**This is a sequel to my story Pirates of the Caribbean: At Driftwood Castle. If you haven't read it already, I suggest you do!

Please enjoy my sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: On Moonscar Island!**

Four months had passed since Captain Jack Sparrow returned Andrew Driftwood to his home in Alpinotch, where he accepted the crown and became King. It had been Jack, Andrew, Angelica, Gibbs and the rest of the Black Pearl crew who had defeated Julian Berlin, the man who had wanted to kill Andrew to become King and marry his sister, Anna. Captain Roman Waas, the general of the Port Royal British army, had been killed in this battle too. Captain Waas had wanted to kill both Jack and Angelica in revenge for what he believed happened to his nephew, Eric Slate. Captain Waas had believed Angelica murdered his nephew, when the truth was Eric had burned severely and drowned after the ship he and Angelica had escaped on, was hit, lit on fire and sunk. Of course, Jack did not know it was Angelica aboard that ship, and therefore, she almost died from his attack.

But things were back to normal now (in a pirate's eyes), in fact, he and Angelica were both climbing up a large hill, headed to a large town called Pleasantview. The Black Pearl was running low on food and supplies, so the two were dropped off on a mission to bring back things needed for the ship, such as wood to repair a few leaks here and there.

"How...much...farther." Jack puffed as Angelica pushed strongly ahead of him.

"Once we get to the top of this hill, we can rest." she told him. Jack had been complaining this whole trip because it was all up hill.

"Why couldn't we just take the easy way?"

She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him. Her face was a bit red from the sun, they had been climbing all day.
"There was an easy way?" she growled

"Sure! Just walk in at the entrance!"

She dropped her head and sat down, planting her feet in front of her to prevent herself from butt-sliding down the hill.

"Hey, I thought we weren't resting until we got to the top!" he said sitting down next to her.

"Do you always take the easy way, Jack?" she asked in her Latina accent.

"Always," he grinned, showing his teeth.

"Then that explains a lot." she said placing her head in his lap "We've sent you in to quite a few towns, only to have you come back empty handed."

"Well, those towns sucked."

"No Jack, they were perfectly good towns. You just decided to take the easy way, causing a scene and you to be almost hung, which resulted in us having to come to your rescue."

"I was doing perfectly fine on my own!" he protested

"You had the rope around your neck when we arrived!"

"It was part of my plan!"

"Ohhh, I'm sure it was." she stood up, and wiped her hands on her pants. "C'mon, let's go. We can call it a night when we reach the top."

"You mean we're sleeping outside on this damned hill?" he asked

"No. I was thinking we could sleep in that abandoned cabin, but you can sleep outside if you want to, Jack."

"How do you know it's abandoned?" he asked

"I don't. Which is why we're checking when we get there." she said moving on up the hill.

When they reached the top of the hill, they walked to the cabin and slowly creaked open the door.
"Nothing." she said moving inside.

"I see a kitchen," he pushed her aside and walked down the hall to the kitchen.

Angelica, on the other hand, forgot about food the moment she saw a small wooden crib with a lump inside. She peered inside at the lump that had begun move. A small hand appeared, then another, feet and then a small little head with brown hair and blue eyes.

The small toddler blinked up at her and smiled, starting to speak in whatever language babies spoke. She couldn't help herself to smile back, reaching in the crib and picking up the baby and holding her close to her face.

"Hi there little one," she whispered kissing the child's cheek. The baby grabbed Angelica's hair and put it against her own face.

Angelica glanced at the crib and noticed it had painted wooden letters that read Vienna.

She held Vienna in her arms as she walked down the hall to find Jack, who was searching the cupboards for food.
"Jack," Angelica said sweetly.

"Hmm?" he asked not looking up.

"Look what I found."

He looked up, screamed and hit his head on the cupboard. "What is that?" he asked

She frowned "It's a baby."

"Well, I know that, but where did you get it?"

"In the crib when we first walked in."

"Oh, must've missed it," he said. "But, does that mean this place is...occupied?"

"I don't think anyone has been here for days." she said handing the baby to Jack "I'll go check the rooms."

Jack held the baby arms length away in front of his face. He set her down on the dirty floor and wiped his hands on his pants. "So, how did you get here?" he asked the small girl.

The baby put her fingers in her mouth and stared at him.

"I see," he said "Excuse me," he stepped over the small girl and followed the direction in which Angelia had gone, finding her standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

"Her mother is dead," Angelica said, as she and Jack both stared at the lifeless body collapsed on the floor. There was blood everywhere. "Someone beat her to death."

"What about the father?" Jack asked, a small hope he was still around.

Angelica shook her head "Gone." she kneeled over the body "She died three days ago."

"How terrible." he said, not really caring entirely. The thought of his hungry stomach still remained in his mind.

"It is, Jack, because her child has no one."

"Yeah," he said yawning. Angelica stood up and faced him.

"Which is why we're going to bring her with us back to the ship."

"Alright. Wait, what!" he asked as Angelica pushed past him to pick up the baby from the floor and held her in her arms. "Angelica, are you out of your mind? A baby on the Black Pearl?"

She smiled "Why not?"

"Why not?" Jack laughed nervously "Because! It's just, it's, um, it's...bad luck." Of course, that wasn't the truth. Jack had never spent his time around children and he didn't plan on starting now. Plus, having a baby on the Black Pearl would be embarrassing.

Angelica rolled her eyes. "Bad luck?"


"Oh, I'm sure. I'm taking Vienna with us."

"Oh, so now you've named her?"

"It says on her crib!" she protested. "Jack, you let me bring this child on board or I walk."

Walk? Okay, now Angelica really wasn't being fair. She was willing to walk out on Jack for someone, who couldn't even talk or yet walk? Now that was just dumb.

"Angelica, I know no matter my answer, you'll bring the kid on board anyway." he gave in

"You know me well," she smiled

Jack closed his eyes and sucked in a breath "Can we at least change her name?"

"If you have one in mind." she said


Angelica stared at him, her eyes dark "Her name remains the same." she disappeared around the corner.

"Fine." he said. "But if she accidentally falls overboard, don't take it to heart!" he called after her.

Her head peered around the corner, her finger pointing at him in warning "You throw this child off our ship, I swear you will never live to see another sunrise."

"Good! I hate the sun! Oh, and it's my ship!" he called after her.

Looks like he had lost this fight...well, he always lost fights with Angelica. Honestly, he was scared of her, and knowing her, she'd probably leave him on an island if he refused to give her what she wanted. Always parading around the ship like it was hers, giving orders to the crew like it was her job. She had taken over the ship and now his opinions! He was the man of their, well, whatever it was...stirring relationship. He was the boss!