Chapter 8: Wake-up Call

~Zexion Norse~

Zexion and Demyx were having a conversation about the Council's real reason when Zexion got the trains of thoughts from downstairs. He quieted immediately, closing his eyes tightly from the pain. Demyx must have noticed what was going on, because he didn't ask about it.

-Get them out of here. -Leon's in danger. -Get the others to the Angel's base. -Sora's going with me there. -I won't let Leon die.

Zexion gasped as Cloud left, because only Cloud could have such panic in that sort of situation. "Zexi?" Demyx asked quietly, placing his hand gently on the telepath's shoulder. Zexion shook his head.

"Help me gather my things," he said quietly. "Maybe even some of Riku's, because I think he's gonna be getting Sora's and some of Leon's." Before he could think about what he was saying, Zexion was up, gathering his meager belongings. Second day in the Leonhart household, and he was already having to move. Demyx must have seen his urgency, because he was over on Riku's side of the room in a flash, picking up the things that Riku kept out and putting them in his saddlebags, which he had brought in yesterday after the whole vision thing. Really, Zexion noticed, Demyx seemed to be able to tell when he was agitated or anything else and calmly dealt with it.

Someone knocked on the door to their room. Zexion heard Demyx go to the door and open it. "Hey, you guy's had better start packing your stuff-"

"We know, Riku," Demyx said. "You go get Sora's stuff, I have your saddlebag all packed already." Zexion heard Riku sigh, before hurrying off somewhere else. Zexion turned around, finished packing his backpack, to face Demyx, who stood in the doorway. "You ready?" the pale blonde said. The bluenette nodded, his angled haircut falling in front of his silver eyes. Demyx nodded in acknowledgement. "Let's go, then."

~Riku Norse~

He followed Axel up to Hayner's room, putting his hand on the taller man's shoulder as he drifted his way past the dirty blonde's room to Sora's. Once he got there, though, Roxas opened the door. "I've got this; you go to Leon's room, alright?" Riku nodded, moving next door to the elder Leonhart's room.

Once in, the silverette didn't know what to pick up. So, Riku grabbed the small, empty backpack that was in the corner by the door and started to pick up some clothes from the dresser. Once he had a few of Leon's everyday clothes packed away, startled that he had enough room for several different outfits; he glimpsed a leather jacket with fur around the collar. After a second's thought, Riku picked it up and stuffed it into the backpack. Leon would have a cow, or maybe Cloud would, but hey. Riku's allowed to pick on his landlord. Sora had said so, too!

"Riku, we're going to leave now!" Axel whispered from the doorway. The silverette nodded once before hightailing it out of the room. He followed the redhead down to the foyer, where the others were waiting for them. "Alright, Angel's are to teleport with who they are bound to. Roxas, you're going with me and Riku." Before the blonde could protest, Axel added, "You know you are not the best teleporter; don't you even try to argue with me." Roxas glared at him but did as he was told. Riku followed his lead and grabbed hold of Axel's right arm. He closed his aquamarine eyes, allowing Axel to protect him...

~Leon Leonhart~

He felt himself float through the Cosmos, not really feeling it, but knowing that it is happening. His eyes were closed, unseeing, yet he still saw the stars floating past him in his mind. -Follow the Angel's. You shall be freed from the deamons. - Leon tilted his head back, allowing the Cosmos to enter his mind. -Cloud is the one that you are destined to be with. Do not be scared to start a relationship with him.-

Leon scrunched his nose. -But, you know my trouble trusting others in such an intimate way...

-He is not like your last relationship. You can trust him. - Leon felt the Cosmos force images into his head, of a pure white room, with Sora and Cloud surrounding a bed. Another vision, one of Cloud staying by the side of the same bed, and he was on it. Cloud was holding his hand tightly, and it looked like he was speaking to him. All of a sudden, it was like the volume was turned on, and he was hearing Cloud speak. "Leon, I swear, if you don't wake up soon, Hun, I will go into the Cosmos and drag you out. If you die on me, I will fucking kill myself so that I can be with you, even in death." He slammed his fist down on to the bed next to his head. "Damn it," he whispered, tears streaming down his face.

And in the same way they came, the visions vanished. -You see, my child? He is not going to be like your last one. - A brush to his cheek, and he was sent off, back to the world of the living. -Remember my message, Leon. Stay by your Angel, and tell the others, also. It is not just for you... -


He gasped, eyes shooting open. Leon saw not Sora, but Cloud hovering above his face. "Leon, are you alright?" the blonde asked, worry shining through his Mako enhanced eyes. Leon closed his eyes for a second, feeling his own worry drain away.

"I'm alright," Leon whispered his voice hoarse from not using it in his sleep. When he opened his eyes again, he noticed that Cloud was staring at his lips, which he kept slightly open. "Cloud...?" he whispered, staring into those blue irises, hearing the Cosmos' say on this once again. It became quite clear what Cloud was out to do, for he then pressed their lips together.

-Cloud Strife-

He was scared that the younger man would push him away, and was surprised when Leon pushed back. He wanted to keep it chaste, knowing that Sora would be coming back at any time, but... Well, it seemed that Leon wanted to keep it going, because he opened his lips wider and brought out an explorative tongue. Cloud jumped, all thought of keeping it chaste out the door. Their tongues twined together for one second, Leon moaning at the contact, before Cloud dominated the kiss. He made rough swipes inside of Leon's hot cavern, tasting vanilla and something that just reminded him of his spicy lion.

And then Sora cleared his throat. He was slow to leave Leon's lips, but he did nonetheless. "That is not something that I want to be seeing, Cloud, even if I did half way give you permission. He is my elder brother, and I, as his younger brother, do not want to know about his love life," the younger brunette said as he wandered over to Leon's bedside. The elder brunette rolled his eyes and shook his head slightly. Cloud chuckled, seeing the exasperation that Leon had for what his brother had said.

"It gets worse when you have twin brothers," Cloud told Leon, who just looked up at him, confusedly. "Roxas and Ventus, my younger brothers. Try having two on your ass about who they see you with. And then trying to figure out who is who." Sora snorted from where he stood on the other side of the bed.

"Already messed those two up, Cloud. Terra nearly had my ass for thinking Ventus was Roxas," Sora said as he checked the monitor that was hooked up to Leon. "I swear; you have to know them by eye color, wing number, and personality. Because those two take identical twins to the extreme." Leon snorted at that comment, causing Sora to smirk slightly. "No, Terra didn't hurt me too much. He's in the same group as us, so he wouldn't injure someone who he is going to have to work with." Cloud shook his head, watching the two Leonhart's converse, all the while making sure that he stayed close to Leon.

He could tell that something changed while Leon was talking to the Cosmos. Heck, Cloud had a dream in which the former leader of the High Seraphs was talking to him. He guessed that it was to show that he and Leon were not that different.

'But, why would she tell me not to hurt him, other than the obvious? Is it because of that bastard that he dated once? Or... some other reason?' All Cloud needed to know was that he would never do anything to hurt Leon. Even if he did, it would not be on purpose.