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Chapter 8

(Ebony P.O.V)

I laughed as I tried to evade dad's arms in the play fight. I jumped up on his back, wrapping my arms round his neck, and holding on, trying not to get pinned to the ground. I heard dad chuckle, just as he rolled over, meaning I had to either let go, or get squished. I let go, and jumped to the side, but dad's arm launched out, and caught hold of me, before pinning me to his side.

"Nice try cub." He said, grinning down at me. "I win." He let me go, and I shook my head.

"You always win." I said. The fights were only play fights, but still. He could let me win every once in a while.

"Of course I do. I'm bigger, stronger, and quicker than you. When you're older, Cub, you may be able to beat me in a fight."

"I hope I can. Just once at least."

"We'll see how it goes when you've had years of training."

"Years?" I asked, shoulder's slumping.

"Yes, cub, years. I didn't get to be as good as I was over night. I also taught myself. And then my brother."

"You have a brother?" I asked. "That means, I have an Uncle, right?"

"Yes, Cub, you have an uncle." Dad said. He stood up, and rummaged round in a draw, he pulled something out. He came back to me, and handed me a photo. It was of a group of people. One of them was dad. He pointed to a man beside him, who looked wolfish. "That's Jimmy, my younger brother."

"He looks like the guy who let me and the others out of the cages at the Island."

"That probably was Jimmy." Dad told me.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know. He left."

"Why would he do that?" I asked, my eyes wide. I couldn't understand it. Dad was the only family I'd ever known. To me, leaving was not an option. Family was family. You didn't desert family. You looked out for them, and they looked out for you.

"I don't really know. He just did."

"He shouldn't have. Like you told me before, family looks out for each other." I hugged him.

(No P.O.V)

Victor looked down at her, and his lips turned up in a slight smile. If she kept up that belief, he'd never see his cub turn her back on him like his brother had. She was young, and young children were easily impressionable, strong beliefs from their parents usually staying with them their whole life.

"Yes, Cub, family looks out for each other. And they don't turn on each other." He knew he was being a bit hypocritical, but he needed to make sure that his daughter wouldn't turn her back on him like his brother had. He had to do it. He needed to know she was safe. Especially because Stryker knew of her.

"Do you think he'll come back?"

"I honestly don't know that either. Perhaps one day. But probably not for a while. But, if he does, I'll introduce you."

"Maybe if he knew he has a niece he'll remember how important family is." She suggested quietly, hopefully.

Victor just made a non-committal noise. Chances were, Jimmy would think Victor was a danger to Ebony and try and 'rescue' her. That would be a hell of a fight. But if it did happen, then he would come out on top. Jimmy wouldn't understand, of course, but Victor would make him understand. Ebony stayed with him. She was his cub. His daughter. He wasn't going to let someone else raise and protect her.

After a while in silence, he stood. "Alright Cub, time for lunch." He said.

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