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It's a damn cold night

Trying to figure out this life

Won't you

Take me by the hand

Take me somewhere new?

I don't know who you are, but I

I'm with you.


It's an unspoken rule, really.

Everyone at a Spartoi party has something to do. Every party, at any given time, look for them, and they'll be doing it.

Kilik Djing.

Maka and Jacqueline having a bitch session.

Soul and Black Star getting drunk and trying to fuck anyone within a 5-mile radius.

Tsubaki trying to prevent this.

Ox attempting to woo Kim.

Kim having sex with Harvar in the host's bedroom.

Crona panicing because he can't deal with so many people.

Liz and Patty handing out ecstasy pills. (Old connections from the streets of Brooklyn 'never die'.)

And me?

Well, I'm standing in the corner, drink in hand, watching everyone have a good time.

It's not that I don't want to have fun, 'cause I do.

It'd just be awkward, seeing as I'm Lord Death's son, and I'm only in this elite group purely for that reason.

I watch, somewhat amused, as Kim and Harvar stagger out of Kilik's room, clothes obviously thrown on hastily and messily, before kissing briefly and going their separate ways.

The meister notices me watching, and sticks her tongue out playfully. I inwardly groan as she approaches.

"Hey, Kiddoooo~"

"Hello, Kim…"

"I saw you…ch-checking me out over thaaaaaaarrr~"

"I was merely bearing witness to you ripping Ox's heart out and shredding it to tiny pieces without his knowledge."

The witch scoffed.

"Don't liee to meeee, youuu want meeeeee~!"

"Hmph. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried."

"Liaaaaaar! If you wanna get with me, there's some things you gotta know~"

"Please, noooo…." I groaned, as she launched into what could possibly the worst song ever written. Not including Friday, of course.

"I like my beats fast and my bass down low~!"


"Play dat funkyy musicccc, shinigami boy~"

With that, the intoxicated girl stumbled away.

I slumped against the wall in defeat. Sometimes, these people can be such a pain.

Occasionally, I have thought of leaving the DWMA, but stuff always keeps dragging me back.

My determination to find out what my father has to do with the madness, striving to make Patty and Liz into the perfect Death Scythes…

"Yo, Kid-kun!"

Speak of the devils.


"You wanna go places you've never been before?"

I blinked a few times, unsure if I'd heard the younger sister right.


Liz giggled, and flicked Patty on the head.

"Let me re-phrase that. Hey Kid, you wanna get high?"

She held out a small, innocent-looking pill.

"No. Besides, it won't work on me, I have a reaper's body, remember?"

"Have you ever even tried one before?"


"So how do you know it won't work?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Liz, I don't care if it would work on me, I'm not taking the damn pill!"

She pouted, and inched herself closer, so her chest was leaning on mine. Obviously, Blair has been teaching my weapons a few tricks.

"Pweasee, Kiddo-kun~?"

"Tsk. Fine. Give me some water to down it with."

"Whatever you're drinking's fine!"

"What, vodka? I'm not even drinking it, to be honest…"

Patty made a face.


Tears welled up in my eyes, and I did as I was told.

Within seconds, the whole room started spinning, and the girls watched, evil grins stretched across their faces.

"You wanna dance, reaper boy~?"


I let them drag me into the front room, which was the subsitute for the dance floor. I could feel the drug pulsating through my veins.

Was I supposed to feel this…trippy?

Damn it, my body probably reacts differently to this kind of substance.

Tsubaki was waiting for us, trying to control an inebriated Soul and Black Star, who were giving her sleazy grins and peering (rather unsubtly) down her shirt.

"Take it off, babyyy, it's a partyyy, c'mon!"

"Awwwww, look, Soul! Moar boobzzzzzzzz~"

Soul looked in our direction, eying up each sister, before dropping his gaze to me.

"Blaaack Staaaar! Le boobz! She do not haaave~"

"Fuuuuuuuckkk…she succckkkksss…"

"She does? I call dibs on heeeeer~!"

Normally, I'd react to this kind of conversation by kicking them both in the face, or by using some kind of Shinigami power on them.

However, I was as high as they were drunk, so I joined in.

"I'm not cheap, boyyysss, bitches, you can't hit thissssss~"

Liz, Patty and Tsubaki stared at me as if I'd gone mad, before silently edging away. Black Star wrapped his arms around my waist and started nibbling my ear. Soul giggled like a madman.

"I call heerrrrr~!"

"Awww, naw, I was here first~"

"Yeaaaa, but first the worst, second the best, haaaaaa~"

"I'm fucking herrrrrr"

"Noo, I ammmm"

"Dun I gets a say in thiisss~?"

The arguing drunks paused for a moment, before exchanging devilish grins.


I let out a noise halfway between a laugh and a groan.

Black Star released me, and stumbled over to where Kilik was DJ-ing.

"Oh gawd, what's he doing now~?"

Soul and I looked on in curiosity as Black Star whispered something into the other meister's ear, before walking away with a cackle.

"Black Staaaaar~!"


"What did you doo~?"

His smile would've put the Cheshire cat to shame.

"Let's just say, we're gunna figure out who get'sa fuck yoou~"

I opened my mouth to shout something back at him, but my voice was drowned out by Kilik's who was speaking through a megaphone.


Oh shit. He was just as drunk as everyone else.


Everyone cheered.

I could feel my face pale. It's no secret-I'm the only virgin in Spartoi.

What the fuck were they going to do to me?


Only I kept my hands down.


Someone pushed me to the DJ's station. I quivered, unnerved.


"Fuck no!"


The room filled with applause, whoops and wolf whistles.


I should've objected. Lashed out. Something. Anything, to prevent this from happening.

But I didn't.

In my drugged-up state, everything was going peachy. I was going to get laid, that's all that mattered.

I watched in blissful awe as nearly everyone in the room grabbed a bottle of the bitter alcohol and chugged, until a victorious (although somewhat slightly slurred) voice called out "I WIN~!"

I followed the direction I heard it from, and was lead to the sight of Soul, swaying from side to side, bottle raised above his head.

Kilik laughed.


Soul slid his arms around my waist, and leaned in close.

"Come on, let's take this to the bedroom~"

I gulped, but allowed myself to be pulled through the crowd.

The sea of intoxicated people split to allow us through, giggling and swaying as they did.

Unfocused eyes seemed to bore into me, drinking in my nervous image as I braced myself to sacrifice my cherry.

Panic rose in my throat.

I can't do this, I'm Lord Death's son, for crying out loud! I shouldn't even be at a party like this, I-


Soul was staring at me, confusing etched across his features. I snapped out of my little daydream, and back to reality.

A reality where I was completely trashed, with zero control over my actions.


A shark-like grin split his face in half.

"We're here."

I looked up at the door facing me. It was the same one I'd watched Harvar and Kim stumble out of not too long ago.

The weapon dragged me inside, and led me to the bed.

"Soul, wait, I-"

He silenced me with a kiss.

Like an idiot, I melted into it, and pressed our lips harder together, and granted his tongue entry to my mouth when he requested it.

Moans escaped my mouth as the digit graced it's way around the inside of my teeth, before rubbing itself against my own.

I could feel the heat starting to pool into my crotch, giving away my arousal. Soul felt it too.

"Come on, let's get down to what we came here for~"

Without warning, he scooped me up bridal style before throwing onto the single-person bed. A rather undignified squeak left my lips.

The weapon smirked and straddled me, pulling off my pants and yanking at my shirt as he did so.

Seeing at it was a dress shirt, and fastened with buttons, and neither of us were sober enough to actually try unbutton it, I let him try and pull it off over my head.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't come off that way, so we had no choice but to rip it open. Black buttons flew everywhere, and Soul grinned at my bare chest. I looked away, blushing.

"Heyy, no embarrassment here, right? We're all friends~"

I nodded meekly, not wanting to look him in the eye.

How could we be friends after this?

I let out a gasp as I felt him grab my raging hard-on and start to pump it furiously. My stomach knotted and unknotted, and white spots started to appear across my vision. I grasped the bed sheets tight, almost shivering with excitement as Soul drove me to my climax.

"S-Soul! Oh my God, oh my God~"

I could feel pre-cum starting to trickle out now.

The scythe chuckled, and pumped even harder, every once in a while using just one finger to trace the length of my member.

His fingers were like magic. I'd seen what they could do to a piano, but I never thought they could be used like this-

Almost like an explosion, I came in his hand, the salty white substance staining the sheets.

Panting, I turned to the boy.

"T-that was…wow…I mean…wow…"

He grinned wider, if even physically possible.

"Oh, dear, sweet, little cherry, we haven't even started yet~"

Before I could question his vague statement, I was flipped onto my front, with my hands held behind my back.

"Soul! What the fuck are you doing?"

"The fuck do you think I'm doing? I won, we get to have sex! Unless you have some kind of secret shinigami vagina I'm taking you up the ass!"

I don't know if I blushed of paled, but my face definitely reacted to that statement.

"I don't! Don't we at least need a condom, or something…?"

"You ain't got a pussy, you can't get pregnant. So, no."

I couldn't argue with that logic. If you can call it that.


I looked up. Soul was holding out his index and his middle finger almost expectantly.


"Lube these up for me."


To answer my question, he stuck them in my mouth. I could still taste myself on him, but I did as I was told, and licked them until they were drenched in saliva. Soul retracted them.

"Now, I warn you Kid, this is gonna hurt slightly…"

He entered the first finger.

A pain shot through me, unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I cried out, tears threatening to spill from my eyes, but I held them back, determined not to look weak. It was an almost Herculean challenge, but somehow, I held on, until-


"Heh…if you say so…"

He hit my prostate again, but this time more fiercely, now that he knew where it was.

"I'm gonna put the other finger in, so bear with me~"

I waited, before I felt the pain again, this time stronger, with double the force of last time.

"Stop, I want-I want-"


I looked over my shoulder, and stared him directly in the eye.

"I want you to ride me."

A perverted grin spread across Soul's face, as he positioned himself to enter me. I braced myself, waiting for his dick to finally make contact with the bundle of nerves.

Three, two one…


My whole body physically shook with pleasure. Slowly, the weapon began to slide himself back out, before pumping back in almost instantly.

Eventually he got himself into a good rhythm, one that I was able to work with. Our bodies moved in sync, building each other into a deeper, stronger orgasm. I could practically feel the pre-cum leaking out from his dick and into my ass, and to tell you the truth, I wanted more. God. I don't know if it was the drugs making me like this, or genuine pleasure, but damn. It felt so wrong but at the same time, right.

"Jesus Christ, Kid…so f-fucking tight…"

He pounded harder, making me moan deeply. Warm, salty liquid was once again leaking from the tip of my dick, joining with the stains from earlier on Kilik's sheets.

Faster, and faster, until-


He came inside me, his warm seed filling my ass. However, knowing that I was nearing my climax, he carried on, so that I would come too.

Within almost an instant, I did just that, and collapsed onto the bed, panting.

How had I let myself miss out on this? Never before had I experienced such pleasure, I'd never even masturbated before, the very thought disgusted me. But now, after that…I may have to alter my views on things slightly.

I rolled over to look at Soul, to see his reaction, but to my shock, he wasn't lying with me. Instead, he was stood, at the foot of the bed, trying to force his jeans back on whilst swaying from side to side, still intoxicated.

"S-Soul? Where are you going~?"

"Ohhh…aren't you done? Cos I ain't really got the energy to go again…and Black Star's gonna be wonderin' where I am…heh~"

"I don't wanna go again…I mean I could, but aren't you gonna stay?"

The weapon cocked his head to one side.

"Why would I stay~?"

"W-well, we just had sex, didn't we?"

"Errr, noo, we had a tea party. Don't be such a fucking pansy, Kid. Everyone needs a one night stand once in a while~"

And with that, he threw on the rest of his clothes, and staggered out of Kilik's room, leaving me naked, covered (and filled) with semen, under the filthy sheets.

I should've cried.

Retaliated in some form.

But no.

Because of those damned drugs my body wouldn't listen to my brain, and I flung myself out of bed, grinning, because I'd just popped my cherry.

Virgin Sacrifice.

Who the fuck came up with such a sick game? I'd just given myself away to one of the most vile, sexist pigs on the planet, all for the sake of a good time!

I pulled my boxers back on, and began hunting for the rest of my clothes. They were scattered everywhere. Normally, the asymmetry would've left me traumatised, but no, no. High as a bird, aren't I?

Locating my trousers, I threw them on, and picked up a piece of material that closely resembled my shirt. Shit. In between having all the sex and moping around in self pity, I'd forgotten that Soul had physically ripped it open to get it off. I had no choice but to borrow one of Kilik's T-shirts from his dresser, silently promising to return it at the first chance I got.

Unfortunately, the meister wasn't a fan of plain shirts, and every single one had some form of graphic design on it. Each one was, to my horror, asymmetrical.

Groaning inwardly, I threw on the least detailed one I could find, and stumbled out of the room. No-one was even paying attention to me, thank god, but Soul was nowhere to be found either.

I don't know if that was a good thing or not, but I decided on the first option. I don't know if I could handle him right now.

Jesus, I sound like Crona…

Who was, I noticed, making out with a certain blonde scythemeister in a dark corner.

Pushing my way through the crowd, I increased my pace until I reached the front door.

Grasping the cold, metal handle, I twisted the knob and walked out the door, leaving behind the drunken slurs of my comrades, and the heavy, pounding dance music.

Andwalking out into the cool, sharp night air that bit into my sweat-drenched face.

This, dear children, is the night that changed my life.

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