Luckily for Optimus, the older woman merely smiled at the young lady in green and let go of his arm and said, "Why Saya, I was just bringing this fine young man to meet you... But since you're here to save him, I'll give him over to you and just go find my husband-" The woman released Optimus and beat a hasty retreat as he heard the soft footsteps of the woman named Saya as she came close to him and let out a tired sigh.

"I'm sorry about Maddy, sir. She's just so- so-"

Optimus looked down at her and said in a wry tone. "Terrifying. Yes she is. There for a moment I was worried I'd wind up chewing my own arm off..." Optimus said as his lips curved up slightly at the mental image. Ah if his men could see him now, they'd laugh themselves until they short circuited.

The young woman gave a half laugh, half snort that she tried to hide behind one dainty hand when he suddenly recalled his earlier musings about Megatron and asked, "Does she have any friends who are still single?"

The young woman's amusement faded a bit and she sighed again and muttered, "Just me." Optimus gave the young woman a peculiar look, his eerie blue eyes sweeping over her body before deeming her too young and fragile to be bound to one such as Megatron. The giant mecha would wind up either breaking or killing her.

No, Optimus thought with a small shake of his head, this woman would do better as his mate than anyone elses. He at least would treat her kindly and with dignity. "I'm sorry if I offended you with my question-" He said in an effort to smooth over the mistake that he had obviously made before when he asked if 'Maddy' had any single friends and Saya slowly shook her head.

A small wry smile tugging at her lips. "Don't worry about it, sir-"

"Optimus." He interrupted her in a coaxing tone, wanting to hear his name on her lips. She blinked up at him and smiled in amusement but didn't say anything else for a moment as they just stood there, looking around before Saya announced.

"I think I'd like to go home." Optimus made a noncommental sound and looked around one last time. He could sense that Sam was somewhere close by but he just couldn't seem to zero in on his friend's location. He knew that the boy-wherever he was was close. Very close. Like reaching distance close.

But he wasn't willing to grab some random people around him and ask them if they were Sam. So instead he sighed, feeling the crushing weight of his failure to find the boy, again. And instead turned his attention to the woman beside him. Grasping her hand gently in his own, he kissed her knuckles then said, "If you would like, I'll take you home."

And wouldn't that give Maddy and Harold something to pester me about. Saya thought as her cheeks turned a soft pink color as she started to shake her head again and decline his offer then stopped when she remembered that she had drank just a bit too much wine and couldn't drive herself back home. Not that she had a car to drive herself home with anyways.

Maddy had had Harold pick her up in a limo so that she couldn't scamper home at the drop of a hat. So it looked like she had no choice but to either take the dark haired man's offer or stay until the party wound down and Maddy had her engaged. Looking up at the man, her eyes beseeching, she studied him as he deftly maneuvered them through the throng of bodies surrounding them.

He was a handsome man. Some would even dare to say he was masculinely beautiful with his dark hair, and peculiar eyes- He'd have to be careful or he'd have every woman in the city out to snag him for themselves or their daughters. God knows he'd make beautiful babies. She thought wistfully, and didn't notice when his hand tightened around her own until it felt like he was trying to crush her hand.

"Ow!" She yelped as she tried to pull her hand from his own only to find that they had stopped moving and he was staring down at her wide eyed in shock and disbelief. She reached out and swatted at his hand in an effort to get him to let go and was relieved when he finally, slowly loosened his fingers, his expression now closed off to her.

"I-I'm sorry. I was thinking about something upsetting and forgot that I was holding your hand-" He half lied, hoping that he hadn't scared her away as she eyed him suspiciously and rubbed her wounded hand. "Are you alright? I didn't break anything did I?" He asked in a worried tone.

"Ah, no. No I don't think anything's broken. I was just surprised by your grip. It's very strong." Saya said almost warily as her mind practically screamed, Danger! Danger!

He was silent for a moment then gave her a small smile. Trying to put her at ease with his presence without saying anything as she finally said, "Ya know, your crazy grip aside; a ride home would be lovely."

"As you wish, Saya." Optimus said as he maneuvered them over to the nearest door, pausing briefly to let her get her purse and coat then held the door open for her before following her out into the cool night air.