Note: Hello. This is my first T, so I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out. Um…Tell me if you like or not.

"Okay, who's ready to go on the field trip?" Sykowits asked, as he and Layne led the way out the door.

Jade, Beck, Andre, Tori, Cat, Robbie, and Rex all followed him out to the bus.

They were learning the art of horror and how to act in scary plays and movies, so the insane coconut-milk-drinking-teacher had decided to take them all to an old abandoned movie theater that was supposedly 'haunted'.

Like any of them were supposed to believe that. Other than Cat, who had brought Mr. Giraffe to protect her.

They all loaded onto the bus, talking and laughing. Sykowits had planned the day accordingly, and it was pouring out.

But they didn't mind. They liked it, in fact, especially Jade.

"Is the theater really haunted?" Asked Robbie.

"Nah," said Beck, from where he was sitting with Jade. They were holding hands.

"How would a theater become haunted?" Asked Cat, cuddling her giraffe.

"If somebody died there," said Jade, smirking at Tori. "Or mysteriously went missing."

Tori squirmed uncomfortably and scooted closer to Andre.

"No one's going missing, baby," said Andre to Tori. "It's just a stupid old theater where people use to go see plays. It's not haunted."

"But it could be haunted," said Jade, grinning evilly.

"How?" Asked Cat.

"Aw, don't ask how," said Tori.

"All I need are these," said Jade, holding up her favorite pair of scissors.

"Babe, I told you to leave those home," Beck said, exasperatedly.

"You should know never to tell me to do something," said Jade.

Beck laughed at his stubborn girlfriend and pulled her in and they started kissing.

"Well, they're gone for the bus ride," said Andre.

"How come every time we ride in a bus they start-"

Tori's question was cut off by the bus jerking to a halt.

"We're here!" Sykowits yelled from the front. He opened the door and he and Layne walked out into the rain.

The sky was dark and cloudy. There was a hint of thunder in the humid air.

As the teenagers got off the bus, they were met with rain splashing against their faces and the wind blowing hard.

A lock of Jade's highlighted blue hair blew into her lip-gloss, and she impatiently moved it away as the rest of the people ran across the parking lot.

Jade rushed for nobody. Not even the approaching thunder storm.

Once they entered, everybody looked around. It was Jade's kind of place. The carpet was blood red and the walls covered in peeling grey wall paper. They walked through, their feet disturbing the dust on the ground.

Robbie started sneezing.

"Robbie, plug that thing up," commanded Rex, in a loud whisper.

"Sorry, I'm allergic to dust," said Robbie.

"Yeah, dust and women," said Rex.

Even Sykowits and Layne laughed.

"You know," said Robbie. "I don't need your sarcasm."

"And I don't need your lack of coolness," said Robbie. "You scare away my Northridge girls, man."

"Shushum," Sykowits said.

"Shushum?" Repeated Beck.

"Yes, Shushum," said Sykowits again. "It's Australian for 'shut your faces.'"

"No, I'm pretty sure it's not," said Beck. "Australians speak English."

"They do not!" Argued Sykowits.

"Uh, yeah they do," said Tori.

"Like that Cody Simpson guy," agreed Cat. "I loooove him! He's so cute!'

"Never in my entire life have I met a single Australian who spoke English," said Sykowits.

"Well, what language did they speak?" Asked Robbie.

"Good question," said Sykowits. "Does anybody have the answer to Robbie's question?"

"Uh, maybe we should get on with the assignment?" Spoke up Layne.

"Righto," said Sykowits. "Okay, your assignment is to explore and jot down notes about the things that…tickle your fear glands."

"So, we've just got to look around and write down things that scare us?" Tori asked, brightly.

"That's what he said, stupid," said Jade.

"I was just clarifying!"

"Yeah, well maybe next time you can be a-clarifying while falling off a bridge," Jade snapped.

"Okay, okay," said Beck, as he and Andre broke up the oncoming fight.

"Let us start," said Sykowits, clapping his hands. "We'll split into two groups. Robbie, Jade, and Beck, you'll be in a group, as will Cat, Tori, and Andre."

"What about me?" Asked Rex.

"Rex, you'll go with Robbie," said Sykowits.

"Damn," he said. "Why do you always stick me with this nerd?"

Jade huffed impatiently and they went to explore. Beck and Robbie followed, Robbie writing down remotely everything he saw. Beck, of course, being hard to scare, wrote down nothing. Jade wrote down one or two things, but not much.

"C'mon," she said. "Let's go up there." She stomped up a set of stairs covered in a red velvet carpet. Once they reached the top, there was nothing there but a cobwebbed chandelier in pieces on the floor and a door.

"What do you think happened to that?" Robbie asked.

"I don't know," said Beck, inspecting the ceiling, which had a jagged hole. "Looks like it fell a while ago."

Jade bent down and slid her finger across one of the chandelier pieces, hoping to clear the dust. A thin slice appeared in her finger as a drop of blood fell onto the ground. She gasped.

"Jade!" Exclaimed Beck. He grabbed her hand and inspected her wound. He grabbed her monkey fur purse and took out the bottle of water she had, poured a capful onto her finger and then bandaged it with a Band-Aid he had in his wallet.

"Why would you touch that?" He asked, one she was admiring the clear Band-Aid.

"I wanted to see if there was any evidence about how it fell," said Jade.

Beck rolled his eyes.

"C'mon," said Jade as she pushed the door open.

There a ladder and a trap door, which, of course, Jade climbed and pushed open.

"Uh, Jade?" Asked Robbie. "Maybe you shouldn't open that."

"Shh," said Beck. He knew better than to tell her not to.

"Whoa, cool," Jade said. "Guys, come check this out."

Beck followed his girlfriend up the rickety ladder, and Robbie followed him.

They were on a roof, made up of cracked cement. The air up there was cooler, and there was a huge metal lightning rod. There was actually lighting now, but it hadn't yet touched the rod.

"Babe, I don't like it up here," said Beck. "Let's go back down."

He was terrified of heights, and Jade knew that.

"Oh come one," she said. "Write it down. You're scared, right?"

Beck took out his paper pad and pretended to scribble something down.

"I wonder what kind of metal?" Jade asked, feeling the tall lightning rod.

Her hair was starting to float upwards, as a result of static electricity.

"Jade," said Beck, a hint of panic in his voice. "Don't touch tha-"

Suddenly, a right flash of light illuminated the roof, as the lightning rod was struck. Jade screamed, as Beck ran at her. She was attached to the pole by her finger tips as she was electrocuted. Her body twitched like crazy, and then her lifeless body fell to the ground with a soft thud.