Nine Beginnings

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Chapter 1

(Ebony P.O.V)

I didn't like it where I was. It hurt. Almost as much as what my father had done to me. One of the first things they'd done to me had even hurt more.

The white coats had ordered the men with guns to place me on the cold table above the tank of water. Then they had lowered me into the water. The needles came next. And then there was the pain. And then nothing. I think I must've died for a while. I heard them say something about no heart beat for near thirty seconds.

I had been put through several other painful tests before I had first attempted to escape. And when I was caught, the tests got worse. It was after several other near successful escape attempts, that I was moved. And that was where I was left now.

I woke up in a bigger cage than I'd been in before, with others on either side of me. the girl on my right looked to be asleep, so I wandered to the left, where there was a boy with bandages around his eyes. He looked to be in his teens. That was quite a few years older than my four.

"'Scuse me?" I asked in a small voice.

The boy looked towards me, and with his hand outstretched, he guided himself towards me. "You all right?" He asked, when he made it to me.

"Is this a different facility to Alkali Lake?" I asked.

"It's Three Mile Island." The boy answered. "I'm Scott Summers, who are you?"

"Ebony Davies. They just moved me here. You shoot lasers out of your eyes, right?"

"Yeah, how do you know?"

"I just do. Whenever I come close to mutants, I gain their powers. I have a load of new ones since the humans grabbed me."

"How old are you?" Scott asked, frowning.


"Four? Bloody Hell. How did you end up here?"

"My mum and dad were mean to me. I ran away. Got grabbed."

"Have they hurt you?"

"Yes." I replied, simply.

"At some point, we're going to get out, don't you worry, and when we do, I'll look after you."

"Don't make promises you can't keep, Scott." I said, and just then, the cage door opened, and a human guard dragged me out.

Hours later, I was thrown back in the cell, in absolute agony. I dragged myself to the back of my cell, and curled up. I had put up quite a fight, using the claws I'd been born with. The ones that could look like normal nails. If I wanted them too. I also used my fangs. I had taken down several guards before I had been subdued. And then came the tests. It was hell. It made me hurt, and it made me tired.

Not for the first time since I'd been caught, I cried myself to sleep.

(No P.O.V)

Victor Creed knew Stryker was keeping something from him. He was no longer allowed in the cell block. Well… it was more like the cage block really. It had all started when there had been a transfer from Alkali Lake to the Island. Something was going on, and Victor hadn't been included in it. For some reason, Stryker was keeping this mutant from him. But why?

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