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She's dancing with the stars,
Living in the sky with diamonds.
She's dancing with the stars,
And oh, how the lights are shining.
She holds the key in her hand,
Reflection in the mirror's her only friend.
She's dancing with the stars,
The stars,
Keep dancing.

Eight years later

Two lone figures stood, heads bowed in sombre silence, before a single gravestone amidst a field of thousands. The taller of the pair shook with broken sobs as the smaller gripped his hand, barely holding back their own, shivering slightly as the freezing rain crept slowly down their collars. Grey clouds loomed overhead, rumbling ominously with deep growls of thunder.

"W-what do you mean, he's…he's…"
"He's dead, Liz…I'm so sorry…"

The elder of the Thompson duo sank to her knees as she broke down, holding her head in her hands and wailing for her now former meister. The remaining five people in the room- Maka, Black Star. Tsubaki, Patty and Lord Death- only stared in shock. But who could blame them? Merely five days beforehand they'd seen the reaper, beaming with pride and happiness at the prospect of being a mother.

And now…all that remained of him was the baby he'd been so eagerly anticipating, sleeping soundly in her father's arms, unaware of the grief by which she was surrounded.

"This…this is your fault, Evans…you killed him…"

Everyone turned to face Lord Death, watching in horror as he stepped forward to come face-to-face with the slightly trembling albino before him. Soul gulped, keeping his eyes to the ground and clutching Emilee tighter.

"You killed him! It's your fault he's dead! If he hadn't been so fucking determined to carry your bastard child this would never happened! He'd still be here a-and…and I wouldn't be left with that…that monstrosity you're holding…I'd still have my Kiddo…"

The great reaper removed his mask to reveal a tear-stained face, gold eyes watery and near luminous against the puffy redness of his sockets. To see such a grand figure break down like this was shocking, inducing fresh tears from the other occupants of the Death Room.

"Y-you think you can come in here and just…and just tell me my son- my only family- is dead?"
"Sir, please…I'm sure you hate me right now…but believe me, no-one can hate me more than I hate myself, knowing that it's my fault he's dead…and then having our daughter as a reminder of that every day…"

A choked sob escaped the reaper's throat.
"I…I can never forgive you…just…get out of my sight, never come back here…please…"

Soul nodded, and bowed in respect before turning and leaving to go home. But home to what? He couldn't face Maka and the others, he'd been living with Stein in his laboratory since Kid's passing. Today had been the first time since then that he'd braved seeing other people, and even then it was to deliver the news. He'd managed to convince them that he and Kid were merely too exhausted from caring for a newborn to have visitors. However, people will only believe the same excuse for a limited amount of time.

"Soul! Hey! Soul!"

The albino, who had just been about to step outside the front doors of the DWMA, turned to face the speaker, Patty, currently waving and running towards him.

"What's up?"

Slowing to a halt, the blonde quickly regained her breath.
"Listen, I know things must be hard for you and Emilee right now…"

The scythe nodded, holding his girl closer to his chest.

"So I was wondering…h-how would you feel if I helped you to care for her?"


The pistol averted her eyes to the ground, a solemn look clouding over her usually cheery face.

"I…I still love him, Soul…and if she's all that's left of him then I want to be able to be near her, it'd feel like…like he's still with us."


She lied.

Sure, she stuck around, but only until she fell in love again.

This time, with Black Star.

Towards the start of the year, Patty had fulfilled nearly every motherly duty available, assisting in potty training, teaching Emilee to walk and talk, and taking her to the park each day. However, as the year progressed into two, then five, she began to slowly lose interest until she was making excuses so as to avoid helping Soul. At first he was furious-even going so far as to get into a huge argument with the blonde that resulted in both not speaking with the other for several months-but soon came to realise that she had her own life to live, and had moved on from Kid.

Something he was still yet to do.

Lord Death was no better either. He refused to see Emilee, wanting nothing to do with the child that had robbed him of his own. In time, though, he slowly opened up, asking to see her so long as it was not Soul who brought her. The albino didn't mind- to be honest, facing a grief-stricken reaper was not something he was particularly looking forward to.

A sigh passed his lips.

He'd been hung up on Kid since his death, since before that, and couldn't bear to let him go. Sure, he'd been on several dates over the past eight years, but made sure he never made it past the first. To fall in love again would be like cheating. He daren't even look at another guy or girl for fear of it happening.

A small tug on his hand pulled him from his thoughts. Looking down, he was faced with his small daughter, shivering from the freezing weather and staring back at him with wide ruby eyes.

"D-daddy, p-please can we go home now? I-I'm c-c-cold…"
"Just a second, Emilee…let daddy say bye-bye to mommy."

The child nodded, releasing her father's hand as he knelt before the marble grave marking the spot where her mother was buried. Resting one hand upon the cool stone, the scythe bit back fresh tears as he read the inscription upon the surface:

Here lies Death The Kid (1996-2012)
Beloved son, friend and mother.
Died for the child he will never see grow up.

Placing a soft kiss upon Kid's name, Soul rose and took Emilee's hand in his own.

"Come on, baby, let's get you warmed up…"

The dark-haired girl nodded, and allowed him to lead her back through the field of the deceased, towards their car.

"Yes, baby?"
"What was mommy like…?"
"H-he…he was amazing…you'll never know…"

The thought was heartbreaking, but somehow Soul managed to maintain a fairly straight face as he helped the child into her car-seat. She was all he had left of the shinigami now, the only shred of him remaining.

Every last sacrifice Kid had made had been for her-had been for Soul.

His virginity, his education…

And finally, he had sacrificed his life.

For Soul.

All because of a one night stand.

A one night stand that had been just a mistake.

The most bittersweet mistake either of them had made.

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