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Beautiful Oblivion

6 Months Later

The sounds of the city coming through the cracked window were enough to pull Brittany from her sleep. For one, it was the middle of December, so why the window was open she wasn't sure. Her next thought was that it was Monday and for anyone who worked on Broadway, it was a day off. She was grateful to be able to sleep in and actually enjoy a full day of doing nothing. She lay in bed for a few moments, listening to the sirens blare and horns honking on the street, loving that it was the sounds of New York City that woke her up instead of a screaming alarm clock. As she continued to listen, another sound crept into her consciousness.

It was the sound of someone breathing.

She glanced down to see the top of Santana's head, the only visible part of the brunette's body, lying securely on her chest. It was a sight that for the last 6 months had become increasingly more frequent, and it always brought a smile to her face. The smaller girl was obviously cold because she was fully wrapped around Brittany's body and had the blankets tucked under her chin. Brittany realized the open window was letting in the insanely chilly outside air and she began to move out from under Santana so she could close it.

"No..." she heard the murmur that was sleepily spoken into her chest and felt lithe arms squeezing her tighter, not letting her get up.

"San, it's freezing in here. I'll be back in like two seconds." She said, trying again to dislodge herself from the ridiculously tight grip Santana had on her. She couldn't help but chuckle at the amount of energy Santana was putting into this effort of keeping her in bed.

"S'not cold… you're warm…" she mumbled, already drifting back into her dreams while Brittany watched. B couldn't stop herself from reaching up and moving a strand of hair out of San's face while she slept.

She could do this for hours; just lay here and watch the love of her life dream while holding onto her and never wanting to let go. It made her think about all the mornings before their high school reunion where she would wake up cold and have no one to wrap her arms around. She thought about how lonely she had been back then and how happy she was now.

And it was all because of one girl.

For some people, they might think that's a little dangerous; putting all your faith and happiness into the hands of one person. I mean, how smart is that really? You're giving someone the opportunity to hurt you but hoping against all odds that they won't. But in all reality, that's what love is. It's having complete and total faith in the other person to not break you.

And Brittany had that faith in Santana. She had that faith in them. She knew that they were meant to be and after surviving their ten year separation, neither of them ever wanted to be apart again.

"uhmmm.. what'cha thinkin' about?" Santana mumbled while placing a kiss to Brittany's collarbone.

Brittany isn't surprised to find Santana awake; it's like an unspoken agreement: if one is awake, usually the other is quick to follow.

"Just us…" the blonde said. A spoken agreement they now have is a zero lying policy. They tell each other the truth and don't hide behind secrets anymore. Granted, there's always the air of mysteriousness that both girls have always carried, but since they can read each other like an open book these days, the mystery is usually quick to be solved.

"I love the topic of us." San responded, still placing light kisses to whatever patch of skin she could reach without moving from the warm cocoon of Brittany and the blankets. "Care to elaborate?"

"Just thinking about all the craziness of the past six months and how much I love every minute of it." She leaned down and kissed the top of Santana's head while she was nuzzling her nose into Britt's neck.

"You're right B… it's been awesome."


5 months and 29 days ago

Santana's flight had landed an hour ago in Indianapolis and she was finally pulling up to her apartment. She sat in her car and looked up at her building. It was in a nice neighborhood, just a few blocks from downtown and had all of the conveniences a girl could ask for. It was one of the old brick buildings that had been refurbished and turned into lofts. They were super modern on the inside but still had that old school feeling on the outside. But as she stared up at her apartment, the pain of her reality crashed back down around her.

She and Brittany hadn't solved anything. They only spoke for a few moments on the phone yesterday. And she was still alone.

She got out of her car and lugged her bags up to her apartment. She wasn't sure what she planned on doing for the next couple of days, but work was not a priority. She had called yesterday to say she needed a few more days off, which was easily granted considering she owns the place, and it gave her a little peace of mind to know it was still running without her.

The exhaustion of her weekend in Lima was starting to take its toll and she barely made it inside before collapsing onto her couch. She took a deep breath, just relishing in the fact that she was home.

Home… she thought, and the word just didn't sit well with her anymore. Sure, it was her home. She had made a home for herself here, but it just didn't feel right. And when she thought about it more, it wasn't that anything had changed; it was quite the opposite actually. It was because everything still felt the same. It still smelled the same way that it did when she left. There were still the same pictures on the wall and the same coffee mug sitting on the drying rack. She doesn't know why she thought it would feel different, but the fact that it didn't made her whole body feel heavy.

She doesn't know when the tears started to run over her nose, but she did know she wasn't going to be able to stop them. It was as if the entire weekend had been nothing but a dream and now she was back in her reality. Back to the daily grind of paper work and fighting with other lawyers. Back to drinking at the same bar with the same people as if her entire world hadn't been turned upside down in the matter of a few days.

Now she knew why it was supposed to feel different. It was supposed to be different because Brittany came back into her life the same way she left it; in a whirlwind. She was back and they were going to work on 'them' and figure everything out. Santana was supposed to be happy and bouncing off the walls with the excitement that they were now going to keep in touch and hopefully take it to the next level when they got the opportunity. But that wasn't happening soon… everything was still the same.

She must have fallen asleep because when she opened her eyes again, the sun was starting to dip down behind the downtown skyline. Her apartment was full of shadows and she literally had to shake her head a few times to remember where she was.

One weekend in Lima has seriously mind fucked me like whoa. She thought as she heaved herself off the couch and tripped over her purse on her way to the kitchen. If she had looked at it a little harder, she would have realized it wasn't hers.

She grabbed a bottle of water and turned back toward her living room, noticing her suitcase sitting there, waiting to be unpacked. She knew she could put it off and unpack tomorrow, but she also knew that it would sit open for days on her bedroom floor until she used everything that was in it and then just shove it back under her bed.

"Unpacking it is then…" she mumbled under her breath. She rolled the bag down the narrow hall toward her bedroom, sipping on her water and debating on whether or not she should call Brittany. She wanted to, God knows it's been on her mind since she last spoke to the blonde yesterday, but she didn't want to seem desperate. She might be a more mature Santana Lopez, but she was still Santana Lopez and her pride wouldn't allow her to seem needy.

She waltzed into her bed room and headed straight to the in suite bathroom. She washed her face, hoping it would prepare her for the job ahead and decided that after the full day of traveling, she just needed a shower. She stripped out of her clothes, carelessly tossing them aside as she started the water. She wanted it hot. Like, steam up the mirror so she can't see her reflection for days type of hot.

The water helped. She could feel the tension from her weekend leaving her muscles as soon as she stepped under the hot spray. She rolled her shoulders and cocked her neck to the sides, letting the water do its work on her body and relishing in how warm she felt. She took an obscenely long time but figured everyone else in the complex could fuck off if they needed the hot water. She highly doubted that any of them had experienced anything close to the weekend she had had.

She flipped off the water and climbed out, grabbing the towel she had left on the drying rack and wrapping it around her. The steam from the shower had been leaving the room due to the open door so she closed it, hoping to seal in some of the heat until she was dried off. She stood in front of the mirror and wiped away some of the condensation with her hand and stared at her face for a moment.

She realized in that split second moment of staring at her reflection that some things had changed. Her apartment may seem unchanged since she left, but she could see the change in herself. She noticed the furrow in her brow was a little smoother than it had been since the last time she looked in this mirror. Her eyes had those little flecks of gold scattered on a brown background that hadn't been present in years. Even her lips seemed a little fuller and her skin color a little richer… and all because of one person.

Just the thought of her could bring a smile to her face.

Blue eyes watched curiously as Santana walked into her bedroom and went straight into the master bath. She heard the water to the shower start and saw clothes being tossed aside. She couldn't help the whimper that left her lips at the thought of Santana in the shower. The steam was already building and rolling out of the open door into the bedroom, causing Brittany to have to squint to even see the pile of clothes on the floor.

You've waited all day… 20 more minutes won't hurt you. She thought to herself as she continued to fidget. She was sitting on Santana's bed, just waiting.

You see, Brittany had formed a plan the moment she sat foot on the plane in Lima and that plan was simple: Get back to Santana.

She knew that if she wanted that beautiful woman she had left behind at the Lima Airport, and wanted her for good, she needed to act fast. The plane took off and she silently thanked God for Quinn's love of first class seating and the available wi-fi, because she was able to book another flight before they left the boundaries of Ohio.

She didn't need to tell Q what she was doing because the hazel eyed woman already knew. She dropped Brittany off at her apartment in the East Village before wishing her luck and offering her a ride to the airport in the morning, which B happily accepted. She had climbed the stairs to her apartment, thrown her stuff down, unpacked everything, and repacked one simple carry-on bag. All her years of being a traveling dancer paid off and she knew how to pack light.

Then the first waiting game began. She had spoken to Santana on the phone for a little while, just telling her that she had landed safely and that all was well. She tried to keep the excitement but also the anxiety out of her voice as they said their goodbyes, hoping San hadn't caught onto anything when Brittany asked her basic questions about her plans for the following day. Santana had mentioned not having to work and the extent of her plans were flying back to Indianapolis and getting in some R&R before starting heading back to the office in a few days.

Brittany knew she needed to keep a couple of people in the know, so she called her mom and told her the plan. Her mom was all for it, except the minor detail of figuring out where Santana lived and how she would get into the apartment and-

Thank God for Brittany's mom and her ability to get information. She had hung up with Britt, called San's mom, got the information she needed, and called Britt back. Marcia even got the whereabouts of a hide-a-key that San kept hidden in a chip in the doorframe, and Brittany was set. She knew she just needed to get there and things would happen the way they were supposed to.

And now, here she was. She had arrived well before Santana and just sat down and waited. Well, curiosity got the better of her and she snooped a little, but who could blame her? She only got three days with the love of her life who had been out of her life for ten years… she needed information!

She saw old photos of San in college, hanging off of her cheerleading friends at a party or being tossed into the air at a game. There was a picture on the wall of her and her parents at her graduation; she was in a black gown and red cap and was adorned with several ribbons for her academic achievements. And she looked so happy. Her parents looked so proud to have her squished in between them while she held onto her law degree with a huge grin on her face. It was the grin that Santana never would show in high school, and it made Brittany smile to see it, even if she hadn't been the one the put it there.

It also made Brittany sad to see these things. These were those moments in life that you can't get back, the ones that even though you'll say you have no regrets, you'll still look back and think of what could have been. She knew there was no use dwelling on the past, so instead she continued her search, hoping to find something that could help her realize that maybe, just maybe, they needed that long time apart so they could grow back together.

That ray of hope was found in a shoebox in the back of Santana's closet. Ok, so maybe she snooped a lot, but still, this was what she was looking for. She sat back down onto San's bed and flipped open the lid, a small gasp leaving her lips as she took in its contents.

The corsage Brittany had gotten San at their senior prom sat on top.

A picture of the entire glee club holding their nationals trophy during their senior year was placed directly below it.

She continued to dig and found notes that they had passed, pictures they had taken, and other little mementos of their time together in high school. It was a box that contained everything that was 'them' and she couldn't stop the swell in her heart when she thought about how Santana had held onto these things even after all that Brittany had put her through.

She was pulled from her reminiscing when she heard the first lock being clicked back on the door. She hastily shoved everything back into Santana's closet and sat down on the bed, her heart fluttering a thousand beats per second as she waited to be discovered. And she waited. And she waited a little bit more.

She heard the sound of someone flopping down on the couch and she could tell that San had decided not to go any further. She waited for a little longer, trying to gather her courage to go into the living room. With a deep breath and shaking hands, she got up and marched right into the room, ready to take on the next chapter of their story, but what she saw caused her to clamp her lips shut and move silently forward toward the couch.

Santana was face down on the couch, tear tracks still clear on her face from where her mascara had ran, and arms tucked under her pillow, clinging to it with a desperate grip. She looked so broken and all Brittany wanted to do was lay down next to her and wrap her in a tight embrace and whisper to her that she was here now and that everything would be ok. But she couldn't. She didn't want to wake her and she didn't want to surprise her from a peaceful sleep, so instead, she sat down on the coffee table and waited.

She sat there for almost an hour, elbows on her knees and her face in her hands, just watching Santana sleep. She watched how her facial expressions would change from relaxed to furrowed, and then back again, all the while trying to control herself from brushing away strands of hair from her forehead.

She realized she hadn't peed all afternoon and decided that now would be the time to take care of that… just in case San woke up. She didn't want any interruptions when the moment came for them to finally be able to talk.

Brittany had just finished in the restroom when she heard someone stumble in the living room. She knew Santana was awake and immediately went over to the bed and sat down. She was worried that her legs were going to give out and having Santana find her sitting on the bedroom floor was not exactly how she wanted things to happen.

Oh God, I'm not ready. Shit, what was I going to say? Think Brittany Think! Breath. Breath. Calm Down. It's just Santana…

Annnnd she just walked right past me?

Brittany was slightly amused at how focused Santana seemed to be on getting into the bathroom. The brunette literally didn't even see her sitting five feet away on her bed. She laughed a little and then continued to wait. She heard movement at the door and looked up, hoping Santana would be coming through it, only to see it being shut.

She let out a deep sigh and continued to wait, knowing that she only had a couple more moments and she would get things settled between them. It was in this moment that her doubts crept into her mind.

What if she changed her mind?

What if it can't work between us?

What if the distance is too much?

What if-

She heard the gasp before she registered that her best friend was standing in the bathroom doorway, jaw practically on the floor and a towel wrapped haphazardly around her body. There stood Santana, in all her wet hair and no make-up flawlessness, staring wide eyed at a very non-prepared Brittany.

"How.. I mean… what?" Santana stuttered, shaking her head back and forth in confusion. But, there was a small smile gracing her features and her eyes sparkling at the sight in front of her. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Here was Brittany, sitting cross-legged on her bed, in Indianapolis, staring at her! She was surprised to say the least.

"It's Monday." Brittany responded, completely unsure of why that answer came out, but for her it explained everything. Santana wasn't sure what she meant by it and gave the blonde an inquisitive look that said that she didn't understand. "Monday is my day off, so I figured I'd rather spend it here then just sitting in my apartment."

"How long have you been here?" Santana still wasn't sure what air was, because her chest was rising and falling so rapidly that she wasn't sure if she was even breathing or if her lungs were just heaving for the hell of it.

"A couple of hours… I heard you come in but then when you didn't come in here I went to check and you were sleeping so I figured I'd leave you alone till you woke up." Brittany took a deep breath, her lungs also constricting with a sudden tightness in her chest. The sight of Santana alone could leave her breathless.

"How did you- Why are you-" Santana couldn't even finish a coherent phrase. She felt like an idiot with how she was reacting, but she was literally speechless. It had only been 24 hours apart and she was already being turned into mush at the sight of Brittany. She couldn't get over it. And sitting down on her bedroom floor seemed like the only way to gather her thoughts. Literally, she just sat down where she was because she was at a complete loss on what to do next.

"Your mom told me where the key was and I had to come." Brittany said the words slowly as she unfolded her legs and stood up from Santana's bed, slowly walking toward the girl on the floor. "I had to get here and tell you something. I had to come find you and tell you some things that I forgot to say before I left." She was standing above Santana now, watching as the smaller girl looked up at her from her sitting position, her towel barely clinging to her body.

Britt knelt down, getting on her knees right in front of the brunette so they could be at eye level. The look on Santana's face told her to continue, so she did. Everyone always thought that San was the whipped one, but in all reality, they would do anything that the other asked them to do.

"I love you." She said it and it felt so so good to say out loud, that she said it again. "I love you and I need to be with you and I want you to be with me. Be with me and we'll work on the distance and we'll figure something out. But I need you and I think you need me too and I really just don't want to be without you anymore because it's too hard and-"

She was silenced by a finger to her lips. She had been rambling and her heart was hammering so hard in her chest that she thought she was going to pass out. But that one touch did a million things to her; her heart rate seemed to calm immediately but there was still a thrumming in her body that told her it was the only touch she'd ever need. She finally gathered the courage to look up and was met by a radiant smile on Santana's face, the one only reserved for her.

It healed her to see that smile.

"Ok." Did she just say ok, because if so I'm so going to kiss her right now!

"Ok? Like, ok, let's do this sort of ok?" the blonde clarified, still talking with a finger against her lips.


And that was all she needed. She grabbed at Santana's face and pulled her in for the most mesmerizing kiss they'd ever experienced. It started sloppy and urgent, but began to morph into something more. They were both smiling into the kiss as Santana tangled her hands into blonde hair, letting the towel fall between them.

She could hear the hiss that escaped San's mouth when she pressed her body flush against her own fully clothed one, and knew what the brunette wanted. Brittany broke away from the kiss long enough to stand up and pull Santana to her feet. When she did, the towel fully slipped to the floor and she was graced with a full view of a naked Santana.

Ten years had done nothing but make her body even more amazing. Brittany took a full step back to get a better look at the girl she loved, all the while Santana was biting her lip and looking more nervous by the second. The brunette started to fold her arms across her chest but was stopped when two hands caught her wrists; Brittany stepping forward to stop her movements.

"Don't. You're too beautiful; don't try to cover that up." Britt said softly, pulling Santana's arms down until they rested at her sides. San stood watching as Brittany's eyes ran over her body, taking in all that she could. She didn't feel violated or unnerved by the eyes running over her skin, instead she felt pure heat. Almost like a flame was ignited inside of her at the sight of Brittany's eyes glazing over with love and also the tinge of lust.

She watched as Brittany leaned down and pressed a kiss to her shoulder, right where her mole was, a spot she knew that Britt loved. She could feel the warm lips start to travel as hands grazed up and down her sides. She wasn't sure which sensation she wanted to pay attention to at the moment because everything felt so amazing all at once. She felt the blaze of fire creep from her shoulder over her collarbone and couldn't help but moan when she felt teeth graze over the spot where neck met her other shoulder.

Brittany on the other hand was just taking it all in. The smell of Santana's hair after the shower, the warmth of her skin, the taste of it; she couldn't help but want to commit it all to memory. So with each stroke of her tongue and each press of her lips, she began to remember. She remembered the spot right below Santana's ear that could drive the girl wild. She remembered how Santana's loved it when she raked her nails along her back and down her sides to her thighs and back up again. She remembered and recommitted it all to memory, never wanting to forget for a second what she had in her arms.

"Britt…" She heard Santana say, and she brought her lips back to the brunettes, pushing against them and swiping her tongue across the lower one, begging to be able to enter. She felt the space between their bodies vanish as Santana pressed closer to her and she knew that they both needed more contact. She wrenched back from the kiss and peeled off her shirt before grabbing Santana and pulling her back into a deeper kiss.

Santana slowly started walking them towards the bed and stopped when she felt Britt's calves hit the side. She didn't want to lose contact, so she pushed Brittany and fell on top of her, both giggling when they collided with each other and the mass of pillows on the bed. Brittany started scooting back and Santana followed, slowly maneuvering herself to straddle Brittany's hips.

San looked down and couldn't help but let the moment wash over her. She had the most beautiful woman in her bed, ready to love her until she couldn't love anymore; someone that she loved just as much, if not more if that were possible, and someone who she couldn't imagine not having in her life. She could only smile down at Brittany and gently reach down to brush away a lock of blonde hair before leaning down to capture her lips in a quick but passionate kiss.

She knew that she wanted to feel Brittany and the sweat pants and bra were prohibiting that. And almost like she could read her mind, Brittany broke the silence.

"Please take them off." She whispered, her voice a little lower than normal. "Take them off and make love to me."

It was all Santana needed to hear. She wanted this so much that it took every ounce of energy to not rip off Brittany's clothing, leaving only shreds of material behind. Instead, she slowly kissed swollen lips before moving down further. She kissed at her neck, biting down softly before brushing her tongue against heated skin, healing the girl beneath her with each touch.

She kissed down the valley between Brittany's breasts, causing the girl below her to whimper out her name, which only encouraged her to continue. She kissed across the tight pane of the dancer's stomach, nipping at each of her abs that stood out even more every time the blonde tightened up under a swipe of teeth and tongue. When she reached Brittany's hips, she hooked her thumb into her sweat pants and pulled them down slowly, allowing her nails to rake along the long legs before flipping the pants over her head and laughing as they collided with the wall.

She grabbed Brittany's ankle, placing a light kiss to the side of it, when she looked up to see blue eyes staring back at her. The gaze was so sure, so strong, and so full of love that it caused her to release the ankle and make her way back up Britt's body until she was hovering over her again.

Santana slowly leaned down and pressed a feather light kiss to Brittany's eye lid, pulling back ever so slightly and whispering 'I love you' before leaning down and kissing the other. She continued this slow assault, pressing kisses and whispering I love you repeatedly, believing it more and more every time her lips came into contact with Brittany's skin.

After the continued declarations of love, things began to move much faster. Santana reached behind Brittany and unclasped her bra, guiding it slowly down the blonde's arms and tossing it aside. Brittany pulled a fast one and wrapped one leg around Santana's torso and flipped them over, causing her to be on top of Santana, a position she had patiently waited to get as soon as they hit the bed.

She wanted to make love to Santana first. It wasn't a guilt thing, but she felt like the brunette deserved it. She crashed their lips together and ran her hands down San's body, relishing in the way her fingers seemed to remember every curve and contour as if she had just touched her yesterday. She kissed her way down to the brunette's chest and began to circle her left breast, feeling the nipple harden under the moist heat.

Hands tangled in her hair as she wrapped her lips around the hardened bud, swiping her tongue over it again before sucking hard, pulling it into her mouth and releasing it with a pop. She moved over to the other, wanting to lavish both with the same attention. She pinched and rolled the first while licking the underside of the other. It was something she knew Santana always loved, the feeling of not just sucking on her breast, but circling it with her tongue and kissing it softly. These were the things that she remembered and it sent a thrill through her to hear Santana moaning and gasping with every touch.

Brittany continued to the assault to Santana's chest as she ran her fingers down the tan stomach underneath her at an agonizingly slow place, causing San to squirm uncontrollably. She followed the path of her fingers, running her tongue down the brunette's abs until she reached her hips. She dipped her head and kissed each hip bone, moaning when she caught Santana's scent.

Brittany began the teasing in all of this; running her nails up and down the inside of Santana's thighs, barely grazing her wet folds with her fingers before passing over them to trace the crease where thigh met torso. She began to settle herself between Santana's legs, lifting one of them above her shoulder while blowing cool streams of air toward the aching center. She wanted to enjoy the view for a little while longer.

She looked down at the dripping core and then up toward the head of the bed where Santana sat up on her elbows, watching the scene between her legs with unmasked lust. Brittany smirked a little as she ran a single digit up the slick heat, loving the moan that escaped from Santana's swollen lips as she threw her head back. She watched Santana's hips jump when she traced a small circle around her clit, coating it with her arousal and making it slick under her fingers. She knew it was only a matter of time before-

"Ugh.. Brittany…" Santana moans out, pulling her head back up to look down at the girl between her legs, "Please."

I love it when she begs…

With that final thought and a smirk, Britt plunged her tongue as deep as she could inside of Santana. She couldn't help but moan at the taste of San in her mouth and on her lips and face; it caused her own arousal to shoot through her lower stomach and cause her panties to be soaked in seconds. The taste alone was leaving her breathless but the feeling of Santana's walls clenching around her tongue and the way the Latina's thighs would tighten around her head only made her want this to last longer.

She began tracing harder circles over the Latina's clit as she ran her tongue up and down wet folds. She knew by the way Santana's hips were driving up to meet her face that the brunette needed more friction, and without warning, she pulled back and plunged two fingers into Santana.

"Holy fucking… shit… harder B…" Her wish was Brittany's command. She pumped harder and deeper as she felt her fingers get coated with Santana's juices, occasionally leaning down to swipe her tongue around a swollen clit while her other hand ventured back up Santana's body to squeeze at her breast. Santana's hips were still thrusting up to meet her hand and she listened intently as Santana tried to get her attention.

"Come… come here... I need to see... come here…" Santana panted, unable to form a coherent sentence while pulling at Brittany's shoulders to bring her back up to her level. She felt Brittany lips latch around her clit one more time, giving it one more swipe of her tongue before she felt the kisses begin to work their way up her body again. Brittany's long fingers stayed where they were; knuckle deep and curling ever so slightly to hit that spot that no other person had ever found inside of Santana.

Brittany knew what Santana wanted, and she wanted the same. She wanted to watch the girl below her shatter into a million pieces; to hit that highest of highs before tumbling over the edge. It wasn't something they did often when they were younger; even after they became official in high school it was hard for them to make eye contact during an orgasm, but this time, they both needed it.

She came face to face with Santana again and ghosted their lips together, both panting into each other's mouths, sharing the same air. Brittany's fingers continued to work their magic and she could feel the walls getting tighter and tighter around her hand, making it harder to dip in and out. She could tell Santana was close by the way her breath was coming in short spurts, her name being mixed in with the moans coming from her mouth. She looked up and met the brown eyed gaze, one that was glazed over with lust and hooded with desire. Brittany leaned down and pressed another kiss to the corner of her mouth before whispering 'I love you' one more time.

Santana came undone.

The orgasm hit her so hard her entire body arched off the bed, pushing Brittany's fingers deeper inside of her while her walls clinched around them. Brittany continued running her thumb over Santana's throbbing clit, causing the intensity to skyrocket to an all time high. Britt could feel the way Santana's orgasm was ripping through the girls' body, causing it to shake and shutter as she continued to scream out Brittany's name.

When San started to come down, her back resting on the bed again, she wrapped both arms around Britt, fusing them together and nuzzling her face into the blonde girls' neck. She inhaled deeply, still feeling the last remains of her orgasm shoot through her and moaning when she felt Britt slowly remove her fingers. Britt leaned onto her left arm and brought her fingers up to her mouth, swiping her tongue over them before pulling them in and sucking them clean.

"Damn B..." Santana gasped out, her arousal already returning from the sight of Brittany cleaning the stickiness from her fingers.

Brittany couldn't help but smile and lean down for another kiss, swallowing the moan from Santana when she tasted herself on the blonde's tongue. Brittany pulled away and laid her head onto San's chest, listening to the way her heart was pounding against her ribs and she couldn't' help but close her eyes and listen to the sound that meant the most in her world.

"It's crazy how you can make my heart pound but also make me feel so calm all at the same time…" Santana whispered into her hair, placing a kiss somewhere in the blonde locks.

It might not make sense to some, but it was perfectly clear to Brittany. They always understood each other and this was no exception. Right now, Britt's heart was also pounding, but she felt so at home in Santana's arms and she knew exactly how she felt.

She began to murmur out a response but was silenced when Santana reached down and cupped her cheeks, pulling her up into another kiss. This one was the same as the first one they'd shared, slow and passionate but building in intensity.

They broke away for only a second, Brittany allowing Santana full access to her neck while hands began to roam.

"Let me love you." Santana whispered into her neck as she began to push at the blonde's shoulder, effectively flipping their positions so once again San was on top.

Brittany didn't say anything; she just looked up into Santana's eyes and knew this was it. This wasn't going to be like the last time. This wasn't going to be a onetime thing. This was them, and this time it was going to last forever.

"I love you." She whispered, all doubt wiped clean by the smile that graced the Latina's features at her words. She saw the spark in Santana's eyes and she felt the love in every touch and she knew she was finally home.

"And I love you." Santana replied before leaning down and kissing her softly, "But enough talking, I needs to get my sweet lady kisses on." And with a final chuckle from each of them, they both slipped into their own peaceful oblivion, both knowing they'll never have to leave it again.

They stayed in bed for the rest of the day and on into the night, making love on every level, reconnecting to each other in a way that was familiar but also brand new. They were passionate in their love making; sometimes it was hot and heated, but eventually it settled into lazy movements and slow swipes of fingers and tongues.

After their final go, which ended with both of them on the floor wrapped up in a sheet, they laid murmuring to each other, just sweet nothings whispered against chests and stomachs. Fingers ran through brown and blonde hair alike, both just enjoying the closeness. Santana was doing everything she could to not drift to sleep when Britt ran the tips of her fingers across her forehead, but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

"Go to sleep love." Brittany whispered into her hair, "I'll be here when you wake up."

And with that final reassurance, Santana slipped into the most peaceful night of sleep she had ever had.


It was almost noon before either woman decided to even think about getting out of bed. The window to Brittany's apartment was still open and it was still freaking freezing in the bedroom, but neither girl seemed to mind. They both huddled under the comforter as they made their way into the bathroom and toward the shower.

Santana needed to get ready and Brittany was just joining her just because she wanted to. After a nice round in the steamy bathroom, Santana headed back into the bedroom, the frigid air hitting her and forcing her to run over and clamp the window shut.

"Fuckin' freezin' in here!" she said through chattering teeth, the warmth from the sex and the shower totally leaving her body. She wrapped Brittany's robe tighter around her body and began digging through her suitcase for her clothes, hoping that she could get them on before her toes fell off or something.

"San," Brittany said, causing Santana to turn around and see a bra and panty clad Britt standing in the bathroom doorway. Sweet Jesus, she doesn't even know what she does to me.. "Why are we up?" The way she cocked her head to the side, resting it on the doorframe, was by far the most adorable thing Santana had ever seen. Ok, so everything Britt did was cute or amusing or adorable, but you can't blame the woman, have you seen her girlfriend?

"I have to go somewhere B, but I'll be back later on." Santana said, pulling on a pair of black pants before diving back into her suitcase for her bra.

She felt arms wrap around her waist and she leaned back into the embrace, smiling at how perfectly she fit into the curve of Britt's body.

"No secrets San… you promised." The blonde whispered into her ear, "Where are you going?" Santana turned around in her arms and chanced a look into Brittany's eyes. This had been bugging her all weekend. Ever since she landed in New York she had been hiding this from Brittany, but now, it was time to come clean.

She grabbed Brittany's hands and led her over to the bed, sitting her down on the side before taking a seat next to her. She rubbed patterns over B's palm and waited, hoping that maybe Brittany would forget about it until another time.

"San?" There it was again. The head cocked to the side and the furrowing of her eyebrows, a look that Santana knew would be the death of her some day. "Ok, now I'm getting worried." Brittany said, the panic rising in those blue eyes as Santana continued to stare at the floor and not answer her questions.

"Are we breaking up? Are you leaving, cause if you're leaving you have to tell me cause you said you were going to leave-"

"Britt, baby, stop." She said back, silencing the blonde with a stern look and a finger to her lips. She decided it was now or never, took a deep breath, and spilled.

"I'm going for an interview today." She said, looking up into blue eyes and hoping she was understood what she was saying. She had been throwing it around for a couple of weeks. She decided it was time to take the next step and she didn't want to talk to Britt about it until she actually had an offer, but it seemed the blonde was more intuitive than she thought. When Brittany still didn't respond and only offered an even deeper frown, she continued.

"I have an interview today, here, in New York. It's at Baker & McKenzie in Manhattan…" She trailed off, hoping it was enough, but realized she needed to elaborate. "They offered me a job after I sent my resume out and they wanted me to come in today since I was in town and do a formal interview."

She had to stop talking because Brittany already bowled her over, throwing her back onto the bed and kissing her with such ferocity that it took her breath away. She loved controlling Britt, and this was the epitome of that. When the dancer pulled back, there were tears in her eyes and a smile on her face that made Santana's heart do funny things in her chest.

"You're getting a job here?" Brittany asked, her grin growing to a thousand mega-watt smile. "You've moving here, with me?"

"Is that ok?" Santana knew it was a dumb question, but she didn't want Britt to not have a choice in the matter. She knew what she wanted; she wanted to be here, she wanted to wake up every day in this girls' arms and never have to leave them again. No distance apart. No phone calls on quiet nights in separate cities and no airport terminal goodbyes. She wanted this and she hoped with every ounce of her being that Brittany did to.

"No it's not ok." Brittany said, blue eyes bouncing between brown, taking in the way Santana's face contorted with confusion. "It's absolutely, 100%, the most perfect thing in the world."

Santana let out a breathy laugh before lifting her head off the bed and capturing Brittany's lips with her own.

They were home. They had made the most convoluted of circles to get back to one another, but they made it. Ten years of tears, hookups, and lonely nights held a void that could only be filled by the person staring back at them now. Both of these women had never experienced a love quite like this, and if they have it their way, they'll never have to worry about any of that ever again.

"I love you Santana, I love you more than I've ever loved anyone in this entire world." The words rang out around the bed room, the noise of New York City playing softly in the background. This was their city now, one that they would get to share with each other for as long as they wanted to stay. The thought of spending the rest of her life with Brittany brought an even larger smile to Santana's face.

She knew it was corny, but she couldn't stop herself as the words bubbled in her throat. They were her words from many years ago, ones that were spoken so truly back then, and meant even more to her now. She reached out and tucked a blonde strand of hair behind Brittany's ear before pulling her down and kissing her chin, her nose, and each of her cheeks. She saved Britt's eye lids for last, her breath ghosting over Brittany's features as she sang the words…

"And I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before…"

The End

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