Shockwave had been hard at work for several weeks on the development of a new weapon to use against the Autobots. To say that Megatron was pleased would be the understatment of the century.

He had gone out of his way to post Starscream outside of the lab to see to it that Shockwaves wasn't disturbed while he created the weapon.

Shockwave worked tirelessly for well over two weeks, designing, shaping, soldering and finding an adequate power source then after looking it over several times and checking it's systems he straitened to his full height. Now that the laser gun was done, all he had to do was test it out on something. Or to be more accurate-someone.

And he had just the person in mind to try the weapon on. All he had to do is get close enough and Sam Witwickey would be no more...


Sam Witwickey pulled into the hanger of the secret Autobot base and quickly parked his car and jumped out.

"Bumblebee!" He yelled as loud as he could as he went tearing across the hanger as Bumblebee broke away from several other of his Autobot friends and ran towards him causing the ground to shake under the human's feet, as Bee reached out with his large mechanical hands, reaching for him.


"!" Bumblebee's broken voice boomed across the suddenly silent room as the bot reached the young man and dove for him. Sam knew that bumblebee wasn't trying to hurt or scare him, but in that instant all he saw was thirty tons of heavy yellow metal heading right for him. So he reacted like anyone about to be crushed.

He let out a loud almost girly scream a second or so before he was plucked off of the floor by a large blue hand and twisted his head around and met the eerie glowing blue optics of Optimus. "Hello Sam. Did you have a safe trip?" Optimus's soft voice rumbled in the human's ear. Sam blinked at the bot and grinned.

"Hey Optimus...uh yeah, the trip was nice. It wasn't the same without Bee though."

Optimus nodded his head in understanding and was about to say something else, maybe ask the young man how his family was doing when Bee's annoyed voice stopped him. "Please-remove...your foot, from my-head." Optimus looked down as Sam sort of jerked in his grasp and strained to peek over the edge of his hand at Bee, who was laying on his stomach on the floor with Optimus's heavy foot on top of the side of his head.

"Oh. Sorry Bee." Optimus said absent mindedly as he removed his foot from bee's head and took a small step back and bent at the waist and set Sam down just in time for Bee to snatch the young man up and start rubbing his metal cheek against Sam's as he broke down crying.

"Missed Sam! Missed Sam-so much!" Sam laughed and pushed at Bee's cheek in an effort to get him to stop rubbing him while shouting,

"Bee, stop! Enough! Ow! My face feels like it's being rubbed against a cheese grater! Bee!"

"Missed Sam!"

"I missed you too big guy, now please stop trying to rub the side of my face off!" Sam laughed as Bee stopped rubbing on him and used his thumb to ruffle Sam's hair then reluctantly put the young man down on the floor as Ironhide, Sideswipe and several others walked over to greet their human friend.

"Sam! What's up?" Ironhide asked as he reached down and pulled the human against his leg so that he could get a hug from him. Sam hugged him as Ironhide gently patted his back with his finger tips before letting him go.

"Not much. I finally got a vacation from school so I thought I'd drop in and see what you guys were up too." Ironhide smiled at him and let Sideswipe and Ratchet covet the young man before he realized that something was missing and looked around while the others exchanged greetings then asked curiously.

"Sam, where is Kaela?" Kaela was the nickname that the autobot had given to Mikaela, Sam's long time girlfriend and almost constant companion. Sam visibly flinched as his smile faltered a little bit, yet stayed firmly in place.

Optimus and the other bots noticed the sudden sadness in the young man's smile and felt a pang of regret for asking about his girlfriend when he was obviously hurting for some reason. "Kaela decided that she didn't want to be my girlfriend anymore. So she left town and for all I know I'll never see her again..." Sam said as his shoulders slumped a little bit. "It's a pity since I was finally going to ask her to marry me." Sam said as he pulled a small box out of his jeans pocket and held it up for them to see.

"I saved up for over a year to get her the perfect ring. And now I can't even give it to her." Bee made a distressed sound and rubbed the tip of his index finger along Sam's cheek in an attempt to cheer him up as Sam got quiet for a second or so before saying. "Oh well. Easy come, easy go. Now I didn't drive all this way to mope around. I came to see you guys and catch up-"

"Sam-" Optimus said in a sad tone.

"Who needs girls anyways-" Sam continued to ramble as he gently pushed Bee's finger away from him. He hadn't come over a thousand miles to sit around and cry about his loss. He'd come to see his friends and hope that they could lessen the hurt he felt by distracting him with their presence.

"Sam-" Optimus said the man's name a little louder, his voice taking on the you-will-not-ignore-me-when-I-speak-to-you tone that finally managed to stop Sam's ramblings. The young man looked up at Optimus, his expression bewildered.

He could count on his hands the number of times that Optimus had used that tone with him. It had just happened once. And they had been under heavy Decepticon fire and Optimus had been worried that Sam might get hit.

He'd told the young man-err, teen that once he had an opening in the enemy ranks, he wanted Sam to run like hell and find somewhere high to hide. He then went on to explain that the teen should stay clear of glass windows, and iffy looking structures.

Sam had done as Optimus told him too and had wound up twenty or more feet above ground in a tree that he'd been forced to share with a few of terrified cats. He figured that he'd survive a fall from a tree, but he might not survive being shot, or crushed by the fighting, thrashing, mecha's running rampant all over the city block.

Sam felt a large index finger rub against the top of his head, jolting him from his thoughts as he tipped his head back to look at Optimus who was on one knee in front of him, the look on his face slightly pained and understanding at the same time. "Don't try to hide your hurt, Sam. We may not be able to understand what it's like to lose a mate, but we can grieve with you."