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Itachi peered shyly at the creature lying in the crib next to his bed. It had a round face, and thick dark hair. It's eyelashes formed crescent moons against it's cheeks. The cheeks themselves were pudgy and tinged pink. It's lips were open in a tiny 'O' and it was sleeping quietly with one hand to the side and one hand on it's belly- which was even chubbier than it's cheeks.

"Mother! What's this thing you put in here!" The child called in confusion, looking down at the little breathing ball and frowning.

Mikoto walked into her sons' room and chuckled. Her five year old was pointing an accusing finger at the new baby.

"That's your brother. His name is Sasuke."

Itachi raised a curious brow at his mother then looked back at the thing and looked down at himself.

"Why's he so fat?" The weasel asked, taking in his own slim frame and wondering how his muscular father and tiny mother had produced such a chunky child.

"All babies are chubby, dear. It's nothing to worry about." Mikoto said with a gentle smile. "Were you worried when you woke up to see him in here? I'm sorry, I should have asked before I just moved him in under you like this."

Itachi frowned. "No, he's my brother. Of course he should be with me..." the boy mumbled.

Mikoto smiled, glad that Itachi felt a sense of responsibility for his brother. "Okay, well you stay with him for a short while. Your father and I are gonna go see what can be done about some food for you boys. I'll be back soon, Obito's downstairs if you need anything.

Itachi nodded as his mother exited the room, then went back to looking at his new brother. He wrinkled his brow and frowned at the baby. "Hn. You look like a tomato." He said matter-of-factly. "You're round and red. Some human would mistake you for an apple or a tomato and try to eat you right up."

Sasuke yawned and opened his eyes, gazing up at Itachi with immediate adoration. Itachi smirked. "You've got pitch black eyes." He commented. "Two little black spots. I could dye your hair green and pass you off as a strawberry."

Sasuke scrunched up his nose and sneezed, then blinked his eyes some more. After a moment of eye contact with his brother, he let out a low discomforted hiss and brought one of his tiny hands to his throat.

"I know, Otouto. I'm thirsty too. That's normal when you first wake up, you'll get used to it. Me and you aren't old enough to go hunting yet, though. We've gotta wait for the grown-ups to come back."

Sasuke whined, pressing his hand more insistently against his neck in an attempt to sooth the burning itching sensation from the outside. Then he stopped, and sniffed the air. He reached up and grasped one of Itachi's fingers firmly, then tried to bring it to his lips.

"I know I smell like food to you right now, but there's no point in that. I'm like you. You'll learn all about it later in school. Vampire blood doesn't provide any nutrients to other vampires. It'll quench your thirst, but we need you to get all the vitamins and stuff from human blood so that you can get big and strong!"

Sasuke stared blankly at his brother for a minute, then resumed his gnawing on Itachi's finger. He didn't have any teeth, so it wasn't puncturing the skin, and he wasn't getting any blood. The baby squealed angrily and tried to bite harder, still to no avail.

The older boy sighed. "You don't listen... fine. I guess I could give you some. You're already really fat anyway."

Itachi pulled his finger away and put it into his own mouth, he turned towards Sasuke and raised a suspicious eyebrow. "Your baby slobber tastes like cabbage." He stated plainly before extending his fangs slightly, just enough to give his finger a small nick. Then he held it out in front of Sasuke's lips.

Itachi smiled as his brother sucked on his finger. The baby purred and closed his eyes in satisfaction. "Is it good? I tried my own once and Shisui teased me about it. Oh, you don't know him yet, but he's our cousin. He's older than us though, but he helps bring blood home. He said that vampires who suck their own blood are asexual, but when I asked Mother what that means she said it's an adult word and I should try to forget it."

Sasuke released his brother's finger from his lips, and instead grabbed onto it with his hand, wanting to hold onto it and make sure that this strange warm feeling and the beautiful voice didn't leave him.

"Full? I guess you're body's not that big so you're easier to fill up. You don't do much, you know... Are you sleepy? I bet you are. I'm always sleepy after I feed. Here, come lay down with me, you shouldn't have to be trapped in a cage like that. Do you mind if I pick you up?"

Itachi looked down at the infant. Of course there was no response to his question, so he lifted the babe and cradled it close to his chest before lying down in his bed.

Sasuke curled into himself atop Itachi's chest and went right to sleep. Itachi smiled. "You're cute." He mumbled before drifting into unconsciousness.

Only about an hour later a servant came in and woke them gently. "Young masters, it's time for you to go feed. Everyone's downstairs already."

Itachi nodded sleepily and lifted Sasuke up with him as he stood. They made their way down the steps and into the living room where the rest of their family was already sitting. They'd already fed and were now waiting for the children to have their thirst quenched. It was the regular nightly routine. He passed the still sleeping baby off to his mother and sat down next to the still body lying on the ground, bending over gracefully to bite down on the soft flesh of the stranger's neck.

Mikoto held a bottle of warm red liquid to her younger sons lips, but he didn't even stir enough to wake. "That's odd... the smell should have woken him..." She said to herself.

Itachi sat up and licked his lips then turned to his mother. "I fed him already. He was clawing at his neck."

She nodded. "Okay, that's fine for now. But don't let him bite you once he gets teeth." She said sternly.

Itachi frowned. "Why?"

"Cus it's gay!" Shisui teased.

Obito gave Shisui a glare that demanded good behaviour and looked at Itachi. "When a vampire surrenders themselves for another vampire to bite, it's usually taken as very... erotic."

"What's that mean? Is it the same as asexual?" Itachi asked, very much wanting to know why it was so bad for his brother to bite him. He'd seen his uncles biting each other once, and they were brothers too...

"No. It's homosexual." Shisui blurted, earning another glare from the adults in the room.

Itachi frowned. Being a five year old got really complicated once you added a baby brother into the picture... there were a bunch of new rules...

"Is that bad?" He asked.

Mikoto sighed. "No, being homosexual isn't bad... you'll learn about that later. You should forget that word for now, just don't let Sasuke actually bite you, okay? It's fine to give him your blood if you make the wound yourself."

Itachi nodded. "Okay, Mother."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

That was the first promise to his mother that Itachi ever broke.

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