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"Okay class, settle down. I have a very special announcement to make. Our school has been selected for a special drawing raffle!" Mr. Simmons beamed.

The class was silent.

"Whoever wins gets a free dinner at Chef Paris! And they get to take another classmate or person with them!"

The whole class cheered.

Phoebe turned towards Helga and said, "Isn't this great, Helga? I finally get to ask Gerald if he would like to go with me to Chef Paris!"

"Tall hair boy? I guess so," Helga replied, not even caring. The bell rang to dismiss everyone from school.

"Ok class, you can leave now. Have a great and special afternoon!" Mr. Simmons said.

All the other kids and Helga walked out of the classroom. After everyone passed, she made sure no one was looking and pulled out her trustworthy locket. "Oh Arnold, what a chump, what a geek, what a loser! Oh how I hate him and yet… How I adore him! Every day I go to his shrine, worship, and praise him! How I adore his weird football head, how he always manages to stay hopeful, how he is always quick to help others! I wish I could tell you my true feelings for you, Arnold, but I don't know if you feel the same way about me!" After Helga's infamous sigh, she was interrupted by heavy breathing and wheezing.

"Uhh… Hi."

Helga balled her fists and punched Brainy in the face. Brainy is an idiot! She thought.

Later, Arnold, Gerald, Sid, Helga, and Stinky were walking home from school. They were all eager to talk about who they were going to take to Chef Paris on a dinner date if they won the drawing raffle. Everyone except Helga. She didn't want anyone to ask her who she was going to take to Chef Paris.

"So Arnold, who do you think you're gonna take to Chef Paris if you win the raffle? I know who I'm taking." Gerald asked.

"Well, I haven't decided yet. I was thinking I could take Lila. She is smart, sophisticated, funny, just well… perfect." Arnold answered.

"Didn't you hear Lila, football head? She only likes you, not likes you, likes you. Get it through your thick head, bucko." Helga said.

"It could happen, Helga." Arnold said.

"Well on account of me winning the raffle, I reckon I'll take Gloria on a date to Chef Paris. She's so pretty." Stinky said.

"I really don't know who I would take. Maybe Lila, maybe Rhonda, maybe Nadine?"said Sid.

"Come to think of it, who are you going to take to Chef Paris if you win the drawing, Helga?" Arnold questioned.

Helga froze at this question. Oh Arnold, how I wish I could say the answer, but I can't. After about 30 seconds, Helga said, "None of your beeswax, geek bait."

"Whatever you say, Helga." Arnold said. The gang arrived at Arnold's house and said their goodbyes to him. As usual, when Arnold opened the door, he was greeted by animals running out.

"Grandpa, Grandma, I'm home." Arnold yelled as he walked in the kitchen He saw his grandma practicing kung-fu. "Hi, grandma."

"Oh, hi Arnold. I'm just practicing my skills for the return of the samurai, you see. You gotta be prepared for it."

"Grandma, we haven't seen the samurai for as long as we lived in the boarding house." Arnold said.

"Oh no! You see, they're coming tonight!" Grandma said.

"Ok, Grandma." Arnold said. He turned away from the kitchen and headed to the living room only to see his Grandpa reading a magazine.

"Hi there Shortman. How was school?"

"You know grandpa, the usual. But today my teacher announced that we are going to have a drawing raffle. Whoever wins gets to take another kid to Chef Paris for a free dinner. I was thinking of taking a girl I like, and I need some tips." Arnold said.

"I don't have any tips for you, Shortman, but I feel a long flashback coming in."

"No, grandpa. Please…"

"It all started when my teacher said that there was an onion growing contest. If someone won, they could take another person with them to the Pizza Parlor. I ended up winning, and I decided to take a girl that I really liked. But, she rejected me saying that she didn't like me. Before I knew it, a snobby kid spread a rumor that wasn't even true saying, "Steely Phil's gonna take Gertie, SteelyPhil's gonna take Gertie! I was so furious! I hated Gertie, she was the meanest girl in my class, like the one in your class with the pink bow and pigtails. Gertie was cruel to everyone, especially me! When I took her to the Pizza Parlor, I thought she was gonna beam me with pizza, but in the end, I had a good time. In fact, we were starting to be very good friends after that Saturday night!"

"But grandpa, what does this have to do with me asking you for tips?" Arnold asked.

"Hmm, I dunno," Grandpa said.

"Well, can you at least try to give tips?" Arnold begged.

"Uhh… Never eat raspberries?" Grandpa said.

"Never mind." Arnold said. He headed upstairs to his room and thought about what Helga had said. Didn't you hear Lila, football head? She only likes you, not likes you, likes you. Get it through your thick head, bucko. Well, it really could happen. Arnold thought. He looked at the sky and saw that the sun was setting. Well, I better get some shut eye before the big day tomorrow. Man I hope I win so that I could ask Lila if she would want to go to Chef Paris with me. "Good night Grandma and Grandpa." He said.

"Aren't you gonna come down to eat dinner? I made oranges!" Grandma yelled.

"No, thanks." Arnold said simply because he was tired of having oranges for 3 weeks. "Night!" He added.

"Good night, Shortman." His grandpa said.

Meanwhile, as Helga opened the door to her house, she screamed, "Miriam, I'm home!"

"Oh… hi Helga. How was school honey?" Miriam said in her drowsy voice.

"Fine, mother!" Helga said in an irritable manner. She walked out of the kitchen to hear Big Bob complaining about the time it was taking to hear his new beeper commercial. "Oh will you just quit complaining, dad?"

"Olga, my beeper commercial is about to come on." Big Bob said.

"Dad, it's Helga! H-E-L-G-A! Helga!" Helga shouted.

"And H-E-L-G-A spells Olga! Ooh, my beeper commercial is on!" Big Bob said full of excitement.

"If anyone needs me, which I doubt it, I'll be upstairs."

"That's right Olga, go! Go!" Big Bob shooed.

Helga sighed and walked upstairs. When she got to her room, she pulled out her Poems in the book and started scribbling.

My love for you

Is ever so strong

And l know it

Will last very long.

The flame in my heart

Will never die

Because my passion continues

And that's why.

Oh Arnold I love you

With your football head

My darkest and deepest secret

Has just been said.

"Oh Arnold, what I would give to be with you; my heart, my soul, my dignity, everything! I wish you could see past my cruel shell and notice the real Helga, the nice, shy, and innocent one. I hope you understand why I act like I hate you because it's to hide my real feelings towards you! Oh I hope I win the drawing raffle contest!" Helga blurted out. She closed the book and laid on her bed. She started to think about what it would be like if Arnold won the contest, and he asked Lila to go with him to Chef Paris. She had the whole scene in her head:

"…And the winner of the drawing raffle contest is… Arnold! Come on up here and grab your prize!" Mr. Simmons said.

The whole class cheered for him. "Uhh… Thanks." Arnold said. Just after Arnold grabbed the coupon for a free dinner at Chef Paris, the bell rang for recess time. At recess, Arnold was walking towards Lila. He didn't know Helga was right behind him.

"Arnold you can't do this! I love you, football head! Ask me to go with you! Me!" Helga cried.

"Sorry Helga, I hate you. You are too mean and not at all pretty! Plus, you smell like a rat. Now if you'll excuse me, I have something to tell Lila." Arnold snapped. When he got to Lila, he said, "Hey Lila, I have something to ask you."

"No! Please don't!" Helga cried.

"Go ahead, Arnold. I'm ever so sure the question is important." Lila replied.

"Well… can you go on a dinner date with me to Chef Paris, Lila? Since you are far better looking than Helga, and smell much nicer than her?" Arnold asked.

"Well, I'm ever-so flattered that you would ask me to go with you. Ok. I think we will have an oh-so fabulous time." Lila agreed.

"Thank you, and I'll see you at 8:00 tonight." Arnold scheduled.

"Yes." Lila said.

"Great! Bye, Lila…"

The thought of it made Helga let out a piercing scream that penetrated the ears of Hillwood. "I cannot, should not, and will not let that happen! I will win and I will ask Arnold to go on the dinner date, and when we do, I will be nice to him!"

"Olga!" An angry, heated voce called.

"Yes dad? And it's HELGA… oh why do I even bother!" Helga yelled.

"The TV's broken, come down and fix it!" Big Bob screamed.

"Coming Bob! Can't you wait two seconds?" She said. When she got downstairs she saw the TV look fuzzy. "Dad, nothing's wrong with it, you turned the cable off! Now let me go back upstairs!" Helga said, ignoring her father's statements.

She marched back upstairs to her room and looked at the time. 8:32. "Well, I better get some shut eye before the big day tomorrow. Good night my beloved Arnold!" Helga said. She had a few visions of Arnold some more, then she drifted off to sleep.