Chapter 1: Initiation

~Riku Norse~

The rumble of a motorcycle resounded through the alleyways, the noise the only sound in the quiet of the early evening. As it pulled around the corner to a beat up apartment building, the driver winced; he did not want to go in, knowing that tomorrow he'll be living on the streets again. The motorcycle sat there, hovering between the parking spot and the road. Riku sighed and maneuvered the bike around, thinking, 'I'm out anyways. Might as well start looking for some other place to stay at for a week and get kicked out again. Besides, I've got all my shit with me; no need to go in there.'

As he was driving down the main road, a deep voice that only he could hear spoke up. "No one wants a gay in their home. Face it, Riku; you will always wind up alone, left for me to chip away at. Might as well give up and let me have that beautifully pure soul to corrupt and covet." Riku did not bother to reply. He knew gays were resented in this city, yet he didn't even care. Hell, one of his coworkers, a nineteen year old brunette by the name of Leon, was gay, just not open about it...

Wait. Leon was complaining today that those rooms he had for rent were not being rented out. Maybe he could swing by their place later to check it out.

Down one of the alleyways he passed, a fight broke out. Hearing the clamor, and knowing who one side of the fight would be, Riku turned around and sped over to it. He cut off the engine, hopped off, and ran to the opening, just to find the gang that he knew would be fighting beating up on a younger teenager. Xemnas showed up behind the leader and whispered into his ear. He then turned around and spotted Riku. 'Ah, shit. I was hoping to not get into this quite yet.' He settled into a defensive stance as the bigger man charged at him. Riku dodged the barrage of punches and kicks, waiting until he could plant a well aimed kick to the fork of his legs. Unfortunately, the guy managed to pull out a blade. Just his luck.

~Zexion Norse~

Great. He pulled someone else into this. A glimpse of hope was dashed as the bigger man pulled his dagger out on the silverette in leather. Zexion used his ability to block three more punches before he decked one and kicked the air out of another of the two attacking him. The gang leader tried to wrestle the new man to the ground, but to no success. Before Zexion could get him from behind, the silverette managed to pull his own blade out, and knock the leader out with the handle. He stayed tense in a defensive position, hoping the other man does not notice him. The sixteen year olds eyes flickered over to a flash of pink that was the man that only he could see.

He tried to inch his way away, but that attracted the silverette's attention. "Hey, kid." Zexion cringed as the elder man walked closer until he was right in front of the bluenette. Instead of a punch in the gut, he felt a comforting hand on his head. "Good job. Never would have thought that you could take the twins out that fast." Zexion looked up at him with curious silver eyes. The elders aquamarine eyes softened a touch as he asked, "Got anywhere safe that you could stay at? No? Well, you can come with me if you want; I'm just passing through to look at a potential place to rent out of. It's in the outskirts, and I can figure out how to manage the rent for two rooms if you can't work. That okay?" Zexion thought for a minute, and then nodded curtly.

"Thanks. Most people would just ignore me. My name is Zexion Norse. And thank you for helping me." His silver eyes glittered in hope that Marluxia would not affect the silverette in any way.

The silverette's eyes widened. "Wait, you're my younger brother?" Zexion looked at him for a few seconds before nodding slowly, recognizing his face from the picture that Zexion's mom had given the hospital. The silverette sighed and turned around. "Well, then, Zexion, let's continue this somewhere else. My name's Riku. Come on, Zex." Riku walked out of the alleyway, leaving Zexion alone. The bluenette stood there, hesitant, for about a second, and then followed after him.

Marluxia whispered into Zexion's ear, "He'll find out eventually. Might as well tell him and give up." Zexion cringed, ignoring the words that the deamon spoke, knowing already that they were true.

Yet not knowing that Riku's deamon, Xemnas, was saying the exact same thing to Riku.

~Hayner Rosenkruez~

He walked up to his "apartment building" on the outskirts of the city. Really, it was a big house that he was renting a room in. Quickly, he pulled out his key, nodded to Vexen, who was currently scowling at him, and pushed open the door. In his usual fashion, the door was closed faster than it took for someone to blink, Hayner inside the foyer, pressed against the door. He sighed quietly and pushed away from the door. Sora wandered into the hallway from the stairs, and Hayner nodded to him as he made his way to the kitchen. Leon still wasn't home, so that meant that only a small snack was available, and only because he couldn't get caught. Sighing, Hayner grabbed a granola bar; just as he was about to bite into it, though, the door opened and slammed shut.

Everyone in this house/haven calmly opens the door and slams it shut. 'Leon's home,' Hayner grudgingly thought, folding the wrapper back up. He turned around, and saw that Leon was leaning against the doorframe. "You can have that, you know. That rule was just for Sora when he gets home from school." Hayner blinked and nodded. Leon was the only one that knew of his little "diet", as his coworkers called it. Hayner didn't eat lunch, because he was scared to leave his work place, just like Sora was scared to leave the house to go to school. It seemed as if, to those who know all three of them, that deamons were following them.

How right they were.