Chapter 10: Epilogue and Conclusions


Dark had never been so frustrated in his entire life. How had this happened? He'd been so careful, so exact. He'd thought his way through every conceivable aspect and turn possible, and yet that stupid Hero of Time had bested him. Again!

Dark growled deep in his throat. It was a guttural sound, full of anger and malice. It was utterly unmistakably inhuman in its tones, a cry only a being of darkness and shadow could make.

"Link." He thought wickedly, so the Hero still had some tricks up his heroic green sleeves did he? Fine. Next time the dice were tossed, Dark would make doubly sure they rolled in his favor.

Dark smirked in the darkness that surrounded him. They'd sealed him in a sealing mirror, sure it was old magic, but he highly doubted the princess and her sage's apprentice were capable of wielding it correctly. In fact, Dark was almost certain that given the right amount of time, and the right amount of dedication, he could free himself from this would-be cage, and return in what would be, assuredly, his own form.

Dark leaned lazily back, as if he were lounging on a couch instead of floating in the misty waves of his own darkness. Yes, give it time, Reynolds wasn't the only one in that palace who still wished for Ganon's return, and if they thought releasing Dark was the best way to do it, all the better for him.


Link smiled at Zelda. His eyes dancing with tones of deep blue and glinting of red. The swirls of color were a lasting sign of his battle with Dark, but Hestial had promised that the red would fade with time.

Zelda grasped Link's right hand firmly in her own, making their two Triforce pieces shimmer and dance, courage and wisdom. Link smiled warmly at Zelda, and he felt her eyes gaze warmly at him too. She leaned in and laid her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes as the soft trickles of sunlight ran their way up her face, and made her golden hair shine even brighter.

Link squeezed her hand tightly. He didn't want to let her go, at least not for now. Link knew Zelda didn't love him, and he was pretty sure he didn't love her either, at least not like that. She was his great friend, his only family, and that was something worth holding onto.


Hestial breathed deeply in the scents of the daylight. Most people couldn't smell them, being so caught up with life in the light that they forgot to live. Hestial hadn't.

She moved slowly towards the Magnolia tree in one of Hyrule Castle's many side courtyard gardens. She loved Magnolias, though she couldn't be sure why. They were a rare flower in Hyrule and even rarer in the Gerudo dessert of her homeland, meaning that the tree was undoubtedly a gift from a neighboring kingdom. More than likely a rich suitor's whispering in Princess Zelda's ear.

Not that Hestial cared, now that things were alright again, Hestial could spare a moment for her beloved light, and for the sweet smell of the blooms of the Magnolia.

The End. For Now.

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