Chapter three: The final chapter

This is end of the chapter

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It was morning the kids are playing with their toys while Pyrus and Anakin are watching the kids cause nothing else happens just for now but someone different will be after Anakin's wife they only want her for the powers that she has and will do anything to get them. Then Jar Jar Binks decided to come to check on Pyrus and Anakin with their kids. Anakin is glad to see Jar Jar Binks again it's been a long time that he last saw him.

Anakin got up to let Jar Jar Binks to come inside. "Ani it's so good to see yousa again." As When Jar Jar Binks said. "You too Jar Jar." Anakin replied. So Jar Jar finally got to meet his new wife that looks like his last wife. Pyrus has never met Jar Jar Binks yet so this will give her a chance to meet him for the first time. "Ani I never met him before." Pyrus responded. "Pyrus this is Jar Jar Binks he's a old friend of mine Jar Jar is really nice you will like him." Anakin answered.

Jar Jar walked to Pyrus of cours neither of them knew what to say until the gudian Jar Jar spoked to her. "Whosa are yousa?" Jar Jar asked. "I'm Pyrus who are you?" When as Pyrus answered. "Mesa Jar Jar Binks." As Jar Jar Binks replied. Anakin is glad that his friend Jar Jar met his wife Pyrus. "Yousa remind mesa of someone I know." Jar Jar said. Pyrus didn't know what he was talking about until she finally asked. "I do? I don't get that alot sometimes." Pyrus asked.

"Yes yousa do yousa remind mesa of Padme." Jar Jar answered. "Yeah Anakin does tell me about how I do look like her I don't blame him." Pyrus responded. While Pyrus well almost had a normal life that's when more things just got worse one of her emenies is still after her but this emeny is someone named Azien that is after Pyrus he only wants her for her powers so he will do anything to get it he sends Taskmaster after her. Pyrus & Anakin knew that she is still being targeted so they had never stopped.

As she wondered why they never stopped that's when Anakin decided to hold his wife to comfort her like he did when he married Pyrus. Luckly the Gudian Jar Jar never knew about it and he may never find out. The kids are still outside playing only the mother went to see who it is that is after her but didn't know it was going to be a trap Azien came out of no where and grabbed Pyrus only when she isn't looking. In that moment she struggled to get loose but no luck cause he had a tight grip on her.

Azien took Pyrus to his hideout and tied her up tight knowing she will never get free then he stun her. As the vampire girl Pyrus was un-able to move at all of course she only had wondered why he kidnap her for what reason is it cause of the Jinchurki or the powers that she has but no matter the reason is she wasn't going to let him get away with it but Pyrus had singal Anakin for back up.

He came alone to the hideout and the Jedi Anakin saw his wife tied up in order to get her free he was going to have get rid of him to save her. Him and Azien faught long and hard then Anakin had got Pyrus free he does care alot about the one person that he married of course won't let anything happen to her as long he is around to protect Pyrus and their kids it was almost the same way that they first met like that but only happened once that's all they ever need.

They looked into each others eyes Anakin started to kiss her and she kissed him back only more sparks showed up between them knowing that Pyrus and Anakin have a good and very strong connection of their relationship it was like these moments that caused them to wonder how the kidnappings started and when they will ever end. Only Pyrus does feel safe when she is with him. As they both stood their in slience didn't know what to say but he took Pyrus hom back to their kids.

But there is still more out there that is only after Pyrus and will do anything to capture her only when she is alone with no one with her this time the person is after Anakink's wife is someone named Attuma he will send his henchmen Tiger Shark after her only he knew that Pyrus is afraid of Sharks so this will give him the chance to drain the vampire girl daughter Dracula Pyrus powers then he will mind control her it's not everytime that she gets mind controled so it happens.

Attuma had failed to get her powers and to control her but this is never ends but it may change of course no one is really sure yet if it will or not. Pyrus only wants to have a normal life with Anakin and their kids as long these kidnappings happen to her she may not have that normal life she is wanting but there is one good thing that came out all of this is that she has loved ones that really care about Pyrus and will do anything to protect her with their kids the night has fallen into a very clam peaceful bissulful slience.

The End

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