About a girl that get's raped…

She's laying on the bed, with a book in her hands trying to remember what she had just read. But her mind keeps wandering back to that moment when her life suddenly became hell.

It all happened two years ago.

It was night. She was at home. She was bored so she decided to go out.

She carefully chose her outfit, made sure that her make-up was ok, smiled at herself in the huge mirror in her room and headed out. She never expected that that smile will be her last true smile.

She headed down-town, her mind decided have some fun. She even convinced some of her friends to come with her. They met at the statue of X and after that they decided to head to Club Vam.

She and her friends had fun, drank some funny-name cocktail, danced. Some guys even tried to hook her up but she said that she had a boyfriend(even if it was a lie) and that she just wanted to dance and have fun.

She danced and drank and danced some more.

When she decided to go home a guy offered to take her, but she refused.

She exited the building and waited for a taxi. Then she heard a cry. She tried to ignore it but then she heard it again so she decided to go and see what was going on. She entered an alley and saw a girl that was attacked by a grupe of guys. She tried to call for help, but just then one of the guys saw her and told his friends. They stopped and started to grin at her. The other girl slid to the ground, and they headed her way. They grabed her and dragged her into the shadowed alley.

She tried to tell them to stop. She tried to call for help. But she just didn't had enough strength, she just cried and let them do whatever they wanted, hoping and praying that they will stop befor they killed her.

Just when the morning sun rose they stopped. She had no more power, no more hope, she felt herself sink deeper and deeper into herself, into the darkness of her mind, where nothing and nobody could ever hurt her.

Some people that passed by the alley heard her sobs, and found her and called an ambulance.

Now, 2 years later, she just pretends that everyting is alright, that she passed over her trauma. Everytime someone asks her about what happened she just smiles(a fake smile) and simply replies that "I'm alright". She never tells them that she still can't look at herself in the mirror. She never tells them about the nightmares. And she never goes out after 7p.m.

Statue X and Club Vam are just some names that I put because I had no other idea. It would have been weird to name them statue X and Club Y…