The Ghost of You Is All I Have Left

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These character belong to the creator of Ghost Whisperer.

Couple: Kate/Melinda

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Secrets in the Night

She had dealt with hauntings and she had dealt with ghosts but Melinda had never been haunted this way before. This spirit would not respond when spoken too even though it was obvious that she could hear the brunette, she would simply watch her every night. She would stare at the woman and her husband as they undressed watching every single inch of exposed skin with disturbing and intriguing lust behind blue eyes.

It was not disturbing because she was dead, nor was it disturbing because she were female, it was disturbing because Melinda knew the ghost. The spirit was none other than Kate Payne the dead wife of her friend Rick.

She had thought that Kate had moved on when her husband finally forgave her for her affairs and exposed that she wanted a child when he had not and just how much it hurt her. Yet, throughout her days the young British woman would follow her, during her showers she would watch her, and during the night she would watch her intimacy as well as hover over her as she slept. The strangest thing of all though for the young seer was that she felt comfortable with all of this. She never told Jim, her husband; because on some level she felt she was enjoying it. On some level she felt she was cheating on him.

Was it irrational to feel this way? Melinda knew it was. Kate was a ghost and it could not possibly be considered cheating to have a spirit watching you and enjoy the lustful way she did so. Right?

Letting out a loud sigh the brunette cleaned off one of the cases in the antique shop vigorously trying to rid her mind of the thoughts. It was all that she could think about the last few weeks. No other ghosts had crossed her path and she was almost wishing that one would if only to save her from her own inappropriate and bizarre fantasies.

"Hey are you feeling alright?"

Snapping out of her thoughts brown eyes glanced up to catch the eyes of her friend Delia who was looking at her as if she had grown a second head on her shoulders. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine just have a lot on my mind."

"Ghost stuff?" She asked in a hesitant whisper. It was not easy for her to comprehend or talk about.

"Kind of." Melinda responded with a weak smile, it was the truth.

"What? Are they here?" Delia asked looking around the store worriedly.

Shaking her head the smaller woman placed a hand on her friends arm in order to calm her obvious nerves and shook her head. "No don't worry—" She was cut off before she could say anything more to console the other as her eyes wandered over her shoulder to a very seductive looking ghost.

Mouth now hanging open Delia glanced to Melinda who was blushing oddly enough, then glanced over her shoulder to what appeared to be nothing more than a wall, then back to her friend. "Are you blushing?" She raised an eyebrow.

Trapped in a trance by what she was watching she could no longer hear her friend or the question that would undoubtedly embarrass her further. Brown eyes were glued on Kate's ghost. The beautiful woman was currently stripping herself of her clothes and despite the fact that she was dead her body looked very alive. Dropping her top to the floor along with her bra revealed very aroused breasts. Melinda wondered for a moment how that could be possible, how her nipples could be so hard, as she bit down on her bottom lip to avoid any noises of enjoyment.

"Seriously, Melinda you are freaking me out… are you possessed?" She whispered out.

Once again the brunette woman ignored her closest friend as the British woman stripped off her skirt and panties leaving her completely exposed. Her womanhood was bare and begging for her to reach out and touch it, but she could not reach out and touch her and she could not pleasure her until she screamed her name in that attractive accent. Clenching her fists at her sides she bit down harder on her bottom-lip and tried to keep her heart from racing and her breathing even as her body started to heat up and she felt a warm wetness building between her thighs.

"I'm calling an ambulance or something! You are all red and you are hot you probably are running a fever!" Delia started toward the phone and her words finally hit Melinda who reached out a hand and coughed to get her attention.

"Wait! No I-I um I am perfectly fine. Just really exhausted…" She lied through her teeth which earned a chuckle from Kate. Quickly she looked back to the beautiful woman and brown eyes met blue devious ones.

"Well, then maybe you should go home and get some rest…"

"Yeah… maybe." Melinda replied. Rest being the last thing that she had on her mind at the moment.

Kate had been haunting her for weeks now and had not said a word. Simply watched her all day every day, and now she was walking toward her completely naked. Leaning her body against the living woman, Melinda swore that she could feel the curves of her cold exposed body against her own and it caused her to shiver.

"Now you're cold? You should definitely get home, do you need a ride?"

"Yes deary, do you need a ride? Mm, I certainly do, I could ride your fingers all damn night." That British accent rang out seductively in her ear and she again shook. Both from the cold against her neck and the words that the brunette had said. They only served to intensify the wetness and need building up between her thighs, she needed a release.

Forcing her mind to work properly Melinda looked to her friend and forced a smile. "No, I'll be fine." With that she ran out of the store leaving a completely baffled friend staring at her back. She needed to figure out these feelings and figure out how to truly help Kate cross over.

"Um Okay, I guess I'll take your shift then?" Shaking her head Delia returned to work still worried about her friend.

O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

End Chapter

Authors note: I am doubting that ANYONE will read this. Kate isn't even an option in the character list… BUT maybe you guys will read it and PLEASE review if you want me to continue because I would love to write more… :p

-Tracy Cook