A/N: This is barely even a one shot, based on a phrase prompt of "Haze of Wine". Just a little drabble, but let me know what you think :)

She walked into her empty apartment after a long and challenging day at work and eyed the bottle that had been taunting her from it's place on the kitchen counter for the past few days. She'd resisted as long as possible, but tonight she would give in to the sweet temptation.

She craved it. Deserved it. It was Friday evening after all, and as usual she had no plans.

Serena Benson placed her briefcase by the door, toed off her shoes, and let her jacket slide from her shoulders and onto the plush, beige carpet.

As she eyed the bottle of Cabernet, her mouth watered in anticipation. She knew she shouldn't. Knew she was often a mean drunk, but tonight she was alone. Just as she preferred it.

The entire process was a seduction of sorts for her. She felt the cold metal weight of the corkscrew in her hand as she gripped the smooth, glass bottle with the other. Once it was opened, she leaned in to deeply inhale the woodsy bouquet. Her pulse quickened as she poured a glass, the crimson liquid flowing until half full. She swirled it twice before pressing the glass to her lips.

Serena sighed, almost in sweet relief, as the wine filled her waiting mouth. Various flavors danced over her tongue as she savored it for a moment before swallowing. The delicious burn soothed her parched throat and the heat swirled deep in her stomach.

She walked over to her overstuffed, pale blue loveseat and sunk into the cushions. Immediately she was able to relax and after two more glasses, her body hummed through a haze of wine as she lost herself. The stress of the week all but disappeared and her muscles became like jelly.

She looked around the dim, simply decorated apartment, her eyes finally landing on a wooden door. Olivia's room. Perhaps she should pick her up from day care. Perhaps she should attempt once again to spend some quality time with her four year old. The thoughts were fleeting, painful. Olivia was better off at day care, better off without her. She stood up to cross the room, eying her demon once again.

The bottle was practically empty, save for one more small glass worth of the sweet, warm burn she desired. Just one more glass and she could retreat into the darkness of sleep, to once again avoid her reality.