: And a hush fell over the crowd. Hurry before the crickets start.

Severus: …

Yue Sai: Speak up Severus. You know I'm hard of hearing.

Severus: I don't see how this concerns you.

Yue Sai: It doesn't but you know how nosy I am.

Severus: (Starts to walk away)

Yue Sai: You're not getting dessert are you?

Severus: (Stops to glare)

Yue Sai: How interesting.

Severus: What do you know?

Yue Sai: Oh Nothing much. But I did hear something from Rolonda….

Severus: What is she spreading around now?

Yue Sai: Just some very entertaining pictures.

Severus: Pictures?

Yue Sai: No need to fret Severus. There's just one of you in the most adorable floaties, and one…ah…well, you'll see them eventually.

Severus: What's that supposed to mean?

Yue Sai: (shrug shoulders) Don't you have somewhere to be?

Severus: (Sneer) being nosy again?

Yue Sai: No I'm not being nosy again. I never stopped. Anyway, I've been answering your questions and it's only fair if you answer some of mine.

Severus: (Smirk)

Yue Sai: You're right. Why would you be fair? You never are in quidditch or house points.

Severus: Says who?

Yue Sai: Says everyone!

Minerva: You shouldn't act so shocked Severus. It's not an unknown fact.

Severus: Nice of you to join us Minerva.

Yue Sai: So I'm waiting for the answers…

Minerva: What answers?

Yue Sai: The answers to my questions.

Minerva: Oh Merlin, what do you want to know now?

Yue Sai: Nothing much, just where he's going. Where are you going?

Minerva: I was just going to revise the quidditch timetables with Severus.

Yue Sai: Mmhmm, yeah, that's not fooling me.

Albus: Nor is it fooling me.

Yue Sai: Hello there Headmaster. (Smiles broadly)

Albus: Hello Severus, Minerva, and Yue Sai. Since you two are going to discuss quidditch time tables, might I suggest putting some sound proof charms in the room.

Minerva & Severus: (Glare)

Yue Sai & Albus: (Smiling innocently)

Albus: (Clears throat) so…what are you writing now Yue Sai?

Yue Sai: Stories with Severus, Minerva, and you.

Minerva: Me?

Severus: Merlin help us.

Albus: (Eyes twinkling) Oh, what are we doing this time?

Yue Sai: I don't want to give anything away…

Albus: Oh come on, I'm sure we'd all love to know.

Severus: Yes please, enlighten us.

Yue Sai: Well there's one where you're a father…

Severus: Humph.

Minerva: Please, the very thought is laughable.

Yue Sai: Exactly my point.

Severus: What's that supposed to mean?

Rolonda: It means that no woman on Earth would have the right mind to have a child with you.

Severus: (Glare)

Minerva & Yue Sai: (Try not to smile or add to the comment)

Albus: How was your broom ride?

Rolonda: It was very refreshing out, and I got word from Marco's owner. He's doing just fine.

Severus: Wait, that was real?

Minerva: Of course Marco is real. That's the reason why you ran out of the lake.

Severus: I did not run.

Everyone except Severus: (Look doubtfully)

Severus: I…I walked briskly.

Yue Sai: Sure you did. So how is Marco? I really do miss that sea dragon.

Albus: Me too, though Morris is coming for a stay.

Rolonda: Oh really, I did always love Morris!

Yue Sai: How long is he staying in the castle?

Albus: I haven't heard yet from his master yet.

Minerva: Just be careful that Morris doesn't get into the kitchens like last time. It really terrified the house elves, but yet again, I would frightened myself if Morris appeared by my bedside.

Severus: Um…who is Morris?

Yue Sai: You'll find out eventually Guppy, but I wouldn't be going to out for midnight snacks if I were you.

Albus: Indeed, I also have to hide my lemon drops or he'll eat them all.

Minerva: Yes, because we can't have that happen.

Albus: Sarcasm does not behoove you my dear, and don't you have some time tables to go over with Severus.

Minerva: Yes, Severus would you rather discuss it in my office or yours?

Severus: Whichever, it doesn't matter.

Minerva: Alright then, mine it is. Good day Albus, Ro, and Yue Sai.

Yue Sai: Good day.

Albus: Same to you Min.

Rolonda: Remember to use protection!

Albus: Rolonda!

Rolonda: What, we wouldn't want any little Snapes running around. One of him is enough.

Yue Sai: So, are we going to talk about what to do with Morris?

Albus: Indeed, I think I still have left over honey from last year.

Rolonda: Oh goody, then we can smear it all over Severus and watch him run like a bat out of hell.

Yue Sai: I like how you think.

Rolonda: Well you are the writer.

Yue Sai: (Snaps out of day dream) Hmm, what a shame. I was just starting to have fun. (Sigh)

Author's note: Yes, it was a lame chapter, maybe. I don't know, but I've gotten lazy I'll admit. Now you know what Marco is and that Severus did eventually get dessert. As for Morris, that's for another day. Good night/morning and this is the end of the story for real this time. I hoped you're satisfied LemonDropsWoolSocks. ;)