The Ghost of You Is All I Have Left

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Ghost Whisperer.

Couple: Kate/Melinda

Rating: M

Chapter 8

Distance Makes The Heart…

The last few weeks had been the most difficult weeks of Melinda's life. She had never expected to be so far along in life and so confused, even with her gift and all of the many trials she had faced she had expected for the one constant in her life to always be around. That constant had always been Jim. Now she no longer had that and as upset as she should have been she was actually enjoying her time away from him, hence the confusion.

Jim had come back the next day to hold a civil conversation with her after calming down, and they had both agreed that time would be for the best. He had actually told her that he wanted her to try out things with Kate, insisting that it would be the only way to prove to both him and herself that it was not the other woman that Melinda wanted. She had of course been against this idea trying to insist that it was a completely unnecessary test, but he had told her he would not come back until he knew for certain and this was the only way for him to truly believe her. So, she had begrudgingly agreed to the plan, although she still had distanced herself from Kate as well.

If she were being honest with herself she would admit that she was terrified of her feelings for the beautiful British woman. No one had ever caused her to desire them to such an extent and it was something she did not want to understand. She did not want to love Kate. But Kate had other plans and had been adamant in her chase the last two weeks, constantly doing sweet gestures to show her feelings, asking her out on dates, and reminding her that in most cases you only live once so she should enjoy the moment even if it did not last. It was all starting to sink in and she could feel her walls breaking down slowly.

"I still think that you should rethink my offer of taking you out on a date darling." Kate stated with a soft smile as she poured the coffee into two mugs, turning to look over her shoulder at the beautiful woman seated at the kitchen table.

"I just don't think that would be appropriate, considering." Melinda responded as she looked through the newspaper. More than anything she was just looking for a distraction.

As she prepared the gifted woman's coffee the way that she liked it, she could not help but feel her heart race. 'Gosh… I love having a racing heart again… The things this woman does to me…' "Considering that your husband gave us his blessing and stated adamantly that he would not be returning until we do so? Because honestly dear that sounds like more than enough of a reason to simply allow me to take you on a date." With that she took a seat across from the other woman setting down her coffee and smiling that perfect smile of hers.

"Kate." She stated warily as she lifted the coffee cup to her lips taking a sip, trying not to allow it to affect her that the blue eyed woman had remembered how she took it. The last two weeks had been filled with bitter-sweet moments like this.

"I know I know, you are terrified to go on a date with me because you are fully aware that it will be one of the most stupendous nights of your life and you will fall madly in love with a certain British woman, before being forced to end things with said husband who told you to try dating her." She stated with a smirk over the cup she sipped from. "I propose we try."

Large brown eyes caught hold of beautiful blues across the table and Melinda raised an eyebrow, slightly shocked by how accurate the accusation had been. "Where would you take me on our date?"

"Well my darling, that would be for me to know, and for you to find out." Kate smirked.

"And you would be completely alright if after this date I did choose my husband to be with for the rest of my life?"

"You won't." She stated confidently in that charming accent.

The confidence in the beautiful woman's accented voice nearly caused Melinda to believe her words, that alone worried her. Perhaps a date was a bad idea, perhaps she would not be able to choose Jim after spending that precious night with the other woman, but at this point she could hardly say no. "Kate."

"Alright fine. Yes I would be perfectly accepting if it were he that you chose after our date to spend your remaining lifetime with. It will not be the case but if it is then yes, I accept."

"Alright, you only have once chance."

"That is all I need."

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End Chapter

Authors note: Thank you all! You guys rock! I hope that you like this chapter because I enjoyed writing it. :) I know that this couple and story isn't all that popular but I feel like I am contributing something that is impossible to find lol. So yay!

-Tracy Cook